Why Are Motorcycle Accidents Common?

Drivers do not see the bikers. They are looking for cars and their brain does not notice the bikes. Quite often they will make a left turn into the opposing lane of traffic and the biker will just t-bone into them. That's why bikers hate those stupid spinning rims. The rims make the car look like it's moving and the biker needs to be extra cautious of any vehicles that look like they are moving from a stopped position.

1. Will I be a good motorcycle rider?

I think you are worrying too much. Riding a motorcycle is easy. It will take you about 5 minutes to learn

2. Please Help! Guitar or Motorcycle?

I have both. Only I have a Strat and a Harley

3. German motorcycle helmet?

Are you sure you can not live with the one you got? It sounds like it will probably offend people as well as any other one you can find, and the "look at me" factor is probably even better with a bigger helmet. Are you only going to wear it when you ride, or are you going to get the entire Nazi uniform and march with the White Power guys? For that, you might want to just see if you can get an actual German one from WWII. Do not worry about how many Americans and innocent civilians the Nazis killed. When people see how darned cute you look with the helmet on, they will forget all about that history stuff

4. i wanna buy a motorcycle?

I would also recommend going with a used bike for your first "learner" bike. There is no worse feeling than dropping a brand new bike, if you get one with a few dings already who cares. The cost of insuring the thing will be alot less as well. Dual sport bikes are great learner bikes since they can be found cheap and are also cheap to insure. Nothing wrong with a standard bike either. If you are thinking sporty bike, you should have no problem finding a used SV650 for cheap, they were a very popular bike and for good reason, they are excellent bikes. Not too much for a beginner but enough umph to keep you interested for years. I would also like to recommend taking a MSF course, you will walk away with a pretty good understanding as to how to ride a motorcycle safely, which is always a good thing. Have fun with whatever you decide to get.

5. what is the best motorcycle slogan?

"You meet the nicest people on a Honda", was probably the most effective slogan, ever

6. 1978 Hondamatic Motorcycle CB400a a good motorcycle?

there is no bad honda,here's a link that tells all about it

7. what is the essence of a motorcycle to you?

a way to cheat the oil companies, and get to work in style, no traffic jams, or screaming kids. Just zoom zoom

8. Short and want a motorcycle?

Well in my situation when I started riding in 1982 I was 6' but whenever you exceed 150MPH the G force on your body stunts your growth. Now in 2008 I am barely 5' when I end riding I should be about 4', even though I am losing height I will never give up riding. Now if you do not believe me take a look at all of our jet fighter pilots none of them are taller than 5'9" ****Even though I am 5' I am a member of Indianjohn's wrecking crew. ****.

9. How to build a motorcycle...?

What you want to do instead of piecing together a POS Find a complete "basket case " but it has to be complete or do not mess with it You will spend way too much piecing together one look on craigs list to start but find something complete or almost complete as far as motor frame cosmetics etc

10. Is the MSF Motorcycle course hard?

It's not especially physically demanding if you are in reasonable physical condition. I also think if you are considering buying a motorcycle and have never ridden one you should take the course before you buy. Some people are just not cut out for riding a motorcycle and better to find out before you spend potentially several thousand dollars just to discover too late that either you do not like it or can not do it.

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