Why Is Led Zeppelin so Disliked by Some?

Because some Led Zeppelin fans: 1) think they are better than the Beatles in every aspect and 2) they say some moronic stuff about the Beatles. Plus, I find their manager an A-Hole

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If the US asked if Canada wanted to merge and make one big US, would they do it?

Fuck NO. Fuck you. Canada will never join US. In the future, when US underground water supplies become completely unusable US citizens will migrate, en mass, to become Canadians. We should start building a wall. Make Canada great again!!!!!


If a mentally ill person killed the president, would the mentally ill person be executed?

No.With all food probability the mentally I'll person would be found to be suffering from a mental defect and sentenced to the rest of his days in a mental institution of the governments choice


Where can I watch Game of Thrones online?

Probably Yes, They are available on Hotstar app. But I will recommend you to download and watch cause you will definitely need to understand some scenarios by referring them from previous seasons


If there was a war between China and Japan, what would the United States do?

You are not saying where the war is or who is attacking who.The US would urge the aggressor to withdraw and both sides to exercise moderation and agree to a ceasefire.In the case of the Diaoyu/Senkaku dispute the US is neutral on the dispute but against recognizing change of control by military force.


Where can anyone watch all the seasons of Game of Thrones?

That depends on where you live.Legally, if you live in the USA, you would need some sort of access to HBO, either through a direct subscription (then you could use HBO On Demand / HBO Go), or subscribe using Hulu or a similar service


What are the reasons for the collapse of the Spanish Empire while the British succeeded in keeping and expanding the empire from 1500 till the end of second world war?

Empires get old and collapse, as the empires administration becomes old and encrusted with vested interests, costs, and corruption. The Spanish Empire lasted from roughly 1500 to 1800, and the British from 1750 to 1950. Not really much of a difference in length, if you think about it.


Did Congress try to remove Article 370 when they were in power?

No. Never. Article 370 was induced at the instance of Nehru. Draft committee Chairman Dr Ambedkar was against it. As such Nehru got it drafted from Ayyangar . Since it was a creation of Nehru, for Congress it was a holly word of gospel. Congress never thought of even reconsidering, leave about removing it


Is an Indonesian man who claims to be 145 years old the oldest person in the world?

If he really is that old, then yes, absolutely. This Wikipedia page says the oldest verified age of any man is 116 years. If the Indonesian guy is 145 he beats that easily.

Keyword: if. Get some forensics people to look at his documents and then we'll know for sure, but until then, who knows


What was the factor for European exploration?

Just three? It varied from country to country.In Portugal's case the 3 major might be:-Find a water route to India via the Atlantic-Trade with the many peoples along and after the way, Sub-Saharan Africans, Indians, East Asians, once we were in the area, etc-Conversion of as many peoples as possible, to Catholicism


How much money does Scotland owe England?

Scotland doesn't owe England any money. & England doesn't owe Scotland any money Scotland & England are both in the United Kingdom.Should Scotland vote to break away from the United Kingdom, then its share of the UK's liabilities and any debts it owed the UK would be calculated as part of the negotiations towards independence.


How can you tell if people are talking trash behind your back?

If you'll think about what others think or say about you. You'll never be happy and successful. People talk behind your back because of a reason that you're ahead of them. Live life, be happy. Keep moving forward. Never look back


Does the US slam China for disturbing behaviour at the Indian border?

The US state department has just issued a statement condemning behaviour of China on the border with India. However this will not deter China as it knows that militarily it is stronger than India and the USA has no presence on the border with China and India


Is Kim Jong Un more evil than Adolf Hitler?

Hitler loved his fellow countryman and worked along with modern industry! Kim is a communist and all suffer except his family. However they are both horrible human beings and should be delegated to the worst of mankind!


If the US declares war on China, will India support China?

Absolutely not. India has so much to gain from Chinas demise. Just look at the current military stand-off between India and China in the Bhutan region. Also, India and the US have a much stronger relationship compared to China, so if anything, theyd help the US.


