Which Company Tractor Is Best for Ploughing?

Ploughing is really a tuffer task done by tractors .Ploughing requires very high sensitivite hydraulics system for the proper working and with that a powerful engine with high torque band and good backup torque (min reccomendation by me 27%).It will always better to choose a 4wd tractor for better traction and deeper penetration and also to prevent slippage of tyres. Some of the very reputed brand are Massey Ferguson, NEW HOLLAND , John deere , MAHINDRA , FENDT .Which company tractor is best for ploughing?

1. what is the minimum legal age of a child to travel passener on a tractor?

Unless there is a seat specifically designed for a passenger, this is completely unsafe, and you have grounds to charge him with child endangerment

2. what is possible for blading with the troy bilt 18 hp tractor?

The most common problem is keeping traction. Generally speaking the tractor is good for light duty work. A little snow removal or light dirt moving.

3. can i get my tractor to run on moonshine?

what"sup , you aint niver bin out cheer in na ozarks has ya? aw dont thank hees tawkin bout da reflactive propatees of da son an da moon

4. Neighbor starts using tractor at 10am on Saturday morning?

You need to realise that 10am is not early, it is almost half way through the day, if the city says 7 then there is nothing you can do, you need to realise that is there job so you can not stop them. And I think you need to show common respect because you sound rather snobby and you need to realise that not everyone has a 9-5 job, they have to work when they need to. 10am is not late and maybe you need to stop wasting your days in bed or just get an early night.

5. are there any automatic transmission semi, tractor-trailer trucks?

yes there are automatic semi trucks and no it only makes shifting easier because you dont have to do it..... so it makes 2% of the job easier......Ive been a driver 7 years.....hate automatics

6. Can I use engine oil in the gearbox of a tractor?

If it is a universal oil, and your tractor manual specifies it, yes.Agricultural universal oils have been around for 50 years. BUT RTFM for your tractor. Read The F******* manual. You can get a copy off the internet

7. what kind of transmission oil does an old ferguson tractor use?

I do believe this is a Tractor Hydraulic Transmission Fluid I use this in my Dozer. Cost is about 32.00 per 5 gal. pail.

8. what do u take out of a lawn tractor to make it go faster???

I am guessing it has a centrifugal clutch right?? (Think of a moped) just take the little washer out on the driving clutch drum...This will allow it to engage for longer, hence going quicker - thats what I done on my moped, back when I had one. there maybe a restrictor in the exhaust, like it sends air back into the engine, hence restricting it. If it has any kind of muffler or filtering system (Like a catalytic convertor) you can rip that out too. Maybe bigger fuel injectors/fuel jets??

9. How many tractor trailer endorsements are there?


10. I lost the key to my craftsman lawn tractor?

Try sticking a small flat head screwdriver into the ignition. If that does not work, i have no idea

11. Where do i get new tires for a lawn tractor?

Lawnmower repair shops can get them for you. You may also check ATV sales places. Just give them the tire size(s). Hopefully you get the tread you need. Those type tires can really tear a yard up

12. my 05 xr 125 sounds like a tractor?

it is a fact of life its just wear and tear

13. Girls do you think his tractor is sexy or what?

nvr heard it!

14. How do I detach a trailer from a tractor?

For me, I have a hard enough time keeping the trailer attached to the cab. Every slight dip or bump seems to detach it! There are some types of vehicles such as Tow Trucks and Farm tractors which can manually attach & detach to vehicles by adjusting the angle of the tow piece. This can be accomplished with moving R3 (PS2, PS3), Right stick on other console versions, or the numpad keys on PC. Unfortunately this feature does not exist 'As is' on the Semi Trailer cab.I am unaware of any mods that add a manual detach option, however the 'official' way to release a Semi Trailer from the Truck/Cab is to jacknife the truck by reversing back while turning until the trailer is making around a 90 degree angle with the cab, at which point it will pop off. It's not the most intuitive of controls but it is the most reliable way of detaching & positioning a trailer, and probably your best bet to stick to.

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