Which Is Worse: Richard Nixon, Or Donald Trump?

This is a difficult question to answer because no one has yet seen the Mueller report. Depending on the results of that report, then a proper answer can be made.Nixon got caught trying to cover up a rather amateurish effort to bug the Watergate hotel, which was done in the hope of picking up a bit of dirt about the opposition. Some people went to jail over it, but most of them for not that long and many of them resumed normal lives afterward.On the other hand, Trump is suspected of actually being a pawn of the Russian government, selling out the country for his own interests, and some of his cronies are facing long-term jail time in Federal prison. Perhaps even his own son, who Trump was foolish enough to involve in all of this.

Nixon may have been involved in political dirty tricks, but that is a long way from being suspected as a traitor to your own country. Trump is suspected of being just that. Possibly by being compromised during trips to Russia. Big difference.Trump has alienated our best allies after only a couple of years in office, tried to circumvent the Constitutional rules regarding spending by the US government, and provided tax cuts that benefit mostly the rich. He has caused misery galore with his shutdowns, or the threat of them, to Federal workers and regular working folk. He cares less about ordinary working Americans than he would about a cockroach coming near his shoe. He would crush them without a second thought, if he believed it would forward his agenda, or get him free of the mess he finds himself in now. Even Nixon didnt try that one, and in fact managed to end the Vietnam War and establish trade with China.Nixon played around with the Justice Department a bit during Watergate, but even HE wasnt foolish enough to try and circumvent the entire justice system just because he was President. In the end, he surrendered the tapes and documents, and did what any true citizen of this country would do if caught up in such a situation: He resigned from the office and retired to private life. By doing this, he brought some healing to the country and left the office with at least a bit of character remaining.I was about twenty years old when Nixon resigned. Gerald Ford went on TV that day and said: Our long national nightmare is over and forgave Nixon, which if you look at in the long term of history, was probably the right thing to do. Nixon knew he had done wrong, and because of that, he was forced to do something that humiliated both himself and his family. But he swallowed his pride and did it. This is a far cry from Trump, who has no respect at all for the systems this country has been built upon for more than two and a half centuries.There is no comparison. By far, Donald Trump is worse than Nixon.

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Will Israel support India against China?

These questions can never have a YES or NO as an answer. If you mean to ask which country would Israel align to in case a war between India and China breaks out, my answer would be INDIA!Although Gandhiji and Jawaharlal Nehru poured scorn over the creation of a Jewish state, most of the right wing people in India considered the creation of Israel as a strong example of establishing ethnic solidarity and also fighting its existence against Islam. With the paradigm shift in Indian government and PM Modi having an anti-Islam image, it wont be surprising to see India taking a clear stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict rather than fence-sitting the situation for decades. Sangha Parivar as well as VD Savarkar were openly in support of creation of a Jewish state and India was the first foreign country where Judaism religion found existence. When it comes to military ties, Israel shares almost similar ties with China and India. But Washington here plays an important role! The formal ties between China and Israel that were announced in 1992, had been going on for years before that. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Washington recognized PRC as a developing superpower that could challenge its authority. Washington did not bat an eye at Israel's growing military ties with Turkey and India. But China was different. It was no longer seen by the US as a counterweight to put pressure on Moscow, since the Cold War had come to an end.

nIn 1992, the George H.

W. Bush administration accused Israel of illegally "transferring" to China the Patriot anti-missile system, which the Pentagon deployed in Israel during the Kuwait crisis.nIn 1994, U.S. media accused Israel of unauthorized transfer of technology associated with the Lavi jet fighter to China.nThere were increased efforts from the US side to weaken the growing ties between the two nations. US-Israel seemed to reach a weakest point at the end of 2005. It was then that Israel realized that it could not "comfortably" maintain ties with China without Washington's green light.nAlthough today, China finds in Israel an important trade and military partner.

In case of Indo-Israel relations, there has been growing partnerships between the two countries in the field of Science and Technology, Academic Research as well as Space Research. Militarily, Israel is India's highest exporting partner(surpassing Russia). India has seen improved relationship with the US. New Delhi is not seeking an Indian-Israeli-U.S. triangle but is rather viewing a convergence of interests as an insurance against any pressure from Washington over military deals with Israel.So, in case of war, it will be the interest of the US, and NOT Israel, that will decide which side it will align to!nBy the current look of things, it seems Washington sees in India a partner market whereby imposes sanctions on China. The Israeli government has no alternative to U.S. support. Despite growing international discontent over its policies, Washington's unilateralism is Israel's strength. The Israeli government cannot count on any other state to come so consistently to its defense.

