What Are Some Examples of Famous People Who Led a Pure Life Away From What They Were Famous For?

Truly said, Love demands sacrifice. This is King Edward VIII of England. He is known to be the first English monarch who voluntarily abdicated his throne. He chose to abdicate the throne after the British government, public, and the Church of England condemned his decision to marry the love of his Life Wallis Warfield Simpson for being an American Divorce.On the evening of December 11th 1936, he gave a radio address in which he explained, I have found it impossible to carry on the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge the duties of king, as I would wish to do, without the help and support of the woman I love. On December 12, his younger brother, the duke of York, was proclaimed King George VI.In 1940's Sir Winston Churchill offered Edward the governorship of Bahamas in West Indies. After world war ended in 1945, the duke resigned his post, and the couple moved back to France.

They lived mainly in Paris, and Edward made a few visits to England, such as to attend the funerals of King George VI in 1952 and his mother, Queen Mary, in 1953.Edward died in Paris in 1972 but was buried at Frogmore, on the grounds of Windsor Castle. In 1986, Wallis died and was buried at his side.

WHATS THE PURITY ?You see Edward could have enjoyed his life of wealth and power but he sacrificed all that for his love.Most importantly he hasn't lived a life that bad. In the end, it doesn't matters if you have your favourite girl by your side.

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What led Apple to return to a smaller design with the iPhone SE after the success of larger models?

Apple released yet another iPhone to try to tap into the emerging mobile market, the iPhone SE. The "market" that Apple is trying to tap into is mainly China and India. These "markets" have already been tapped into by Android (successfully) and local and regional mobile device manufacturers such as Lenova, LeTV, Gionee, and Asus. Android suceeded by pricing their devices towards the Indian market which is known to be one of the most super price conscious markets.The iPhone won't really make much of an impact on either market: China or India. The reason for this lack of impact is this: Apple's idea of reasonable priced is far, far different than India's, China's, or the rest of the world.

Luca Maestri, Apples chief financial officer, said the company is feeling the effects of a "very different" economic environment around the world. Apple is beginning to see "softness" in China, particularly in Hong Kong, he said. "We remain very bullish on China," Cook said. "I dont subscribe to the doom-and-gloom predictions." The market for smartphones is becoming saturated and that expansion in China is no longer enough to maintain the companys unprecedented run of growth.In 2013, Apple had released the cheaper iPhone 5C in India. The 5C had a plasticback and other features from the iPhone 5, but failed to make a mark, especially in markets like India and China.What will hurt Apple the most is the SE is priced at $399 in the US (Rs 26,000) but in India, it will be sold for around Rs39,000, priced similar to the iPhone 5C. In India, the 5C continues to sell for as little as Rs 20,000 online, but customers still seem more interested in the 5S and even the older iPhone 5.


Have credible astronomers identified the star that led the wise men to Jesus?

The star that led the Parthian magi (the wise men) to Jesus was not a visible star.It was an extremely rare heliocentric configuration of planets that contained the sacred geometric formation of the Seal of Solomon, the Star of David and a host of other fairly rare sacred geometric formations that only occur in that particular configuration once every 40 million years.It was something that only people schooled in the astrology/astronomy of the day would have even known to look for. And for the Magi, something this rare, would have been the equivalent of the moon landing.Joseph Holleman's answer to Other than biblical accounts, was there really a star that mysteriously led the wise men from the East to Jesus?See this link to my previous answer on this here:Joseph Holleman's answer to If Mary gave birth in 6 BCE, could pockets of Parthians still exist in Judea and does this explain three Magians?You can find this exact configuration with any astronomical ephemeris that shows data from 5 B.C.. A picture of it is shown in the above link.

It was not a conjunction of planets, it was not a meteor or comet, it was not a nova, it was not some supernatural apparition, etc.The above is the ONLY explanation that fits all the characteristics ascribed to the star as described in the New Testament. Joseph Holleman's answer to Is it true that the star in heaven moved with the wise men up to the place of the birth of Jesus?And see this link to an article from the Royal Astronomical Society: 1995QJRAS.


.109M Page 109. It is not in complete agreement with what I suggest occurred but its definitely in the ballpark


How does India's growth rate during Congress led governments of 2004 and 2009 compare with the growth rate during BJP-led government in 2014? How does the fiscal deficit compare?

