Why Hasn't Donald Trump Been Impeached Yet?

A couple of reasons. For one, Democrats are afraid that if they start before theres more solid evidence of actual crimes, public opinion wont be with them. This is what happened to the Republicans when they impeached Clinton. It made him sympathetic. I dont think this will happen with Trump, but most Democratic politicians arent particularly brave.

This, in spite of the fact that impeachment is not an outcome, but a process. Impeachment is about discovering whether a president is fit for office. Its a process of discovery. Only after that process do they decide whether he should be removed, and/or prosecuted.

The other reason is that Republicans control the Senate, and Republican politicians are even more fearful and craven than Democrats.Its very clear that Trump is not fit to hold the office. But nobody is going to move on impeachment until they have evidence that even the Republicans cant turn a blind eye to. Theyre probably hoping Mueller will save them all the trouble.If you paid attention to the recent hearing with Cohen, you might have noticed that AOC asked some very specific questions. Instead of wasting her five minutes grandstanding, she set things up for the Congressional investigation that Democrats are going to conduct. Her questions could actually produce some of the needed evidence down the road.Anyway, its just a matter of time. Have faith that American institutions are strong enough to withstand the current assault upon them. The bigger problem is that we have some forty percent of Americans being fed propaganda and being bamboozled, living in a world of alternative facts, convinced that the real news is fake news, and that fake news is the truth. We still have laws preventing false advertising, but the laws we once had that prevented deceptive news were gutted. Thats something that really needs to be dealt with. That is how a man like Donald Trump was able to be elected to the office of President of the United States in the first place.

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What is the most dangerous European country and why?

Edited to add more maps and tablesAs Jack the Ripper would say, let's go by parts:HOMICIDES:Albania, Russia, BalticsHomicide rates Global Homicide Rate by Country, 2013A little bit more recent: Baltics are still high but improved quite a lot, Ukraine and Hungary too. Albania is quite impressive (half the rate)If by European you mean, EU, then London is grabbing a lot of attention lately:Below the Eurostat series for the last decade, filtered from highest rate in 2018Some comments on it:The Baltics have improved quite a bit, except Latvia.I noticed the spike in Norway caused by a single event (domestic terrorism in 2011), no evidence of significant effects of refugees/inmigrants in Sweden, Austria and Germany, and less still in Greece and Italy in the worst years of the European Migrant crisis (2015-16)BY ROBBERY, Luxembourg seems a bad place for car owners. BTW, I am surprised by the how high is in Greece and Italy compared to Spain and Portugal.Or so high in Sweden compared to Denmark:ASSAULT:This one is tricky: 000 assaults in the EU in 2017In the EU, police-recorded assaults numbered around 589 000 in 2017. As shown in Figure 4, the trend was generally decreasing during 2010-2017. However, it should be noted that the EU totals for 2016 and 2017 are partly based on previous figures. France did not report for 2017 and Hungary not for 2016-2017. In France there has been an increasing trend from 232 000 in 2010 to 243 000 in 2016. The reported figures for Hungary show a decrease, from 14 600 in 2010 to 12 500 in 2015.The number of police-recorded assaults varies widely across the EU, even relative to population size. Different laws, reporting rate and recording practices affect comparisons. For instance, in addition to serious assault, some national figures include threats, minor assault, lethal assault (manslaughter, murder, etc.) or sexual assault (which usually is counted separately).

"And finally, what about the country being so deppressing you choose to stop being?MALE SUICIDE RATEWhy Slovenians suicide two times as much as Bosnians? Portuguese much more than Spanish or Greeks?Iceland and Finnish I get it, but Belgium so different to FR or NL?Male and Female suicide rates in European countries per 100.000 inhabitants (2016)Which European countries are the most dangerous? Top 5 or 10. If you have any sources, those would be nice as well. Thanks!.


How did Vilgefortz become so powerful that he could fight a Witcher and a higher vampire at the same time?