Hence, INDIA is my answer to your question!


Are you happy with the 2019 Lok Sabha election results?

One of the most anticipated results of world's biggest political exercise of the year are out: the 2019 General Elections of India, for the XVII Lok Sabha.Here is a statistical comparsion (there could be a variation of 5 or -5 seats, update of 12:00 pm, 24th May):Seats won by BJP: 2014-282; 2019-303 (21)Seats won by NDA: 2014-336, 2019-348 (12)Seats won by INC: 2014-44, 2019-52 (8)Seats won by UPA: 2014- 60, 2019-90 (30)Voter Turnout- 2014-66.4% , 2019-67.11% (0.71%)230 of 542 seats and 16 of 29 states have got more than 50% vote share for BJP-NDA Candidates.

Here are some 'distinctions' achieved by BJP-NDA:Gujarat: 26/26Uttarakhand: 5/5Maharashtra: 41/48Bihar: 39/40Uttar Pradesh: 62/80Madhya Pradesh: 28/29Chhattisgarh: 9/11Karnataka: 26/28Haryana: 10/10Delhi: 7/7Jharkhand: 11/14Rajasthan: 25/25It is remarkable that breaking the SP-BSP coalition, BJP could get upto 62 in UP, leaving only 1 to INC which was also won by Sonia Gandhi by a margin of only 1.6 L votes which is small for a such a significant leader.Creating history, BJP has won 18/42 seats in West Bengal. Failing the propaganda created by TMC in WB, it is a very big step that could even bring an end to Mamta's rule in few years. Mamata Banerjee has been hit hard right on her face and all her efforts to stop the influence of BJP in WB have entirely gone into vain.BJP has got 3 seats leaving the rest 3 for National Conference in Jammu & Kashmir. PDP has been completely swept away.

Arvind Kejriwal's AAP is now left with only 1 Punjab seat. This is slap to Kejriwal, a serious one unlike his many other staged slap shows, who used to say 'Amit Shah Modi ho hatana hai' (remove Modi & Amit Shah).Left Front, for the first time since independence has been confined to a single digit seat number. They have got only 5 seats.

Here are facts on some big names:Rahul Gandhi, the so-called Prime Ministerial candidate of UPA has lost the long hold of INC, Amethi in UP, to Smriti Irani by a margin of about 55,000 votes.Amit Shah won the Gandhinagar seat with 5.57 L votes setting up a new record.PM Narendra Modi won the Varanasi constituency by 4.

79 L votes, better than his 2014 performance.BJP's Manoj Tiwari thrashed Sheila Dikshit by a huge margin of 3.66 L votes breaking any chances of Congress in Delhi.

Debutant Gautam Gambhir won the East Delhi seat against AAP's Atishi by 3.91 L votes.Giriraj Singh won the Begusarai seat by an incredible gap of 4.22 L votes against CPI's Kanhiya Kumar.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur won the Bhopal Seat by 3.5 L votes against Digvijay Singh.This tells that people like Kanhaiya who just shout over so-called Logics on a media stage mayn't succeed as a true leader, and university elections and parliamentary elections are much different.This also tells that just anything to blame Hinduism will not work, an 'accused Hindu Terrorist' Sadhvi Pragya has incredibly won the mandate in Bhopal.

Established Congress politicians have been thrashed badly. Bhupinder Singh Hooda has been defeated by 1.6 L votes, Jyotiradiya Scindia has also lost in MP. Ajit Singh and HD Devegovda have also lost their constituencies.Now waiting desperately for few people and channel like Kunal Kamra, Lallantop, and Peeing Human to release their new video, who are nobody but have recently come into limelight by repeatedly hitting on BJP and Modi.Also, looking forward to the anchoring of Ms. Barkha Dutt and Mr. Ravish Kumar on his advices to the viewers, and the so-called 'analysis' by Dhruv Rathee over BJP propaganda and other useless things.I am simply delighted with these results!

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