What was the best thing that happened to India in the 2014 general election?

I think this general election is historic many prospects.Few are

1.People cast their vote did not vote their caste.

2.Single party is getting the majority.

3.Highest voters turn-out.

4.A non congress party is getting the majority singlehandedly.

5.Participation of youth.


Is the "Walkaway" movement a plan for Democrats to excuse a loss in '20?

The walk away movement is an attempt to encourage Democrats to consider actual facts about the actions, policies and platforms of the party rather than blindly following the party.It is not a preemptive plan to explain away their 2020 loss. That is counterproductive. Time is better spent winning than explaining away a potential loss.


What historic atrocities has England committed against Scotland, Ireland, and Wales?

Let's not forget about Cromwell whose 1649 invasion had a disastrous effect on Ireland. Ireland history: The Cromwellian Conquest of Ireland in 1649 will give you a good overview of what went on, and here is a page about one of the lesser known atrocities against the Irish also at the hands of Cromwell, Irish white slavery under Cromwell


How does a single LED light glow in multiple colours?

If you put a dot of water on your cellphone screen, you will see the three primary colors, Red Green and Blue; the colors needed for the additive process to create all colors and white. RGB Led's are what you may be questioning. See here


Why did you leave Islam?

why would you ?asking this question makes me think either you dont really know islam or asking for a debate.know islam .the only reason i can think of to leave is : if have no belief to begin with,week knowledge,week personality, wanna do stuff islam say no.


Is there anything that could have stopped WW2?

all sorts of historical changes would have prevented WW2. france & GB not declaring war. germany not invading poland. just two for instances. the question is what is the cost benefit of any action/non-action, especially for the distant future


What are the chances of Ukraine joining NATO?

Ukraine can potentially join NATO. However, there are certain economic, political and military requirements. Ukraine is in pretty bad shape and it may take a while. Also, Ukraine has not formally pursued membership.


Why did Google discontinue Wave?

It was mainly due to lack of interest.From Wikipedia: Complicated user interface resulting in a product that merged features of email, instant messengers and wikis but ultimately failed to do anything significantly better than the existing solutions.You can find a more detailed explanation here: Google Wave: why we didn't use it


Why is the Spanish Empire still continuous?

There is no longer a Spanish Empire. It fell apart as a result of the Napoleonic Wars at the beginning of the 19th century and consequent wars of independence in its colonies. But all the former, primarily American colonies of Spain speak the language and continue many of its customs


Five people are stabbed at a Hanukkah celebration in a rabbi's New York home. Is this a hate crime?

Not enough information. Not every stabbing of a Jewish person is a hate crime. Was it someone they knew, someone who had a beef with one of the people then no, if they were stabbed by a total stranger for the sole reason that they were Jewish then yes it was a hate crime


Would impeachment help or hurt Trump in 2020?

Hurt. An investigation into the GOP and Trump regime will dim the chances of Trump and the GOP candidates getting reelected. This effect will not depend on whether or not the Senate is involved. Nixon resigned because of the investigation.


Why is Bhagavad Gita called as "Moksha Shastra" in Hinduism?

Bhagvad Geeta is a true synthesis of all the vedic teachings, doctrines, Karma philosophies and dharma-shastra, karma yoga-shastra, and moksha-shastra.It explains the true philosphies of birth, purpose of birth, incarnations, ultimate bliss trying to give the reader an Nirvana view.Hence, it is also called Moksha Shastra


What are the most over-rated songs of all time?

While something being overrated is a matter of opinion, for me it is definitely Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Overplayed is probably a better word for it though. I still dont get the insane hoopla of chanting the guitar chords at sports events. PLEASE GIVE IT A REST PEOPLE. Thank you!.


Can we play a 1080p movie in a 720p TV?

