What Is the Gas to Oil Ratio for a Evinrude 2hp Outboard Motor?

2hp Outboard

1. Do you have to mix gas and oil for a lawn mower?

Not if it is a 4 stroke. Only the 2 stroke engines require oil, and it is usually mixed 25/1 or 50/1, the latter being of newer design. Just like the chain saws and similar gasoline operated appliances

2. Mixing gas and oil for weed eater? By weight or volume?

It's usually by volume. 40:1 is one part oil to 40 parts gas. You can buy the pre-measured containers that mixes with one gallon of gas. To do it by weight use the same basis, one ounce oil to 40 ounces gas, but I would go with the small oil containers that is suitable for one gallon gas

3. What are some Gas & Oil problems here in california????

Well, there are three distinct reasons for the oil and gas prices. A. Anti oil drilling and dependence on the oil market in the middle-east B. The value of the United States dollar compared to other countries in the international market is low. C. biggest on--> Speculators for the future of the oil market have predicted the price to go up, which, in turn, causes the price to rise because people have that state of mind.

4. gas/oil ratio 4 20r-69d Johnson outboard spark plug gaps also?

1969 johnson 20hp, use 87-octane gasoline mixed with TCW3 oil in a 50:1 ratio (1/3 cup oil per gallon of gas, or 1 pint per six gallons). Spark plugs, use champion J8C, or RJ8C will be fine, at .030 Change the gear oil annually and water pump impeller every two years.

5. water and gas in oil,intake problem?

id think a head gasket or intake. if you gave me a year make and model, i could help more

6. what can the USA do on an international level to solve the gas/oil problem?

Stop stockpiling it, thats what

7. Fossil fuels such as gas, oil, and coal have what kind of energy?

They have chemical energy, or energy stored within the chemical bonds of the gas, oil, and coal molecules. Those bonds are then broken when you burn those substances, and the chemical energy is released and converted to mechanical or electrical energy in power plants

8. If theres such a gas and oil shortage Then why are we still sending shuttles into space?

The only shortage I see is in my wallet. In Saudi Arabia they have been pumping sea water into the oil fields for years to help them meet the demand. Bush help stop drilling off the coast of Florida and It was mostly Democrats that stopped the drilling in Alaska's anwar wilderness. I see people running out of gas but the gas pumps are not crowded and they seem to have as much gas as you want. So go fill up. High gas prices seem to go with saving the environment. We have the Technology to burn less gas. The Chevrolet Volt plug hybrid and many other hybrids will come out in 2010. The gas price has to go up and the expense of the new Technology has to come down. We have School Bus plug hybrids in this country that get 300 % better miles per gal. by using the plug. I understand they cost $100,000 more than an equivalent regular bus. We may find part of the answer blowing in the wind of New Mexico. The space shuttle burns hydrogen and Oxygen. I think it is over $4.00 a gallon. I do not think race cars run on regular. The main problem is that many Asians including Chinese parked their bicycles and are driving cars.

9. gas and oil, any answers, from anyone at all?

Price controls never work. If you force prices down, businesses leave the markets and you get shortages. If you force prices up (as with minimum wage), you force businesses to stop hiring, and you get a surplus of labor (high unemployment).

10. Are british gas and oil qualifications valid in repubic ireland?

Corgi qualifications are as good or better than the qualifications here. Bord gais is the irish equivalent to british gas here. I would say his qualifications are more professional than the cowboys here, should be no problem at all Good luck

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