We Just Purchased a Used Starcraft Tent Trailer That Does Not Have a Heater. Can a Heater Be Install

You can have one specifically made for tent trailers installed. Price depends upon heating capacity. When we camped in our tent trailer, if there was electricity, we connected a small 1000 watt heater with a fan. Worked fine in all but the coldest of weather. No electricity means no heat. We also had an 1800 watt generator if we needed electricity. Otherwise, we slept in sleeping bags. First one awake started the generator (me 100% of the time; wife & kids stayed in bed until it warmed up). Propane would be your better option if you typically camp at places without electricity. Do not ever use a stand alone propane heater inside the camper - you will starve yourself of oxygen. Even though it's a tent trailer, you can burn up oxygen faster that it can be replaced.

1. where can i buy those little umbrellas that they put in tropical drinks?

COCKTAIL UMBRELLAS Decorative Tableware Cocktail Umbrellas - Decorative Tableware - Luau The perfect addition to any hawaiin or luau party. Add this umbrella to complete your tropical drinks. stock number: 060CU1 price: $5.24 USD. qty/pack: 144 hope this helps. good luck and enjoy.

2. Why are car dealerships unwilling to negotiate on price?

what evidence is there of that? Except in no-haggle dealerships, most dealerships expect you to negotiate on price, otherwise they would be selling all cars at sticker price. It could just be that you have named a price that is unreasonable and that they can not beat it without losing money on the deal

3. how can i get my upstairs to not be warmer than downstairs?

You will never be comfortable until you get the return air to the furnace next to or in the downstairs floor. Even then, you may want to run the furnace blower on low speed all the time. A ceiling fan in the high ceiling living room will be the best bang for the buck, but will not do it all. It may work to put a ceiling fan in the hallway that goes upstairs, but it is questionable. with cieling fans, price and quality do not match. get a cheap one

4. On average, how much velocity is lost when...?

Semi autos are extremely accurate. Modern design and machining practices have come along way. The main difference is the price, optics a side a semi auto 300 caliber rifle will often run almost twice that of a bolt action. If price is not the problem, go with a big bore semi auto. If you want to hit 1000 yards with "moderate" ease the new bushmaster magazine fed bolt action rifle is a great buy for a large capacity. Happy shooting.

5. What would be a good tripod for macro photography?

Do not buy your tripod based upon price. You should only buy one tripod in your lifetime, so pick a sturdy one, one that can hold at least 7 kg, more if possible To shoot macro using a tripod, you will also need some kind of focusing rail, so you can move the camera/lens combination toward and a way from the subject to achieve focus where you want it

6. How come people want to drill domestically when all that will do is make OPEC produce less?

OPEC will do whatever OPEC wants to do...we have no say in it. Drilling here and finding our own resources means we can manage the flow and price of our own energy. Plus, our money stays here instead of making Camel Jockeys rich!

7. New "first time" build ... which CPU would YOU pick?

Price not being an option, the Core i7 980x Best for a midrange CPU? I would go for the Intel i5 750. Best in the $200 area

8. If 68%of Americans say We Should be Required to have Health Insurance Why Don't we Have Universal Health Care?

Because those 68% are wrong. Majorities are often wrong. Nevertheless, the whole health care thing has been so perverted that virtually no one's idea will work as long as they are aimed at shifting the burden of who pays. The problem with health care is that market forces are absent. All the things we do normally, like shop around for price and service, and deciding on alternatives is now absent from health care. The only question we ask is "Do you take my insurance?" or "Will the gov't pay for this?" Here's a revolutionary idea to fix health care. Make people pay for their own health care. Oh, we can tinker. People could buy catastrophic insurance policies, and poor folk can still get gov't assistance, but for the most part, when the bulk of us are paying for our routine health care, market forces will be re-introduced and the health care industry will respond like every other industry does.

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