Using GDP growth data from World Bank database here, annual average growth rate during the three periods are -UPA 1 (2004-2008) : 8.03 % (standard deviation 2.41%)UPA 2 (2009-2013) : 7.44 % (standard deviation 1.91%)NDA 2 (2014-2017) : 7.45 % ((standard deviation 0.4%) (using IMF estimate of 7.2% for 2017)I assigned growth figure of the last year of a government term to the new government. So, 2009 growth figure belongs to UPA2 and 2014 belongs to NDA2. This is probably okay since governments were dissolved in May.The results aren't very different if you choose to assign last year's growth to the previous government.Fiscal deficit is harder to get.There is a chart from tradingeconomics here but the data is not downloadable to calculate average. Moreover, some bits of the chart don't look right - I wasn't able to match it with other reports.There is government of India data here. Unfortunately the deficit is in cash terms there instead of the commonly used percentage of GDP. Also, it is not clear if the cash amounts are inflation adjusted.

So falling back on World Bank database that has 'Government Expense as percentage of GDP' and 'Government revenue as percentage of GDP (excluding grants)' here Expense (% of GDP) .The difference between those two should give the deficit as a percentage of GDP.World Bank has data only till 2013. Based on that -UPA 1 (2004-2008) : -2.

64 %UPA 2 (2009-2013) : -3.

89 %NDA 2 (2014-17)*: -3.

8 %* For NDA-2 I used numbers from various news reports -2014/15 - Fiscal deficit for 2014-15 at 4 per cent of GDP2015/16 - Government achieves 3.9% fiscal deficit target in 2015-162016/17 -India's 2016/17 fiscal deficit comes in at 3.5 percent of GDPHow was the GDP growth of India during UPA1, UPA2 and now during NDA2? What was the fiscal deficit from 2004 to 2017?.


Why do most people believe they have above average intelligence?

I went to do a psychological test after my divorce cause ya boy been ing up, hella. (RIP to the Mac DRE)So I showed up high, obviously, reeking of cannabis, late, or too ing early, and I made it, so everything the psychologist (final year student, but along with a professor and she knew her shit) had planned would than change her tests to accommodate my schedule, which was whenever I feel like it.When I think back to then, man, I needed a 12 step program. But wasnt ready for it. So the psychologist did a bunch of the tests over the span of weeks, I did averagely on like memory recall and math that youd do in your head. She had noted that it was unreliable because of the apparent use of narcotics. She then went on to, basically, give it to me straight. She then proceeded to point out how much I ed up, which I love, and thank her for more than she could ever know. This, steward of psychology, impressed me of how insightful she was. She said I probably got by in life because (paraphrased) ability to talk out of things.

One of the tests was to make a story about a picture, and man I was killing it. I even was so shocked in the middle, I said, god, I am way too good at this, I am going to shorten it, but I could it up harder. She allowed me to say my stupid things because I was giving her an accurate account of who I am at that moment. She said this ability was why I was able, in professional circumstances, to go so far. (the time still in pharmacy school) She said I scored quite highly above average


What is an example of moral act that led to freedom?

I will answer from the Philosophy of GWF Hegel, and his book, Philosophy of History (1830).From the beginning of recorded history, most people in so-called civilization lived as Slaves. Starting 6 thousands years ago, when writing was first invented, in most ancient Sumer, then Egypt, also China, then Assyria, then New Babylon, then Persia, then Greece, then Rome - Slavery was a normal way of life.

Yet during all those thousands of years, Slaves yearned for Freedom. They sometimes made an uprising for Freedom - and they were usually killed for that uprising.This was the case from most ancient Sumer though the apex of Rome - many thousands of years. Struggles for Freedom would arise, and would be violently shut down.In more modern times, starting roughly with the European migration to America in the 1500's, the struggle for Freedom finally got a foothold, and larger and larger numbers of people obtained their Freedom. Finally, Free Republics were founded, and some of them became Democratic.

Because of the struggles of Freedom, we can see a superlative change in human history in the past 300 years alone. Three hundred years ago, every major nation on planet Earth regarded Slavery as Legal. Today, every major nation on planet Earth regards Slavery as Illegal.

The heartfelt struggle for Freedom against Slavery was violent, bloody, deadly, and lasted for thousands of years. Possibly it began before writing was invented, and reaches back into prehistoric times.The fight for Freedom is the most profoundly moral act in history. It was a hard road, but it finally led to a planet of mostly Free Republics, where Slavery is globally regarded as Criminal

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