Trane Furnace Fan Works, but Heater Won't Run

Check to make sure that when you switched the fan switch to the on position and back off that you did not accidentally move the system switch from heat to cool

1. Which way does the condenser fan need to blow on a Trane AC? Toward the coils or away?

Away from the coils these units work by bringing in air from around the unit through the coils and the coils have a wire grid around them to catch branches and leaves. This is how all central air units work

2. I put in a 4 ton 14 Ser Trane unit. Temp is 73 inside- How do I get it to 64 deg?- Vent temp is 58 degrees?

i doubt it will even reach 64. it would also cost you a ton of money to keep it there. if you have some special need for 64 degrees then i would buy the biggest window unit i could find and lock myself in the bedroom instead of cooling the whole house

3. Trane Furnace Only Runs For a Few Minutes then turned off?

call service!

4. How should I wire a Trane air handler & heat strips?

Your question is not long at all, much better too much information than not enough. If it were mine:6/2 Romex - copper is good for 60 amps (NEC 240.4 (B) & 334.80 -60 degree) A couple of breakers, romex connectors and big staples Should be less than $200 in parts.If they are separate disconnects, no need to tie them together.Sell the Al and left over Cu to the local recycle guy.

5. TRANE Gas Furnaces issue, help!?

Make sure you check the limit that is located in the center heat ex changer area, sometimes this is on a separate circuit. Make sure you remove wires before testing to avoid feed back as you should with all limits . check the schematic to make sure you have checked all limits. . If flame shows up and quits shortly, could be a dirty sensor rod, take out and clean. I know that still does not account for open limit, but one reason it will die quickly. If you do change the board, in most cases you can get an generic rather than the Trane Board ,, and save about 100 or 200. Get board number, and check lit with generic board to make sure it will work before buying

6. Trane x80 Furnace Lights - but that's it!?

Its gotta be the circuit board

7. Trane XL15i or Lennox XCR14- which one should i purchase?

trane has the better compressor, it's a scrol compressor that only trane sales. Also train has a spine fin coil that is more resistant to corrosion than the lennox coil. After your coil starts to corrode it can not release heat like it should and you unit has to run longer and cost more money, so I would go with the trane because even though it cost more now it will be cheaper to run in the future than the lennox.

8. help with my trane xe80 gas furnace please!?

This Site Might Help You. RE: help with my trane xe80 gas furnace please!? i have a trane xe 80 and 1st it was firing the first of the 4 burners, the ignitor was glowing as it should, but most of the time it would not ignite the other 3, so I cleaned off what I think where electronic eyes that sense if the flame is lit, that worked for awhile, but then it started doing it...

9. I'm having problems with my heater (Trane xv80)?

No problem. The xv80 has a continuous fan so it should be "on" at all times. Keep the fan switch on your thermostat in the "ON" position. This keeps the air moving in your home even when the heat is off (so it will feel like unheated air at the vents). When heat is needed, the furnace will fire up and the fan speed will increase bringing warm air to the rooms in your house. This is a very efficient motor so it uses less energy than the old on/off motors even though it is on all the time. Hope that helps answer your question

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