What Are Led Zeppelin's Most Beautiful Songs?

Led Zeppelin's cover of Joan Baez's Babe I'm Gonna Leave You is possibly one of their most beautiful tunes in my opinion. Everything in that tune is just perfect; Jimmy Page's great acoustic guitar playing, the usage of dynamic contrasts in the tune, as well as Robert Plant's stellar and highly emotional vocals, using his signature inflections and wails with perfection (probably one of his best vocal recordings in my opinion). n nAnother song of Zep that I would consider to be one of their most beautiful is, you guess it, the overplayed but nevertheless great Stairway to Heaven. Once again, dynamics is king in this tune; the composition that starts peacefully with the extremely famous fingerpicking intro eventually builds up to a fantastic climax that consists of one of rock's greatest guitar solos of all-time as well as some of Robert Plant's most passionate singing. As overplayed as this tune is, it is really one of the most well-composed songs of all-time in my opinion

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In the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II, what made General Zukov's attack plan successful?

Zhukovs plane was good solid planning. Surround Stalingrad and the 6th army. It worked because the German field command refused to heed the cries for reinforcements by their Romanian allies guarding the German Northern flank.The Romanian army was overextended, under equipped, and ill prepared. Due to the vast size of the front they were responsible for, they became a shell army. The Hungarian army was in little better shape. Add to this, a total intelligence failure on the part of the German command.November 17th. 1942 Zhukov unleashed 3 complete armies at the German North flank . The Hungarian and Romanian armies collapsed.the end of the 6th. had begun.Remember the German intelligence failure? The Germans had no idea the three armies existed let alone they were in position to attack. The 6th was no more prepared then-the Romanians.

The Luftwaffe flew thousands of attacks on Stalingrad, hundreds everyday. Men and machines where out. Numbers of effective aircraft fall. Rommel needs the Luftwaffe in Africa. The Luftwaffe was never strong enough to be in two places at once


Does Prince Charles rule Wales with an iron fist?

Does Prince Charles rule Wales with an iron fist?No.It is Cornwall he rules with his iron fist (an advanced cybernetic instrument, fitted with various defensive and offensive weaponry reputedly).He wants to rule Wales in a similar way, so that he can command the world's supply of Welsh cakes in the same way as he does duchy biscuits (for which he commands secret trade deals with other countries, the secret key to Brexit).

Unfortunately in Wales it rains too much. His cybernetic iron fist rusts up very quickly. The noble Welsh men, women and sheep are more than a match for his retinue of guards, and have so far fought him off.Meanwhile, his mother the Maj, commands the rest of England, Scotland and the hidden British Empire. It is almost time to liberate" the colonials of Donald Trump, and return the Empire to glory days.France & Germany oppose it of course, it's why they rigged the Brexit election, but Europe cannot match the might of the resurgent Empire of Britain.Rule Britannia, long live her majesty!or something.


Why is nationalism on the rise?

In many nations, post-World War 2 there was an aspiration to create a ideal world where there will be no more conflicts and wars. So, many inter-governmental agencies like UNO, EU and so many others were created to ensure international co-operation and preferably to encourage its members to put the common interests of humanity over national interests So, for a long time the developed nations that held great powers were given great responsibilities to try and create a harmonious world. Not to undermine their efforts, they worked towards policies like open borders, free trade, easy immigration, cultural integration, free information. They did this all putting their own national interests aside for a while.The majority of each nations sufficiently complied with these ideas. As time progressed it costed a huge loss to many nations and their own interests, the frustration over these things accumulated and eventually motivated people and leaders to take back their own interests in hand, to adopt nationalistic standpoints on every issues. Capitalising on the peoples frustration as well, nationalist leaders promised to put their own(peoples) interests in the first place


Do most psychologists have problems themselves which have led them to that career?

Sometimes we do, although its a long and expensive way to do it.From what I understand, many people do not find psychology to be simply the most fascinating field on earth to study for a decade or more. To each their own.But the best psychologists are driven by curiosityabout themselves, about others. And they have a deep desire to witness the healing of human trauma and painin themselves, and in others.Dont expect your psychologist to have a perfect life without mess. Thats not fair. Being a psychologist is a job we do, and when we are on, it takes a great deal of focus and self-discipline. Were not always on, any more than a dentist is always looking in someones mouth. We have our off-work hours, when we can think about our own lives, argue, give advice, take advice, make mistakes, have fun, fall in love, fall out of love, pick up the pieces and go on with the messy task of living. We dont charge anybody for our off-work hours, and frankly, they are not our clients business.