I have a pet theory that Vilgefortz gained his power through wanton and unrestricted channeling of Fire, which also drove him mad.My evidence is that in The Time of Contempt, when Ciri tried to channel Fire in Korath, Sapkowski writes "The stars in the sky danced like stars reflected on the surface of a pond" (TofC 280). This is the only time I'm aware of in my second read through (whole series up to Baptism of Fire 185) that reference is made to Vilgefortz's catchphrase by anyone other than Vilgefortz himself.

Sapkowski loves these mysterious and often unexplained bits of lore-tie-ins here and there. For example: Vera, a bit character from Blood of Elves, turns up in Baptism as a dead body, but we're told nothing of what happened to her in between appearances and only the reader recognizes her, while relatives of Dainty Biberveldt appear in Lady of the Lake and are only identified as such in the last paragraph of that chapter. Black Rayla "dies" in TofC and then returns as White Rayla in The Lady of the Lake, her hair presumably having bleached while being tortured by Scoia'tael. How this happened is never specified.

So back to the quote. The only other time Vilgefortz's catchphrase is referenced when he's not directly present is in Blood of Elves, when Triss is interpreting Ciri's dreams, and even then, Triss says a mage is attempting to track Ciri through her dreams (who we latter learn to be Vilgefortz). Ciri no longer has such dreams at that point in TofC, but we learn in later books that Vilgefortz is once again tracking Ciri during that same time, albeit with zero success. Meaning something about the phrase is intrinsic to Fire, not Vilgefortz himself. So it's possible Sapkowski wrote this to suggest Fire is the source of Vilgefortz's power and feeds his cruelty. Vilgefortz wants to harness the power of "the seed that will not be sown but burst into flame." If Fire almost drove Ciri into murderous madness, it could easily have turned Vilgefortz, already a magically gifted and resentful sociopath (based on his life story from Time of Contempt, Chapter 3) into the nigh-insuperable, sadistic master sorcerer he became.

Or in short, Vilgefortz essentially sold his soul to the devil.I'll change the pic to Mahesh Jadu once images of him in costume as Vilgefortz become available, as well as add any evidence that may appear in subsequent books as it is uncovered


How does one gain wisdom?

You cannot actually gain wisdom from outside yourself, you can only get knowledge (information). Wisdom develops as a product of how one "digests" knowledge within consciousness. Wisdom forms from the resulting thought provided by the proverbial "food for thought".

A teacher can teach knowledge of wisdom but it is the student that must understand by synthesizing (digesting) the knowledge to make it one's own.Little bits of wisdom can be structured from little bits of knowledge of nature. But then, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. We can see where real wisdom is missing in the so-called "genius" of those who make clever use of knowledge of certain laws of nature to harm others. Not so wise, such people ignore the law of action and reaction.Great wisdom is a holistic understanding, encompassing one's whole beingall of natural lawnot partial knowledge that leaves something out. When you can think with your heart and feel with your mind, then you have integration, an essential prerequisite for living the highest wisdom. Then the sense made of the world naturally comes out as wisdom. Otherwise, it's all just raw data.To integrate heart and mind requires the attention to repeatedly go beyond thinking, to the level of unification of knower, process of knowing, and the object of knowledge, where those three distinctions are found to fundamentally be just onepure existence without a secondknowingness knowing itself. That is the foundational level of existence where all laws of nature are unified. Having established that, then experiencing every level of natural law, from unity all the way into the most diversified values becomes significant. THAT is the highest knowledge, that is to be known. Knowing that, everything else falls into proper perspective and daily life is approached with wisdom. It is absolutely life changing in every way.The best way to go beyond thought AND develop integration is the technique of Transcendental Meditation (aka TM) as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Learn about the Transcendental Meditation technique. This creates the basisthe fertile soil, as it werewhere wisdom can develop.To see how TM creates brainwave integration, view the video by internationally renowned researcher on meditation Dr. Fred Travis: Are All Meditations the Same? Gives a whole new meaning to the colloquial expression "getting your head together."

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