Why Is Japan's Birthrate so Low?

Mostly, its the pressure to do well in school. Dating is frowned upon during high school and middle school.People typically do date during college (college is easier than middle and high school in japan), but by then they may be awkward around the opposite sex.

Another problem is hikkikomori, who due to some trauma or bullying start to live inside their rooms and no not leave. This is becoming so wide spread that it is almost meme level.Another type, that is less extreme than hikkikomori are vegetarian boys, men or boys who just dont date. Typically theyre in love with an actress or even an anime character and just dont have intrest in Japanese women.Because Ive talked about the problems with men the entire time, I feel it only fair to discuss the womens side of it.Women tend to go for the 3 highs of salary education and height. They want a man who is more educated than them, better salary and taller. This can shrink the dating pool.Women after 25 are typically called Christmas cake because you dont want to eat Christmas cake after the 25th of December (hinting that if theyre not married by 25 theyre doomed)So in short, a lot of people in japan just arnt having children anymore. This is typically very individual but there are some trends happening that we can see.

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What is the greatest irony about the coronavirus?

Perhaps the greatest irony about the novel coronavirus is just how taken by surprise everyone was. Everyone who had the power to curb this should feel completely humiliated and shameful.Ever since January, I knew that this would spread like wildfire. A highly infectious respiratory disease emerges in a densely populated city in Asia? Thats a real recipe for disaster.Anyone with even a small amount of scientific education shouldve been able to see what was coming. The WHO didnt know what the hell was going on. The U.

S. government had months to prepare for what was coming, and didnt act until it was too late.China knew about it first. Their response was fudging their numbers and silencing the doctors who actually gave a . Now, the U.S. disgraced a Navy official who tried to sound alarm bells on his aircraft carrier. Utterly ridiculous.

What is everyone thinking? Has every government official lost their goddamn minds?Even the CDC was wishy-washy in its guidelines. Rules that shouldve been in place early February werent imposed until late March. The consequences are immense. Incredible suffering is occurring for no good reason.

This will definitely go down as one of the greatest collective acts of foolishness in modern history.Perhaps the smartest country in this fiasco was North Korea of all places. They closed their borders shortly after the virus emerged, because they knew they would be utterly destroyed if the virus got in.

And, despite their best efforts, North Korea is strongly suspected to have COVID-19 cases


What is the most important thing that you have ever learned from a movie? What are they and where did they come from?


The movie made me realise how much we owed to our motherland. It motivated me to do something for the country. It portays the political crisis in our country right now and shows the immense amount of power the politicians have. It also taught me the importance of friendship and family. It made me understand that the people who love you will always be there for you, and would also give away their lives for you if a situation like that arises. The movie made me a better friend for sure! And of course inspired me to think about the turmoil in the country. It made me realise that i am the future of this country and bringing a change is my responsibility more than anyone else.


This beautiful movie made me feel the pain of the AIDS patients. It taught us that no matter what we are suffering, no matter how less time you are told you are left with, never think any less of yourself. Keep believing in yourself and move foeward. The wonderful character of Rayon portrayed extraordinarily by Jared Leto makes us realize how important it is to find beauty and happiness in the smallest things, rather than getting affected by troubles.

There are many more movies which have had a huge impact on my life and have taught me a lot and made me a better person. It is just not possible to mention all. However, for me, these 2 movies stand out .


What is the most crushing defeat a nation has suffered in a war it ended up winning?

The second Punic WarThe battle of CannaeCarthaginian general, Hannibal Barca, son of Hamilcar Barca was absolutely amazing at his capacity for two things. Hating Romans and Military Strategy. Barca took the fight into Italy in which the Romans suffered set-back after set-back. Loss after loss. Cannae took this to a whole new level.The Romans, having recovered from their crippling losses at Trebia and Lake Trasimene, were feeling that their soldiers and people had seen enough death of their countryman that they'd see the direness of the situation and fight like lions. They did. But Hannibal anticipated this.

