What Were the Contributing Factors to the Fall of Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece was never a totally unified Empire or state but rather a civilization in which various parts of it rose and declined over a long period for various reasons (Athens, then Sparta, then Thebes and Macedonia). But Greek civilization remained the dominate prestige culture in the eastern Mediterranean for over 1000 years, and ancient Greek civilization under the Romans morphed into the mideval Greek civilization ruling the surviving eastern Roman Empire until that was finally extinguished by the Ottomans in 1453

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Why did Medieval kings send peasants essentially unarmed into war when all that would happen is they would get massacred by knights and lose manpower that could have been working in fields?

They didn't usually, except in times of dire emergency. The last thing they wanted was people panicking and running away and that panic spreading to their better troops. And of course in England, the peasants were usually armed with longbows, and often more dangerous than knights. I think of more than one reason why peasants should have been taken into battle, the idea that they might soak up some of the enemies attack while you defeated them on another part of the battlefield


How does turning off lights on a car reduce fuel consumption?

It does only theoretically and marginally, as others described. Switching to LED lights has other benefits though, such as smaller and lighter enclosures, reflectors and lenses, much longer bulb life, less heat dissipation, etc. Lower demand on the electrical and charging system also means smaller and lighter batteries and alternators. All of that amounts to something in the end.WARNING: Driving with headlights or running lights off when they should be on is no less dangerous if it saves gas. I'd argue that low beams should be on at all times.


What are the contradictions in Saudi Arabia?

A major contradiction is that Saudi Arabia is the home of Islam's most sacred sites (Mecca and Medina) and yet it actively discriminates against its sizable Sh'ia minority.The Qu'ran makes it clear that all Muslims are equal, yet Saudi Arabia's Shi'as are routinely discriminated against in employment, living spaces and even their representation in what passes for the country's civil government.Reference:


Why is modern Hindi literature dying?

No, it's not.If you are telling this you did not visit where people are going to read Hindi literature these days. People in this century is the smart one they are not going to the Book publisher to publish their book or story work.They are using digital platform for it, where they can publish it for free and reach to the millions of people by just single click.

Matrubharti is the leader in the Indian Content Community. where you can find the new books, story, poem, quotes, literature videos by the modern writers


Why is Stairway to Heaven such a good song for a beginning guitarist to learn?

Its a rite of passage, if you can play it well. I would not call it a beginners song, yet its a fine goal. Lots of chords, picking, strumming, bashing, solos, bends, double stops, canons, timing, YEEESH! Page put every trick he knows in it. A real showcase of folk & rock guitar styles, all in one tune. I would not spring it on my friends until you are rehearsed. See Waynes World and the guitar shop bit. As true as Spinal Tap.


What is the wattage of LED street lights?

That's a little bit like asking "how much does a car cost?" There is no realistic way to answer the question as written. If you can edit it, I'd ask more specifically. In the US, most, but not all LED street lights have wattage stickers on the bottom... it'll say something like "39 LED" - that indicates it's 39 watts. So if you're in the US, look at the bottom of the fixture during the day, and there's a decent chance you'll be able to tell


In light of US President Donald Trump, many Americans seek immigration to Canada. What is your position on this?

I can't say I blame them, but I find it somewhat irritating. Our system, Americas that is, was built around the idea that a man who was wholly unqualified and dangerous might come to power. If Americans were more active in government and voting, Trump probably wouldn't be president right now. However, he is, and it is our job to use the system that is in place to combat policies we deem unneccessary or unsuitable. Maybe I'm just naive though


Even after a victory in World War II Winston Churchill lost his domestic general election. What are the reasons for people to give majority to Labour party?

Before the Second World War the Tory government was not very popular. The war came while the Torys were still in office. So we had the war and it was very, very tough. When peace came the Tory party just offered the same old class policies, people were looking for something better. The country was bankrupt, there was a severe shortage of everything. The Labour Party was offering to change the way things were done. So the people went for the promise of a better life. Who could blame them


Is the Democratic controlled House currently preparing articles of impeachment against President Trump?

I hope not! I think they need more ammunition before they start impeachment proceedings. Whats the use of starting it, if they cant succeed? I definitely believe he is a crook, a liar, and has accomplished nothing other than obstructing justice, putting his kids and friends in office, and cutting taxes for all his millionaire friends. He didnt have to cut taxes for himself, because he doesnt pay any. I pray to God that they do find the evidence to take him down. He is truly a pos!


What is Apple thinking of releasing after the iPhone SE?

In response to the current pandemic, and the economy taking a downturn, Apple has timed the release of its iPhone SE perfectly. While most Apple users often grab the latest offering of the tech giant, regardless of its price, with finances becoming tight, spending more than a thousand dollars on a new iPhone isnt practical. Apple has considered this which is why they have released their latest offering at just $399 with an array of impressive features that will give its users the best value for their money.


Would you rather do a face reveal or leave Quora?

Oh my gosh, this is a SERIOUS matter!Would I rather do a face reveal?Or leave Quora?I have NO clue! Because if I post a face reveal, then people would come find me and kidnap me! Oh my gosh! I totally wouldnt want that! So you know what yall? I think Ima just have to leave Quora I know, I know. Yall are sad as right now but it really cant be helped :(Sorry yall :(Miss Obsessed with Horses and Knives,Trinity


What is the practical limit of human evolution?

