What's One Picture That Shows the Difference Between Trump and Biden?

Trump's family photoBiden's family photoAs you can see, Trump's family photo portrays him and his family as powerful and rich. I feel for Barron ): Biden's family photo shows that him and his fam are pretty normal and chilled out peeps.If you didn't have a clue who Biden or Trump were you'd probably guess that Trump is a rich, dumb *beep* (I'll leave that word for your imagination guys) and that Biden is a normal kinda guy.

What I'm trying to get at is that Trump portrays himself as basically the king of the world, and that Biden portrays himself as a bit of an Average Joe (here's where you laugh)Loves ya mate,-L-L-Y(Btw I'm not saying that Biden is any better than Trump I'm just answering the question )

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Hello can someone tell me about bcomACCA In Manipal university Jaipur?

The programme leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) Accounting of Department of Commerce, School of Business & Commerce, Faculty of Management, Manipal University Jaipur is a three year full- time programme run on half yearly semester basis.The Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) Accounting programme is intended to be a near terminal academic course. Also the course is integrated to ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accounts) of U.K. The students who aspire to take up professional course like CA, CMA, CS, MBA etc. prefer to join this course.MUJ has academic collaboration with ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants U.


). In this program, the student will have the option of obtaining a ACCA qualification along with graduate degree of(Hons.) Accounting. The last date of apply was 30 th April 20


Where did the phrase 'alo' (similar to 'hello?') come from, historically used in answering the telephone in many languages?

Originally, it was the word "halâ" in Old High German.Strictly speaking, it was the imperative of the verb "halôn" which means "to hail", and was used, say, to call a ferryman.From there it spread, it seems independently, to English and French. In English, it's been spelt with as "hallo", "hello", "hullo", and "hollo".In English... in the early days of the phone, there was a debate about whether "hullo" or "ahoy" (like the naval greeting) should be used.Alexander Graham Bell, who invented it, preferred "ahoy.

"Thomas Edison, when he took on manufacturing, preferred "hullo".In French, it was also used as if the "la" at the end was the word "la" meaning "there", so basically got used as if it was "ho there."


Why is my ex texting me 'hello' 3 weeks after dumping me for another guy?

Because she knows that you still thinks about her as it's been only 3 weeks since she dumped you. And she knows ,her talking to you would delay your moving on and that way she can keep you wondering if there is a chance for you to get her back.But all she wants is that mental satisfaction knowing someone is out there crying for her, thinking about her all the time.

She is just being selfish here. She don't want you to find someone else.

The thought of you still not have moved on will give her a secret happiness. Exs' especially betrayors don't want us to be happy without them.Don't let her have that happiness out of making your life miserable. Instead, read her message and don't reply. And just show her that you are happy without her. That is the best revenge


Why is PHP so complex?

It's really not complex so much as has many options available. It's fantastic for doing many tasks. Really what makes it cool is that you when you become proficient can write tens of thousands of lines in a week and it will just work Try that in a language like c and you will likely find the c has 50x the bugs. It's a fantastic Lang for rapid prototyping And getting to market. It is the language which powers Wordpress and Wordpress is almost half the Internet these days. Getting up to speed with the small nuances it has is where the complication begins For example pass by arguments and how the language handles deep copy situation. Very unique. Knowing the 78 ways to override the config would be another. Tracing it can be daunting if you did not write it. That is true of all code though generally


Hello I have a question about Germany, if I decided to live in Germany, how is the Islamic life there? Is there Islamic centers that can teach kids about the religion?

Most Islamic teachers u find are from turkey, they do not actually teach Arab language and writing but the official turk interpretations of the surat.You will also find that, depending what confession u belong to, u are having a good or bad time and get accepted or rejected.Officially the Muslim Council talks about unity amongst Muslims, but Alevi ppl, Derwish and others are discriminated against, and usually group together to meet in a different home of a member every week.

That is, as soon as there is a clear majority.Mind one thing, no matter where your path leads you to:Never trust anyone who approaches you, mentions your similarities and urges you to accept him as equal and 100 percent trustworthy. They will betray you.I always knew this was the way how white supremacist connect, the Nazis and radical Christians.

Then I realized the same goes for my African friends, Arab friends. They trusted, being brothers in color and religion, and were backstabbed in ways that were below low


Hello Friends! Which English is authorized is India? I'm confused with American English and British English.?

Because we were ruled by the Britishers for 2 centuries and more, we in India use the English spellings and words which are the British version. We follow the Oxford Dictionary for any doubts. The grammar is the same with both American English and British English. The meanings are also different in the type and in Indian we adopt and mean the British English meanings.Example: In America, we drive on a Parkway and park your vehicle on the Driveway.In England (so also in India), we drive on a Driveway and park your vehicle on the Parkway.

