Which Is the Best UHD 4K LED TV in India?

Television is one of the best inventions. People of different ages love to watch TV. In this world of technology, we are getting better versions of products day by day. So, it will be amazing if you get the best version of Television which will enhance your interest in TV. We have 3 best 4k ultra HD TV in India available for you.Here are the 3 best 4k ultra HD tv in IndiaSamsung 4K Smart TV With Wi-Fi SystemSony Bravia 4K LED TV Bass Reflex SpeakerLG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV Value for MoneyRead Full Post - TOP 3 Best 4K Ultra HD TV In India 2020 - Best 4K TV India

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How can I apply Machine Learning to predicting weather based on past weather data? Which algorithms, frameworks, libraries, and languages can be used?

First let's understand predicting weather is a classification problem where you classify each weather type depending on the set of data available. If you want to focus only on machine learning then I can remember 3 models (there can be others also) which can be used - decision trees, random forest and neural net. Since these 3 models are highly effective in classification problems therefore you can try out these models. Now coming to which tool/language can be used - its upto you. Python and R have got good packages for machine learning like sklearn.ensemble (for Python) and Caret package(for R). Try out these models and share your result. Also check accuracy metrics for each model like R squared, RMSE, correlation between predicted and actual.thanks for A2A. Hope the answer helps you


Why were the French bad in wars such as the Franco-Prussian War, WWI, and WWII?

Well, in 1870 the French had clueless leaders in whom no one had any faith, and a debacle ensued. Anong other things, Napoleon III grossly underestimated Prussia's ability to unify and rally Germany.The French actually did quite well in 1914-18, considering they were up against the nastiest military machine on earth. Unfortunately, in winning they lost 20% of their young men, including many of their best potential leaders. These frightful losses cut the birth rate and drove the French into a kind of collective nervous breakdown after WWI.So in 1940 the French were beset with a shortage of men, mediocre leadership, miserable morale, and a raging dispute between Left and Right over who was responsible for the mess. They were simply in no shape to face Germany again


Who was a better president: Ronald Reagan or Franklin D. Roosevelt?

Roosevelt. He took the US out of a depression by creating an infrastructure that is still important to the US economy, and by stimulating the economy through job creation. Reagan, in contrast, only made the rich richer at the expense of everyone else by sending the country into a spiral of debt. When the temporary fixes created by his policies inevitably crashed, that created recession in the 90s. His program of deregulation ultimately helped create the Global Financial Crisis. His philosophies, in line with Ayn Rand, also created a culture of neo-Conservative sociopathy and greed which is still being used to destroy the middle-class. And he gave immense power to the NRA and religious right.

In case youre wondering, Id also without any hesitation choose Eisenhower over Reagan, but Id choose Reagan over Trump


Has Sanjay Dutt not been handed a raw deal?

i dont know it could be a RAW deal, if you know what i mean. after all vhp bjp and the gangs are innocent just as the govt. So .. one can understand what justice means to them. He has been used as 'cannon fodder' as they say. All these decisions of some guy getting hanged some guy getting sentenced all so the bjp is left with nothing to tell their supporters bull shit. It is the congress way of bull shitting. You probably are a person living in denial afraid to believe what is obvious and there is no benefit of doubt space left for you to believe that your country has not been hacked long time ago.


What will happen if the universe stopped expanding?

It is not possible as it would violate the second law of Thermodynamics.But it happened somehow then..Star formation will decrease and present Stars will die eventually by running out of fuelEarth will be absorbed by the sun which would turn into a red gianglt starEventually the temperature of Earth will reach 0 Kelvin or absolute zero. At this temperature the atomic motion stops.

The universe will become lifelessIf the expansion turned into contraction then.....The Galaxies, stars, Planets, everything will come close to one another and eventually collide.Galaxies will merge and form mega GalaxyStars will merge and form blackholes as a result of explosionThe BlackHole's will start sucking everything and grow bigger and biggerThis will lead the universe to turn into a highly dense point. This state is called big crunch.

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Should I fire the programmer if he is not efficient enough?

Your comment indicates that you have been lucky enough to find a good programmer. Bugs are natural, as programming is a very tangled and difficult task. A long as the bugs can be identified and fixed quickly, the programmer had done his/her job. Efficiency is a strange measurement. If somebody codes quickly but has a lot of bugs is that better or worse than someone who codes slowly but has few bugs. To me, the most important measurement is that the code is written in such a way that it can be easily extended, fixed, and debugged. It seems to me, that you have been lucky enough to find a good programmer. Don't lose him/her, as it can be difficult to find a good one that is a good match for your application


What was something special in Ranatunga led Sri Lankan side so that it defeated Aussies in 1996, a thing which could neither be done by Wasim Akram led Pakistan in WC 1999 nor by Sourav Ganguly led India in WC 2003?