The question implies that there is some sort of goal or direction in which human evolution is striving towards, which a limit would stop it reaching. This is not the way evolution works: it is a continuous process of blind adaptation. Humans will never stop evolving. But we can say that it is effectively impossible that humans will evolve wings and the ability to fly, nor chloroplasts and the ability to photosynthesise. Before such extremes, there ar much closer limits that are unlikely to be overstepped. But it is not possible to,say what those ar


Why did it take until the Nineties for the invention of LED lights? Weren't light emitting diodes a known quantity in the Thirties? Lastly, who, other than Edison, decided that filaments in bulbs would be more achievable than pursuing LEDs?

The solid state physics needed to develop LEDs were not known at the time of Edison developing a practical light bulb.The transistor had to be invented first.As well it was not until WW2 that we even had materials of sufficient purity to make any sort of practical solid state devices. There were a few primitive diodes for radio signal detection before then but they could not handle much power. The old Selenium rectifiers they had were quite inefficient


How does 1080p look on a 4k screen?

Assuming decent upscaling, no, 1080P video looks just fine on a 4K TV. If you have a 4K TV and 4K Ultra HD player, Id suggest sending over the video signal from the player as both 1080P (source direct) and upscaled to 4K. This way you can see if your source (player) or display (TV) is better at handling the upscaling from 1080P to 4K. With Oppo no longer making players, Id recommend one of the new Panasonics (UB 820 or 9000)


Can a teen start a small startup?

To stop thinking of yourself as a teen is a good start. Entrepreneurs are blind to rules - they dont mind if something is right to do, if their age is correct, if it will upset people or if regulation is strict - they just do it and make it happen. Be focused on the target. Think like you have no barriers, and when you do as such, you will have no barriers indeed, because nothing stops a person that cant be stopped.


What if Stalin had been shot in June 1941? What if someone like Zhukov had organized a palace coup and killed Stalin or held him hostage?

I question your assumptions. I doubt any plausible alternative could have done better.Claims that Stalin mismanaged everything come mostly from Trotskyists (who have never achieved anything of substance) or from Khrushchev (who weakened his own state with a bungled attempt at reform that included criminalising Stalin). Had he acted more like Deng did, the Soviet Union might have flourished as China has and in fact be much richer.

The German War Machine overran every other country it attacked, gaining experience each time. Stopping them was very hard, but Stalin managed it


The Aztecs were the dominant empire in Mesoamerica, and the Incas dominated the Andes; but between the two empires, which was more powerful and advanced?

Everything depends on which aspects, which certainly differentiated them. The Aztecs were warriors and made human sacrifices, while in contrast, the Incas were peaceful farmers. In the scientific aspect, the Aztecs stood out for their piramid constructions and astronomical observations, while the Incas had a better flair for their genetic work in agriculture, building roads and terraces and a very smart messaging system that allowed them to maintain order in their huge empire.

Its therefore difficult to decide who was the strongest, each one made a contribution in their own under the conditions and terms of their Empire


When were you diagnosed as autistic, and how did you react?

I was 28. I freaked. Bad. Felt doubt about how I perceived others and how they perceived me over the course of my whole life. It got better though. My little quirks and idiosyncrasies suddenly had a logic. I understood I wasnt going to get anywhere re:friendships,relationships, career of I didnt have someone explain the subtleties of those processes. So I found someone, Im not there yet but Im progressing. If you think its a possibility, see a specialized doctor and see what they say


If you were diagnosed with autism as an adult, how did it change your life?

It provides validation. Your thoughts and feelings are no longer confusing.Why you think the way you do now makes sense and you have access to information and resources.It also depends on how autism affects the individuals life. Most that are diagnosed late have reached breaking point and often are looking for help for co-morbid afflictions, like depression, anxiety, and auto-immune diseases.It provides a point to understand themselves after a lifetime of feeling different, inadequate, and struggling to understand why


What makes your husband a good husband?

ListenerGift giverKeeps himself healthy and attractivekeeps himself cleaneats good foodcleans up after himselfdoes his own laundry, folds and puts awaycooksgives compliments daily to mehas a good job with investments and part time jobsplays sportsloves 70's musicloves to dancedrives me aroundlikes to roller skatelikes to swimlikes to flyis intelligentdresses nice and appropriate for occassionencourages me to make and meet goalsleads by example and knows how to lead wife to higher heightstakes wife out every weekteaches kids and goes to recitals and sports gamesis proud of his wifes accomplishmentsfollows Lawsgives he sex every night that she likes, the way she likes it


Why do we make a difference between individualism and collectivism?

Because there is a distinction to be made here.Individualism refers to a stance that emphasizes the moral worth of the individual. Collectivism, by contrast, subordinates the individual to the group.

Individualism absolutely does NOT mean a refusal to work together with other individuals. Therefore, there is no need for a compromise between the two. Indeed, no compromise is even philosophically possible. The terms are mutually exclusive concepts.This really should be taught in schools. I'm shocked at how many people do not understand these terms

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