Uses for 5050 Led Strips

Have you ever wondered how interior designers manage to achieve that dramatic effect in the bedroom, the kitchen, even the living room? Designers play with light, using it to their advantage to create a welcoming and high impact space. There are so many uses for 5050 LED strips, which are guaranteed to provide you with that high impact that you are looking for.

The first place you may want to use your 5050 LED strip is on the staircase. If you have glass stairs you can create an amazing impact with the lights shining through the stairs. The strips come in various colours so you can make such a display within your home or office. If you have normal stairs, place a strip along the edge of the step or the side. This is a safety measure as well, ensuring you can see each step clearly, reducing the risk of falling.

Next you can use 5050 LED strips along the edge of mirrors. In smaller homes you want to make the most of mirrors and light to make the space look bigger. Placing LED strips along the sides or around the entire outer edge of each mirror doesn't only create a dramatic effect, but the light shines onto the mirror, reflecting it within the room and immediately making the space feel lighter, brighter and more spacious.

From here you can also use the 5050 LED strips under your bed or your sofa to create a spectacular effect, allowing you to enjoy soft lighting and turning your main lights off. In a darkened room, lighting around the bottom of your sofa can really create a wonderful ambience, something unique that you can enjoy and be proud of.

You have probably already been to a kitchen or seen a picture of a kitchen with under cabinet lighting. This creates a wonderful light throughout the kitchen and you will find it also helps when chopping and cooking. The 5050 LED strip is placed underneath the cabinets, normally where the back of the cabinet meets the wall. It is securely placed and when turned on, offering a fantastic visual effect.

If you have a deck or patio, you can use the strip lights to immediately mark off the edge of the space so you and your guests never have to guess where the deck or patio ends at night. It can also brighten up your outdoor space and with LED strips coming in so many great colour options, you can create your outdoor space based on your particular design needs.

In some instances, home-owners and business owners use 5050 LED strips as part of their festive decorations at the end of the year. You can string the strips along the edge of your roof, so you can brighten up your home or office, making it more noticeable. This is also very effective with pubs and inns that are located in rural areas. Using these lights you can ensure that people driving by take note.

Ensure when buying 5050 LED strips that you only buy from a top supplier with an excellent reputation in the industry. Don't settle for second best, as LED lights are designed to provide you with a range of benefits and buying poor quality is only going to result in you having to replace your bulbs sooner and not enjoying the energy efficiency that they should provide to you in the long run.

Never buy based on price alone, quality is more important if you want to enjoy your 5050 LED strips now and in the future.

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