UK Family Visitor Visa Refused, Need Advice If to Reapply

If you are certain that you can satisfy all the refusal reasons from the first application, then yes, IMHO re-applying is worth it although theres no guarantee of success and you will of course need to declare the refusal in any subsequent application. If youve not done so already, it might help to read this What details should a good cover letter contain to back up a UK Visit Visa application? and UK visa refusal on V 4.2 a c (and sometimes 'e')

We have recently applied for a UK family visit visa for our uncle who is 65 years old. Visa applied in New Delhi and refused.

We are baffled by the statement that ECA/ECO have received the bank statement and could read the account number but could not find the balance on it. I could understand if they stated the quality of the scan was poor therefore they could not read the statement. On point 2, we also briefly explained on the covering letter from my Uncle that he uses contractor for labour and machniery for day to day work. He is only responsible for crop sale, tax, purchase of seeds and fertiliser and that is not to happen until the end of Oct after his return to India as the current crop is already planted.

I know this is a not a legal advice forum, but based on your experience, is there any point reapplying with the same refreshed bank statement with a letter from the branch manager stating the balance and further clarifications on management of his farm in his absence and supporting letter from the contractor or it is not worth as they made assumptions to Annex V a) & c) of the rules.

****Answer to traveiler's comment moved here to avoid confusion********

@ Traveller. All financial details (income tax and bank statements) were uploaded by me as one PDF file. The front page of the bank statement has 3 places where the balance is stated. Closing Balance, Effective Available balance and itemized transaction balance.

On point 2, I did not state this point specifically in the additional information but stated in a cover letter written from my uncle side. Text is below. We did not supply any further evidences to emphasise on this point as our application was assumed straight forward and I never had any issue in past with Home Office for my parents or in laws, last application experience in 2013 with probably half the details.

I am a farmer and work on my ancestral agriculture land including my siblings share. I am slowly moving towards retirement, where I arrange all my labour, machinery etc. on contract. I manage crop sales, legal, land issues etc. My planned travel is between Aug to Oct is on the basis: I want to utilise the time before the planted paddy (rice) crop is ready for sale. This time also coincides with summer school holidays in England and late summer/early autumn warm, dry and stable weather

*****UPDATE 09/08/2019 ***********

Please can someone help by answering the question whether to reapply by addressing the missing information ourselves? or does this needs to be done via a solicitor, they are expensive; costs are not justified for an ordinary family visitor visa if that is the expectation from UKVI.

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