Whats a Good Starter Motorcycle for a Girl?

Why not go for what you know you like then? Just do the vulcan and take it easy, take a course, and ride safe

1. what would keep a starter from turning the engine on a ram van?

Either the new starter is bad(VERY unlikely) or the main battery power cable to starter is badly corroded or damaged

2. Whats a cool starter car?

Its a little more then 10k but you need to get a 2005 dodge neon srt-4 acr. Yeah it has some problems but its a fun car

3. Viper remote starter not working?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Viper remote starter not working? I have 791v 2 way responder on honda accord 05 v6 at.. Its been work n fine for last couple years but now it wontstart the cAr.. It make the Attempt cranks the car up but does not start the car.. If i pull my steering wheel all the way out and up it works for a few times but not any more.. Other...

4. What is the best starter motorcycle?

2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250R i bought it two weeks ago and love it. Cheap, easy to learn on, and easy to control because it does not weigh that much.

5. "Starter Guitar" holding me back?

A starter kit like which would be a stable decision. it is going to contain each thing you easily choose, whether they are no longer the utmost high quality, they are going to do the interest and enable you to get a tank up and working effectively. A small filter out in a huge tank is okay, it basically limits how many fish you are able to keep. you are able to allways upload a greater effective filter out later and run 2 filters for appropriate filtration. greater effective to start up with a good length tank and a small filter out, you are able to improve filters undemanding, yet a small tank is allways a small tank. Ian

6. My 1985 El Camino will not start once my starter gets hot, is this a starter problem?

Sounds like a bad starter solenoid. its spinning but not kicking it out to engage the flywheel. Take it to advance and have it tested

7. is this the wiring, the starter, the alernator, etc...?

I would start with cleaning the battery...like above..then if that is a no...If you get a click, click, click sound when turning it over, it sounds like the starter. If it were the alternator...the battery would be dead from drawing power from it and after a rest period, it would not start back. Most auto stores will run a test on your starter to see if it is the problem, try that. ..If it is not that I would try getting an auto garage to put it on their diagnostic computer to see if they can tell if there is a short somewhere. BTW...have you checked the thermostat to see if the engine is getting to hot and needing to cool down before it will restart? Just a question I was wondering...I would get the starter checked out by an auto store before you spend any more money. I know, I know. ..weird coming from a girl huh? What can I say I am a woman of many talents lol

8. looking for a good starter car?

Im in the same boat- Look for an older SAAB, Pontiac, Ford, and Honda are my choices

9. Bad starter or bad battery/or terminals?

If you have good battery power available to the starter and grounds are good, I would agree it's the starter. Testing is always best

10. is this a good starter guitair ?

probably :D

11. Is this a decent starter road bike?

Actually, training on a heavy bike is good for you - it makes you stronger. I've done a lot of miles on my steel bike and although there were times I thought I would chip a tooth, I survived! The problem with this bike on Ebay is too many unknowns. Nothing wrong with buying online once you know exactly what you are looking for. I would rather a used bike in a quality brand than brand new junk. For example, had you test ridden a particular bike and knew it was the right size for you, then going on line to find that same model and size online would make sense, especially if you are in a small town like I am. It takes patience, but there are a lot of bikes on Ebay and getting a quality one at a discount is a good thing, but you need to know exactly what you are looking for and then bid only on that. Just my two cents .... Good luck. I hope you love cycling as much as I do. One last hint ... do not listen to the snobs. Find the quiet rider who kicks everyone else's tail and ask that guy or gal for advice.

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