What's wrong with Quora being used as a dating app?

I have no problem with people stumbling their way into romantic connection on this site. Its not surprising considering many Quorans seem to share a few traits. Open mindedness, desire for self improvement, love of writing etc.

BUT using Quora to find romance is like trying to get an education on Tinder. Its possible, but highly unlikely.If I were to imagine Quora as a physical place itd be a giant camp site. People sitting around a fire, making smores, telling tales of triumph, heartbreak, love etc. This place only works if the majority buys into the purpose of its existence. If everyone treated it like a mating ground, the camp would be no better than an outdoor tiki bar.People would worry about how they look instead of how they think. Wed be more wary of each others niceties and friendliness. Every interaction would suffer under the guise of prospective intimacy. Do they like me for my insight or aesthetic appeal?Theres nothing inherently wrong with bars/nightclubs. But Quoras a nice getaway from that brand of social setting


Who is better for India: Bharatiya Janata Party, Indian National Congress or Aam Aadmi party?

AAP would had been best for India had they adopted there own ethics and policies that made them rise to power in 2 years, but they diverted and became a part of dirty system of politics , first there tie up with congress in delhi and then supporting coaolition lefties

Congress had ruled India for almost 60 years out which they had dram run of opposition less govt for almost 70% of there rule , though they had very tough challenges to build a nation from scratch , but dynastic politics and national security at risk from some individuals is a problem.

BJP was always regarded as best opposition which worked hand in gloves with ruling parties , it had secular flavour and played well with certain sects , though BJP is most disciplined party but art of governance is lacked from most of the MLAs . Unlike other national parties BJP transformed itself and rebuild the party for ruling .But most people do not trust Modi govt though will vote them to power due to lac of results reaching to common people .


Why do LED vehicle lights flicker if they are running on DC power?

Most LED tail-lights use the same LEDs for both running lamps and brakes. When running, they turn on & off (duty cycle) perhaps 30 times per second. When braking, they are on 100%. Motion pictures settled on 24 frames/sec long ago as appearing smooth (TV is 30 frames/sec). That is true when looking straight ahead where your retina has high-fidelity and color sensors, but not true at the periphery where just black & white, grainier, but much faster. That is why in karate one is taught to look at the belly-button rather than the hands, so you can see their hands & feet coming at you better in your peripheral vision. Perhaps tennis and players and baseball hitters learn to do the same. When you see LED tail-lights at night, say >100 feet from you, you will often see a series of dots in the periphery of your retina. That is the on-off flashes striking different areas on your retina as your eye moves. That is related to the phenomenon of seeing wagon wheels appearing to rotate backwards in old western movies.


Did Japanese soldiers really attack machine gun nests using katana in WWII?

Actually the two solders with Bayonets was the norm. This is a Bayonet charge and US troops did them too and even won with them but way less often. But yes these bayonet and sword charges were made often stupidly as the Japanese were also good at infiltration sneaking up close which could have been followed up with infiltration right into the enemy like the US and all the others did. These charges actually worked vs Chinese and other poorly trained troops that had few if any automatic weapons. And sometimes a Bayonet charge was the only thing that could work. US Marines in one of the earlier war invasions of a Japanese Island made a successful bayonet charge across a concrete causeway where there was no cover or any way to cross except run over it. Russian forces took huge casualties but often had a lose bayonet charge work. The key to a bayonet charge working was ether surprise or suppressive fire keeping enemy return fire down. Some sort of blade attached to weapons would be useful in trench and house fighting unfortunately dropped for the most part.


Who did Jimi Hendrix say was the best guitarist in the world?

There's an ongoing saying that when Hendrix was asked, how did it feel to be best guitarist in the world? he said he didn't know and to ask Rory Gallagher.Many people assume that he pointed at Rory Gallagher to be the best guitarist in the world.But I haven't seen any proof of it. No video, no conversation anything.But I have seen an interview where he ignores the answer,(Jimmy Page ud83dude02 and Jimi Hendrix)There's also a similar statement where Robert Fripp says that Jimi was saying King Crimson was the best group he had ever seen.

(Robert Fripp on meeting Hendrix)So, there's lots of stories about Hendrix comments. And many may claim that he said he's the best and she's the best etc etc.But I think some of his favorites where (contemporaries, not his influences)Eric ClaptonBill GibbonsTerry KathRory Gallagher?Jeff Beck?(Jeff Beck talking about meeting Hendrix)etc etcI think Jimi was being kind and didn't point anyone so his other fan guitarists might get angry.

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