TV Shows Similar to "Weeds" and "Dexter"?

In Canada we have a show called Trailer Park Boys. It's about three men who spent their whole lives in a Trailer Park always finding ways to get rich, grow dope, and piss off the trailer park supervisor (that happens naturally). They always end up in jail or back where they started after a season arc. It's done in a documentary style because one of the lead characters hired a film crew to document his life and they capture everything, even their enemies P.O.V. Sometimes the characters will throw stuff at the camera crew and tell them to get lost, or quit following them all the time but the drama and action goes on. It has lots of swearing that gets beeped out though but it's hilarious. It comes on a channel along with Weeds and Dexter.

1. Which Trailer Park Boys character is your favorite and why?

Julian - something about constantly holding his rum & coke

2. Where Is Trailer Park Boys in Nova Scotia Filmed?

For seasons 1-4 it was set in various Trailer Parks in the Halifax area. From season 5 on it they have used a set at the old Halifax County Regional Rehabilitation Centre on Bissett Rd in Cole Harbour, which is maybe 45 minutes from Halifax. I am not sure exactly how far away it is; I've been to Halifax a few times, but never to Cole Harbour.

3. What is the best site to watch Trailer Park Boys?

I would guess maybe in a trailer park?

4. Opinion on Canadian tv show Trailer Park Boys?

I thought it was funny, what I've seen of it. I do not know if it's still shown in Canada, but I have not seen it in about a year here in the lower 48. I have a cat, and the line Bubbles says when he's being taken to jail touched me. "who's going to take care of my kitties?" Here's a guy who has not got a window to throw it out of, much less a pot, and he's worried about his cats.

5. Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys?

Conky needed to die so that Bubbles could be free. However, Conky is never truly dead

6. Have Cory (Cory Bowles) and Trevor (Michael Jackson) been permanently written out of Trailer Park Boys?

Michael Jackson smokes Fall Out Boy's version like a Cuban cigar! EvilSandia that's hilarious dude lmao!

7. Your thoughts on the Trailer Park Boys, t.v. show or movie?

Love both I like the show better cause I can watch more of them. Shut the **** up Conky!

8. Do americans know/watch the Trailer Park Boys?

unless you mean the trailer park boys on Jerry Springer.....then no!

9. Who is your favorite Trailer Park Boys cast member?

Bubbles! I like that show

10. What are your 5 favorite tv shows?

1. Seinfeld 2. Titus 3. Trailer Park Boys 4. Homicide Detective with Joe Kenda 5. Sons of Anarchy

11. Are you looking forward to Trailer Park Boys Season 8?

Not another night of the Sh*t abyss Mr lahey lmao....can not wait

12. Are you a fan of the Trailer Park Boys and if so whats your favourite episode?

Yes! It has to be between Conky, Steve French and Who Invited these Idiots to my Wedding?. But really, I love them all!!!

13. anybody heard of the trailer park boys?

yup I heard of them alright, from my insight they are rebellious rappers of downtown U.S.A who try to compete with the likes of piff diddy and nelly.But to no avail they just can not .Sorry to say it!

14. Who's your favourite character from Trailer Park Boys?

I agree, Ricky is hilarious

15. Trailer Park Boys - what is wrong with american TV?

May-be it might civilize the kid's . They like Dog the bounty hunter and army and narc show's

16. is everything that happens in trailer park boys actually 100% real?

Its a fake documentary TV show. Filmed the way it is for comedic effect

17. Help with a TV Programme!?

The only thing that's coming to mind re: comedy/wheelchair is Ricky's father on Trailer Park Boys

18. Could Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys ever get a girlfriend?

I would do him

19. Who do you like more, ricky or bubbles in Trailer Park Boys?

Bubbles is the 'sharpest person in the trailer park'

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