Used Motor Oil to Coat a Wood Deck Anyone Know Anything About This

Before you try this, you should take a minute and Google "Carcinogens and heavy metals in used motor oil". It's definitely not something I would recommend. Not to mention what your feet and carpets will look (and smell) like. ....... Phew!.

1. How do I piss off one of my teachers?

Swear at him, if you do not care about going to the office, pull a prank! Put honey on his chair or misplace all his stuff...something like that. You can look good pranks up on google.

2. Who else has dirty blonde hair like this?

Yea, thats Ashlee. Its because I think that hair is newly colored and styled that way so, there probably are not that many pics of her ( with her hair like that ) Um My hair is that color.. Try Yahoo images or google or photobucket.

3. Lincoln lovers I'm having suspension probs so I bought just regular rear coil springs thinking i could just

the kit comes with instructions on how to turn off the air suspension light but since u have already bought the springs go to Google and see if you can find the instructions there or somewhere to take to a mechanic. What you are trying to do is fine and once done you will be glad

4. Girls only! I'm a guy who wants advice on to how to wear makeup and act like a girl?

Makeup tips can be found on YouTube or Google. It's a constantly changing thing with the fashions.. Outfits are objective: it depends on what style you like. Cruise the fashion store catalogues, find a style that you like, and research stores that sell that style. If you want to try it on in the store, grab two or three "guy clothes" and two or three "girl clothes". Then say you want to try on the clothes (guy) but you do not want to lose what you've picked out for the girl b/c.. it's you gf's/ sisters birthday whatever - then try on the girls clothes in the stall. Put back the guy clothes saying they do not fit. Buy the girl clothes. Trust me all the stores want to do is make $$, they wo not be picking at details. So. Online catalogues. Find your style. Find your store. Try it on. Buy it. Enjoy!

5. Where to buy special anime markers?

You could probably find them at a good craft store or a comic shop. If not, you can search 'anime markers' or 'manga markers' into Google and find place that sell them online, like

6. How do I get free sheet music for my alto saxophone like "The Hey Song?"?

Well try googling it...on and im a band person 2!!! I play Clairinet, drums, bass clarinet, tenor sax, alto sax, bari sax, alto clarinet, and uhhh...triangle

7. how do you put your makeup on (especially your eyeliner)?

yeah i do the heat up the eyeliner trick too makes it go on smoother =] but just one day when you have nothing to do try putting it on different way use different colors and look up some pictures on google or photobucket on eyeliner styles you would be AMAZED on the amount of styles there is out there

8. What are the most unusual or unique annual festivals in Japan?

Every single person who is even slightly familiar with Japan is going to know what the answer to that is going to be as soon as they see this question:The festival of the steel penis.Kanamara matsuri.So, as the story goes;In a village, a long time ago, there used to be a demon which would hide inside women's vagina's. Then, if a man tried to have sex with the woman, he would use his sharp teeth to bite off the man's penis in one quick bite. Of course, people in this village became scared of sex, and after a while, both the mood in the village and the birth rate was dropping drastically as the people were unable to make the beast with two backs for fear of never being able to do it again.Until that is, one day, a woman got an idea. She was suspecting the demon was inside of her, so she went to a blacksmith, and asked him to forge a large steel phallus for her. The blacksmith did so, and when she inserted it, the demon foolishly bit down, shattering his teeth.From that day on, sex was safe again in the village, and a temple was erected in honour of the penis, and still every year, the first sunday of April, the shrine (near Kanagawa) celebrates Kanamara Matsuri, or "The festival of the steel phallus".It's fun searching pictures on google (which I'll leave to the reader if they are interested) and you'll see people posing with big dicks eating banana-penis candy and all other sorts of happy jolly penis-related activities. I will warn people in advance though, if you ever feel like going there, either go very early in the morning or not at all. By the time I arrived (at about 11:30) there was a line for 4,5 hours to get into the temple grounds. Not worth it at all.Stick to pictures. Those are fun and you don't have to wait for them at all. What are the most unusual or unique annual festivals in Japan?

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