The 1996 Australian team was not even 20% as good as the Australian team between 19992007.I remember India used to thrash Australia regularly in multi nation ODI tournaments in the 90s.if you remember when Australia toured India in 1998, no one considered them unbeatable and Sidhu and Tendulkar thrashed them badly.

However the Australian team that toured in India in 2001 was considered invincible with a 16 match streak.Here is the 1996 WC final Australian playing XIMark Taylor (c), Mark Waugh, Ricky Ponting, Steve Waugh, Shane Warne, Stuart Law, Michael Bevan, Ian Healy (wk), Paul Reiffel, Damien Fleming, Glenn McGrathNow here is the 2003 WC Final Australian playing XIAdam Gilchrist (wk), Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting (c), Damien Martyn, Darren Lehmann, Michael Bevan, Andrew Symonds, Brad Hogg, Andy Bichel, Brett Lee, Glenn McGrath


How are science and religion not fundamentally the same when broken down to the core? Don't they both require you to believe?

Given a premisse, both use a method (way of thinking, or explaining) to come to the result.Scientific method makes a point of having tje method absolutely correct, but will accept errors can be make. It alo accepts thay both premisse, methods and conclusions can be rong, and if proven wrong each pf them should be examined and corrected where needed.

Religion takes the coclusion (ot was god/ the devil, ect as is most desirable by tjeists) as the conclusion. What ever might change (wrong method or wrong premisses) the conclusion will remain the same. The used method will be altered and twisted so the permisse will fit the desired conclusionOne of the most famous religious methods that does this is Intelligent Design.


What was the reaction of the Argentine people and their government after the defeat in the Falklands War?

How did the Argentinians react when Argentina lost the Falkland War?They reacted as argentines do to every facet of life: they became hysterical.They blamed the United States.They rioted in the streets.They realised that the junta had been lying to themMany wanted the war effort to continue and blamed the junta for cowardice and failure. Their insistence on continuing the war was reflected in not just the outgoing military government but in the civilian governments that followed. Argentina did not put an end to hostilities until 1990 and the Madrid Accords. But even todays toothless and bankrupt argentine governments continue their aggression against the Falkland Islands and other British territories


Do you think that people that believe in science cannot believe in religion at the same time?

Belief is not a very proper fit for either subject, for very different reasons.Nevertheless, the answer is a firm no. I know for a fact that it is possible to believe in science and in religion at the same time, although I advise against both beliefs.Religion can be learned, practiced, transmitted and studied, and if it is good enough, it should be. If it is healthy enough, it has no reason to oppose science, either.Science, meanwhile, does not have a lot of use for belief, which is somewhat against the grain of its methods. In a sense it needs to be doubted and tested in order to grown and, when necessary, revise itself.


Did Italy win any battles during WW2?

.I think Italy briefly conquered British Somaliland by themselves albeit at heavy casualties and vastly outnumbering the British. Or Course Italian East Africa was then occupied by the British not long after.I think the Italians did well in some engagements and some notable feats, like torpedo boats sinking relief ships to Malta, Italian frogmen damaging warships in Alexandria, and even some notable reverses on British Tanks (albeit with German support) in North Africa. However, besides the example of British Somaliland I cannot think of another actual battle that they won. They may have kicked the German garrison off of Sardinia after they changed sides of the allies in 1943 but Im unsure if that is true or what the details would have been


How come Rust programming language is becoming so popular these days?

A2AI havent used Rust, but Ive followed its development over the years, simply to see whether it has lasting power.From what I understand, Rust is basically an improvement on C. In the vein that Java and C# improve on C, Rust fixes some of the problems of C but does it in a manner that makes it more secure for programming work. In short, it is designed to be more memory safe, thus reducing or eliminating a lot of the security problems associated with C.It also emphasis concurrency, much like Go, so that the developer doesnt have to spend a lot of time hand-coding multithread/multiprocess applications


Why is America shamed for slavery? Were we not the first to end it?

Actually, the USA has not yet completely abolished slavery, even in 2017!The 13th Amendment to the Constitution declared that "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."The USA imprisons the highest proportion of its population in the world, around 5 times the rate of the UK. Those prisoners are disproportionately black and other ethnic minorities. Many work for little or no money, producing cheap goods for major corporations.American Slavery, Reinvented, has not yet ended slavery and should be shamed that it still exists today.


Who has made the most impact on the way you think?

Thanks for asking me this question.Probably the people most affect me in thinking pattern are the ones I believe more and its my self image that gives foundation to my thinking pattern and what I believe is i have to change my self belief and my self image to think in a more advanced way. I should not let myself put in a box but I should see what are the values that I am holding in my mind. I must new afresh in building the qualities that I want in me. I am more introvert person so noone put effect on me but it's my thinking and perception about who i was that are contributing towards how I think now

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