What Is the Importance of Used Motor Oil Recycling?

In today's world, cars are an important and necessary part of everyday life. All cars require engine oil and other fluids like transmission and brake fluid to run properly. These recycling efforts help to: Conserve natural resources Protect the environment Reuse an existing resource Save energy Save money

1. what are 3 things we use that are made from our natural resources?

There are lots of minerals from the ground like copper, silver, gold and aluminium are used for various building materials, pipe, jewelleries, etc. Oil and gas are another lucrative natural resources for energy usuage

2. what are all of the uses of soil natural resources?

Are you sure you meant to type soil? Well if you did, I will try my best - A) Ground Source heating systems extract warmth from long pipes buried in the ground. Often by ground that would mean soil. So I guess that is a form of energy, but possibly energy gained indirectly from warmth within the soil and not really from the soil itself. So maybe? B) China clay? Does this count as soil though? Peat extraction probably does not count as a raw material for human-made products. C) Yes. You can get rammed earth buildings and mud huts. D) I can not think of any examples of this. E) Soil is used for growing food but is not actually food in itself for humans. (unless some form of food additive comes from soil, but have not heard of any.) F) Never heard of this so I guess no. Hopefully this is a good starter point and maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can help further?

3. How did new England's natural resources help its commerce ?

During what period? Its sheep production helped wool sales at one time. Its farmland helpe wheat and rye sales at other times. During the industrial revolution, its coal reserves helped fule its industries.

4. What are some natural resources in Texas?

Cactus: because you can cook it and eat. Snake skin: If your Teacher says it does'nt qualify then just show her/him how many people wear snake skin boots and purses. Also Leather which comes Cattle if that is considered a natural resource. Horses: hey where do you think you get glue from?.

5. If we were to find natural resources on Mars (say oil, gas, minerals etc.) what would be the most economic way to procure and utilise it?

Any idea that we will be transporting resources from Mars to Earth should just be set aside. Unless, of course, we find something like... Unobtainium which is not found on Earth with a market price of no limit. The chances of that are pretty much zero.The resources on Mars will be difficult enough to get to for the people that will eventually live there. People confuse Mars with space. Its not. Its another gravity well. Its another planet. So the prohibitive expense of bringing things back from Mars should not be confused with obtaining resources elsewhere in open space.

6. why is the demand for the earth's natural resources increasing?

because the population is always increasing, as well as our 'right' and our 'need' to have power, electric, cars and stuff

7. Why are the nations who are rich in natural resources so undeveloped?

Whilst agreeing with the other posts; the generic points I would add (unrelated to any specific country):Too much interference by other countries:INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT- The overseas countries with a strong manufacturing / industrial base would prefer to keep you as a commodity provider and buyer of their finished goods only .eg. If you are buying USD$Billions worth of arms and ammunition from overseas countries, it is not in their interest that you develop a strong/independent defense manufacturing capability. They achieve this by further corrupting decision makers and rulers in strict violation of their own Anti - Corruption laws. Writer Dr. Shashi Tharoor's essay "Inglorious Empire" delves into these aspects somewhat in India's context.RELIGIO-POLITICAL - A more detailed examination in the context of India by Arvind Kumar - Global Economic Theories - A Ploy To Loot India | Arvind Kumar | History Of Economic SystemsECONOMIC & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT - By fomenting discord using funds channelled via Religious, social or NGO's to those who will push the respective agendas of overseas countries. Writer John Perkins writes and speaks about this extensively in "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" . New Confessions of an Economic HitmanGLOBAL CONSPIRACY THEORIES - Some of the far out /wilder allegations are from British writers such as David Icke about various secret societies, apparently with disproportionate control over human destiny. David Icke Reveals Who Controls the World!DEFINITION OF "DEVELOPMENT" MAY BE DIFFERENT - Despite the existence of metrics like the HDI by globalist agenda organisations/NGO's. The environmental collapse of the world and non-human species of plants and animals proves that the HDI is "insufficient" for the world. Therefore a country like Bhutan decided that their main metric for "development" was not to create concrete and glass soul-less cities, destruction of families such that most people over 40 live alone with a dog or cat for company and a dog-eat-dog society mainly focused on GDP. They choose GHI (Gross Happiness Index), clean air, forests and food uncontaminated by chemicals. Who is to say that their choices are worse than so called "developed" countries??Why are the nations who are rich in natural resources so undeveloped?Our country is rich in natural resources but lack in development. What are the main reasons?.

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