Where Can You Find Those Little LED Lights?

Radio Shack...there not as popular there as they used to be. They are stored/displayed in a metal set of drawers in their electronic/hobby section

1. Is there a difference in the transformer used for Halogen and LED lights?

Watts mean nothing in this context. Watts = Voltage x Amps. So 36 watts can be 12v x 3 amps or 36v x 1 am, or 18v x 2 amps, etc

2. Are there any reasons for any nation to not phase out incandescent light bulbs for neon and LED lights?

Neon and L E D just do not give out enough good white light for most working applications. Especially economical light for homeowners and light industrial uses.L E D technology needs to advance quite a bit before it can make a good work light for mechanics as an example. The technology for tail lights and signal lights on trucks is very good and improving

3. Is it difficult to put neon LED lights on your motorcycle?

It's only difficult to understand why you would want to

4. What Is The Penalty For Blue LED Lights In Grill Of Car ? Illegal ?

Many States have outlawed them on cars....................here in Michigan anyways

5. How could Obama be environmentally friendly when he lit up the National

This Year's National Christmas Tree to be the "Brightest" Yet LED Technology Leads GE to create the Most Energy Efficient National Christmas Tree in history CLEVELAND, OH, December 2, 2009 - This year, GE has created America's first National Christmas tree outfitted from top to bottom with energy saving LED technology, including many light strings and ornaments used on previous year's trees. Inspired by the efforts of American families to "reduce, reuse and recycle," the tree is the most energy efficient tree in our history-consuming only 6000 watts of energy, compared to 18,000 watts on last year's tree and an average of 40,000 watts on National Trees in the traditional, all-incandescent light era. The wattage reduction was possible because GE has, for the last three years, been gradually trimming the tree with more LED (light emitting diode) lighting, which is powered by tiny computer chips and has up to twenty times the life of traditional incandescent lighting. Since they last so much longer, the company was able to reuse more than half the LED light strings from previous year's trees. They also retrofitted ornaments from previous years with new LED light strands. "Recycling and reusing LED lights and ornaments from past designs was the smart thing to do, particularly in today's economy in which Americans across our nation are becoming more energy conscious," said Mary Beth Gotti, manager of the GE Lighting & Electrical Institute. "The brightness and variety of the LEDs has improved so much that for the first time, we are able to incorporate them so broadly in the design."

6. I want to run my 12v AC hozelock LED lights from my spare 12v DC car battery?

Hozelock Pond Lights

7. Will LED lights ever be practical for home lighting?

maybe in future

8. is it illegal to have blue led lights in your car?

Most likely. Blue is used by law enforcement. Unless they can not be seen from the outside

9. how do i change the led lights on my xbox 360 controller?

This link should help you out it helped me :)

10. Is it illegal in Virginia to have led lights under ur headlights?

if you had the internet you could look it up...try yahoo search or google.....code of VA auto laws

11. How do LED lights change electricity into light.?

The magical fairys inside. DUH!

12. how do you install led lights in your car?

I agree with Jamey, but basically you need to take a feed from the door switch which makes an internal light come on when the door opens. It's a good idea to put a small value fuse or breaker in your circuit so that if your LED strip shorts out, you do not take out the main fuse for your internal light. The LED strip info should tell you its current draw or wattage. If it only gives you the wattage divide that by 12 to find the current, and get a fuse or breaker which is the next size up from that, it will probably only be 1 or 2 amps

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