Thanks for A2A.Yes, you can. a 720p TV falls into that loose category of HD Ready. This means it can take a 1080p signal and scale it down to 720p


What made Mahatma Gandhi

MAHATMA chose Nehru as he was more compatible with his views on secularism, socialism, his ability to carry people with him, much younger & enthusiastic about being hands on with carrying a cause forward


How did the plane get hit over Syria, then turn around to have the plane and both ejected pilots end up in the Israeli territory?

s-300 missiles have a range of at least 100 miles, and a lot of the munitions the IAF uses can operate from stand-off ranges, not even requiring the jets to cross into Syrian airspace to deploy them. Theres a good chance the planes were engaged while in Israeli airspace, or at least very close


What is making the background tapping sound in "Ramble On" by Led Zeppelin?

I haven't had a really close listen, but if it wasn't bongo or conga drums, I'd be very surprised.Recording in 1969 - maybe it's that song!What is making the background tapping sound in ramble on by led Zeppelin?


Is Modi the best option in the 2019 elections?

Yes sure.His visions are really good for india becoming a developed country soon.we must give him time and full support to do all his work without any problems. Today only he is one politians who things for best india from his heart. Without any self wasted interst. That is the last hope for india.


Why isn't Jimmy Page still recording fresh material and touring (like Clapton, Beck and Plant)?

We dont want him doing that& falling back into drugs - Zep was the 1st to have their own jet !!! Thats how early he started a 60 year grinding tour & drug-fueled life !!! Now he still jams & sits in with bands- We want him relaxed& hlthy now. Taking it EZ !!!


How easy is it to hack into a laptop camera?

Depends on the type of laptop. As for Mac it is extremely difficult becuse Apple is very good as keeping their computers safe. As far a Microsoft, they also do a good job and as long as you are doing anything too sketchy on the web then I wouldn't worry about it


Which are some of the best states to live in?

California just officially became the 5th largest economy in the world above the UK, if it were its own country. That means innovation, wealth, and resources that presumably will benefit society. The multiculturalism and weather are also plusses.


My son got sentenced to 15 years in prison. He is 20 years old. I don't want him to feel depressed and give up. Is there anything I can do for him while he is in prison?

Just be there for him. Remind him that there is a world of opportunities for him when he gets out and that when he does, he will have a chance to really make the most of life


What fiction books should everyone read?

It's easier to read fiction than non-fiction because there is story to keep you engrossed.The story is set in a time and place, and is in a particular genre, so you do learn about a lot of things when you read fiction.Fiction writers have good expression. To improve your vocabulary and grammar, reading fiction is very useful.


Can an impeached president legally appoint judges, as former President Obama recently suggested?

Sure being impeached doesnt mean anything that the House doesnt like you. We havent had any President whose been impeached removed from office by the Senate.What other activates do you think someone found not guilty at trial should be banned from doing?.


What exactly is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict about?

It is for Israel magnanimously offer their captive Palestinians Freedom to live in Dignity & Pride.Select/Define the Lands you offer and put all you want on conditions to ensure your security; but let them live as a Nation.Always simple solutions are the most practical/effective but hard to swallow.


Can a president issue a preemptive pardon? Can the US President pardon a person for a crime for which they have not yet been indicted or convicted?

A person being pardoned by the U.S. President must have committed a crime but need not have been convicted.Please see Wikipedia's discussion of Pardon which cites, for example, President Ford's pardon of former President Nixon


Have we ever had a president that was mentally ill while in office?

Yes. Trump*. Compare the Donald Trump* in this 1988 video to the Donald Trump* of today. The old Trump* did not make up or misuse words; he spoke in complete sentences; and he connected sentences into logical thoughts. He cant do that today


Is Bill Gates a Democrat or Republican?

Every morning when he gets up the first thing he does is toss a coin and if it comes up heads he will be democrat for the whole day but if it turns out tail he is a republican for the day and repeats it every next day. Most politician will play the role of either partie that suits his agenda

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