The Romans took 86,400 men to meet Hannibals force of 50,000. Rome marched in towards Carthage in double to triple line formation while Carthage made a thin one line formation. Hannibal knew rome. He knew they favored sword-to-sword combat and would bring more regular troops than skirmishers. Hannibal primarily hired skirmishers and cavalry in anticipation of this. The Romans spread out to meet the carthaginians while Hannibal and his cavalry were hidden in the forest. The carthaginians gave rome every javelin, lead ball, and arrow they could send off, inflicting heavy Roman casualties. The Romans started a charge to get them into close combat they'd obviously win. The skirmishers retreated. Rome expected this as a full retreat and not tactical. Once the Romans had been pushed to the extent of their forces in a large U-shape, the melee fighters charged in to aid the skirmishers. The skirmishers lined up behind them and knocked shots off. All the while Hannibal Barca positioned several cavalry forces behind the Romans and called a charge. The Romans were trapped between highly trained un-moving mercenaries and a cavalry charge. They were absolutely slaughtered there with Carthage suffering minimal losses for the time, as the lower map and statistics show. But we all know Rome won the second Punic war. But not a small cost to themselves


Who had the most influence on music, Hendrix, The Beatles, Elvis, or Led Zeppelin?

That's a tough one to answer. In my humble opinion it's almost like trying to compare apples and oranges because: you are talking about 4 insanely different sounds subgenres, if you will. I understand your answer, Mr. Durham, and it's a good one, but I am maybe looking at it from a different perspective. I am a child of the 80's and wasnt around during the Beatles rise to superstardom, but I think what Jeremy was asking was.

. which band directly influenced other acts, or had people trying to emulate them, the most. That's why I say it's like an apples and oranges comparison. Led Zeppelin bordered on bluesy rock and skirted the lines of eclectic Heavy Metal. I'd say, of those acts. Zep and the Beatles were the most influential, but only because I can name modern bands who completely stole their sounds. For the Beatles, Oasis comes to mind and for Zep, it has to be Wolfmother and Greta Van Fleet. I know Elvis had quite a few crooners who borrowed from his style. Namely Chris Isaak and Roy Orbison (actually Orbison may have been performing earlier than Presley. And as far as Hendrix. I think people were too afraid to try to snag from his style because it would be a dead giveaway. And after writing all this. I have a better alternate answer.. we shouldnt care who influenced who.we should be glad they did, though. And that we were alive to enjoy some outstanding music from those outstanding artists.


Could billions of little micro solar power plants feed the whole world via our phone lines?

very few would desire to have examine this questions and extremely few replied it although i'm additionally between them a citizen of u.s. earlier an Indian as we won't be able to stay a citizen of two international locations by using fact being American resident we are no further Indian yet we are in a position to bypass to our mom land for ever and are loose to stay there too loosing all reward if we live longer i think of , each physique loves peace and hate a place the place there is not any risk-free practices . when I see terrorism is a international difficulty each physique ought to play his or her place . whilst Malala a muslim woman can combat for guidance of girls ,whilst a toddler needs his or her freedom a terrorist lives in terror and not loose from its outcomes ,an afternoon could come whilst human beings could come forward to wipe it from human minds even though it fairly is purely too late already , there are such countless capacity of destruction to wipe comprehensive humanity if mandatory action isn't taken quicker . i'm too small to take any action ,yet all form of violent videos ought to be removed from media so as that we've not got get right of entry to to them by way of any capacity . human beings can lease a number of those video clips for couple greenbacks and arise to combat with kinfolk contributors then to next neighbor then at paintings then someplace at procuring mall ,then everywhere he does not think of actual extra on via media and supplies he can get right of entry to from cafes and celeb dollar who provide this freedom so unquestionably . Then we attempt to calm the concepts that's already bombarded with lots destructive guidance around the international


What if royalty had a child with a disability?

They have done. And the consequences rocked the world!Queen Victoria had nine children (Albert had been advised to keep on getting her pregnant to keep her away from ruling, so he, as a MAN, could do so in lieu, but thats for another answer sometime). As a result, her kids married into various royal houses, and the whole lot interbred already.As a result of Victoria carrying the gene for, if not suffering from haemophilia (basically if you bleed, you keep on bleeding), when Tsar Nicholas II finally got the son he was after (after 4 daughters), Alexis was tragically afflicted by the illness. Desperate for a relief to his suffering after an injury, Empress of Russia Alexandra (daughter of Queen Victorias Princess Alice) tried everything, but it was Rasputin that seemed to provide solace and healing. No one is quite sure why this hick would-be shamans methods worked, but they did. Forever in his debt, she would take his advice as to what the country should do within WW1, and grew increasingly under his mystical sway. Not all were happy about this, and a plot was construed to kill the Russian Love Machine (as Boney M would later dub him, in their surprisingly historically accurate song).The advice taken, which many people did not like, was a causal factor in the Bolshevik Revolution, which saw the family first placed under house arrest in Ekaterinburg, then slain in the cellar.As a result? Bolshevik takeover, a few scraps and dissension in the ranksLenin, then Stalin. And communism causing rucks ever since.

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