In Indian technical literature we use the British English spellings and meanings.Of course, Indian English is different from British English, because in India we freely use words from the local languages in our writings. Like pani puri or chamcham or molagapudi is in India but may not be found in the Oxford dictionary.


What is the output of this code: "#include int main() int x2; if (x2 & x! 0) printf ("Hin"); printf ("Hellon"); else printf ("Bye n");"?

Question: First off, in your conditional(if statement) you need 2 ampersand(&)s. What you have there is bitwise 'and' and you want boolean/logical 'and'. Now technically upon thinking about it in this case it will probably do the same thing but not always.

Secondly the output/results are:HiHellobecause you start out w/ x equal to 2. Then you proceed to compare x with 2 and if x is not zero(0)...Well if x is 2 it is not zero.Disclaimer - I do not feel like starting up my Visual Studio Community IDE just to test this code out so that single ampersand may prove to be more problematic than I estimated. Try(Code/Type in and try to run) it yourself to see - That's how I determine if something will work - I code it into a test project and see the output


Why does the guy you are dating walk past you with his friends never saying hello, but when he's alone he does?

I don't know how long you've been dating (but your count), but to quote Chris Rock:"If you've been dating a man for four monthsnAnd you haven't met any of his friends, you are NOT his girlfriend!"If he won't publicly acknowledge you or your relationship in the presence of his friends, you and the relationship obviously aren't priorities to him, or even worse, embarrass him. Either way, nobody should expect to be treated like that in an equitable relationship. I'd recommend calling him on his behavior, to see what kind of explanation he tries to provide, but in all honesty, I think you should dump him and move on; nobody deserves to be treated as an afterthought by somebody who's supposed to care about them.

I'm sure this isn't the answer you're hoping for, but I hope this answers your question


Much like Adele's "Hello," certain songs are overplayed for quite some time when released. What songs do you remember being overplayed in the past?

I am a k-pop fans, therefore I only knew kpop songs that are overplayed. It was Love Scenario by iKON. that song is a big hit. the song is great. but this song is so overplayed everywhere i started to get sick of it.Also ddu-ddu-ddu by Blackpink. This song goes everywhere you went. This song is a big hit in Indonesia too, as it used as a song for Shopee also. And Solo by Jennie (a member from Blackpink). Every non kpop fans/listeners only knew these songs, and keep playing it as it's the only kpop songs they know and made them feel cool. Lol.Another song is from BTS. Either Fake Love, or Idol. Now, I do love these boygroup/girlgroup and I also keep updates from them, but there are so many other great songs that people never knew (because they weren't a kpop fans in first place) and overplayed these songs only.


What would I be considered? Hello, I need help identifying what I am: I'm a heterosexual female, but I prefer to dress and act like guys. What am I?

If that's how you're explaining yourself then I think you're just that! Not everything has to have a specific label. Focus on just loving the you that you are! ud83dudc95Now, this isn't to say you can't change how you express yourself over time. It's important to explore and experiment with styles, who you're into, and how you like to be referred to. Try not to be scared of switching it up just to try things out. Go crazy as long as you're not hurting yourself or anyone else.There's plenty you can find about sexuality and gender with a simple Google search. Researching is how you gain knowledge and knowledge is an incredible tool. I wish you luck figuring out who you are. ud83dudc9bEverything Teenage LGBTQWhat would I be considered? Hello, I need help identifying what I am: I a heterosexual female, but I prefer to dress and act like guys. What am I?.


Hello everyone I want to pursue MA English which university is best for this course Chandigarh University, LPU or Chitkara University please guide?

I have been a student of Chandigarh university. I will just say I have got the required exposure, knowledge and skills to become what I wanted to be. As, at present I am working as a content writer and along with that I am aiming to become a university professor. I have written research papers with the guidance of my exceptional professors and those research papers have also got published. I am honoured to have a degree of the university. Their curriculum teaches all the aspects of literature from the history of the language to the diversity of it in modern era. Along with that, I learnt to expand my horizons and look at the bigger picture through literature. University offers everything from seminars to workshops by renowned personalities. It was an experience that has developed my personality and my caliber and taught me the true meaning of literature. In my opinion university is better than LPU AND CHITKARA.The arrival of noble laureate was one such prestigious event for us


Have there been any updates about

Hello Kiran!Hello Everyone who messaged me worrying about my health and also absence on quora.Sorry I couldn't keep track on Quora and failed to reply many of you. It's very overwhelming to see so many people with such optimism for my health. These days have been very painful and depressing. Each week came with a different problems and as I try crossing each day, I am failing to be positive. But then the people around me, Quorans and all the others well wishes helps me not to completely be hopeless.

I am trying to come back on track meanwhile trying medicines which I hope will work. I have got a lot of suggestions from many people, I can't go try everything but whatever I feel genuine and is worth a try, I am trying.Will be back soon. Thank you.Bhanupriya Jayaraj's health?Bhanupriya Jayaraj health?.

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