The Most Polarizing Book in the Ncvrs Collection

Criteria: books with high likes and high dislikes, with both numbers being roughly equivalent. It was not even close…Portnoy's Complaint by a country mile. Roth's breakout novel was hugely controverisal the moment it was published. Libraries banned it. Australia banned it. Diana Trilling and Irving Howe spoke out against it.Spoiler Alert: The sexually-frustrated, guilt-ridden Alexander Portnoy masturbates with a piece of liver that his mother later cooks and serves for dinner. Which was pretty shocking at the time. Which is pretty shocking now, even taking into account everything one can find on the danker corners of the internet (or at least that's what my friends tell me). Why is this book so polarizing almost 50 years after it was published? Well, Roth himself is a pretty polarizing figure. The "dysfunctional bro" protagonist that Roth single-handedly (huh huh) reinvented is not beloved by many women. People also generally dislike canon books from this era for all sorts of reasons. If you have not read it, I would say go forth and do so. If you do not want to, Richard Benjamin is pretty awesome (and dreamy) in the (not very good) movie


What sort of dust collection system would be adequate for a two-car garage?

I would also agree with the above answers in saying that the dust deputy is top notch. I ended up getting the entire kit to save myself some time in setup since I have a 1 year old that really cuts into my wood working.After buying my shop vac and dust deputy, I then needed to try and find adapters to fit my different machines. This can be a really annoying process since a lot of the time, the adapters will not fit over the dust ports. My solution to this problem was to start 3D printing them to the exact size I needed. Friends and family started wanting them and I decided to start a tiny side business to help people out.

how much is my video game collection worth?

The best i can say is aroun 400 - 600. Sure, you are game are good and you have a mass amount of them, but for instance your gameboy games like pokemon yellow, the battery in the game will die soon. Making it worthless. Your N64 games are worth the most to be honest, and your final fantasy. Keep the more popular games

Access denied at root site collection

Have all resources that may affect the home page been checked in/published as a major version/approved? This could be anything from a CSS file, javascript, master page, or page layout. If you've verified that users have been granted access by checking the effective permissions link, then this is your culprit

Could some please help me make my movie collection bigger?

COMEDIES: She's The Man (2006) John Tucker Must Die (2006) How To Lose A guy In Ten Days (2003) White Chicks (2004) Bride Wars (2009) Mean Girls (2004) 27 Dresses (2008) Over Her Dead Body (2008) The Proposal (2009) HORROR FILMS: Friday the 13th (2009) Julia's Eyes (2010) THRILLER FILMS: The Last house On The Left (2009) Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)

Does anyone know where I can buy the diaper stacker to match the Fisher Price Rainforest crib collection?

The only place I have seen it is on eBay.Maybe you will luck up & get it cheaper than that.It is hard to get the hard to find rainforest stuff at a good price ecspecially on ebay.Most of it is priced twice as much as it is worth when you buy it from there. But maybe you will luck up & get it cheaper..Or you could try emailing the seller & just asking them where they bought it at..That might work.Good luck

I want to start a World War II collection, any suggestions on how to start?

I would say pick one country. I myself picked the us. I picked that because living in the us it is much easier to get us items. Us items are much cheaper compared to other countries. Germans items are very expensive to collect. Also they are hard to find in the us. Us items are easy to find. I get my items from estate sales very cheap. I find that us items are very interesting things. It all depends on how much you want to spend and what you are interested in . I hope I helped.

Is there a term used for the collection of a key and value in a C# dictionary?

This is known, simply, as a Key-Value Pair. You can see it when iterating over a Dictionary with foreach - each resulting object in the loop is of type KeyValuePair

Show that a collection of functions $I$ is an ideal

It's trival that it's an ideal, and it's not a prime one as $f : x/mapsto (3x-1)(2x-1)$ is in it, but $g : x/mapsto 2x-1$ and $h : x/mapsto 3x-1$ are not in it. So you have a product $f = gh$ in the ideal, with $g$ and $h$ not in it, violating the fact that the ideal could be prime.Remark. To show that $I$ is an ideal of $A$, with $A$ let's say commuatative, which is the case here, you have to show that $f_1f_2/in I$ as soon as $f_1,f_2/in I$, and that $f_1 f_2 /in I$ as soon $f_1/in A$ and $f_2 /in I$.

what might be some guns to add to my collection?

Well since you dont seem to have any magazine feed rifles I would say go for an AR15 , SKS or AK Varient or FAL type rifle

How can I show announcements from a different site collection?

If you want a simple, no code solution, you could always open Sharepoint Designer. It's not the most elegant solution, but it's simple enough for a power user to do (if they have Designer permissions) and one less customization to keep track of. Also, I have not tried this yet, but it may work for even different farms if you have cross farm permissions and trusts set up properly.

What movies would you like to add to your DVD/Blu-ray collection?

-Alien Quadrilogy -Breaking Bad -Lost I will think about it and come back and edit this.

Would you rather take money out of the collection basket at church, or?

Neither. You do not have to do either

Why do languages such as C and C not have garbage collection, while Java does? [closed]

Because, when using the power of C, there is no need.Herb Sutter: "I've have not written delete in years."see Writing modern C code: how C has evolved over the years 21:10It may surprise many experienced C programmers.

What actual Beatle records are in your collection?

I have the blue album, the red album, Abbey Road, Revolver, Rubber Soul, White Album, Let it Be

Is the d-signed collection for girls older people or for little kids? ( its from demi lovato )?

You could probably find something that would fit you. I love graphic tee shirts, and sometimes I can fit into extra large girls' shirts at Walmart. I am sure you could find one that would fit. If not, look online. They list measurements, and you can see if you fit

How to get product collection of out of stock items - opposite of addInStockFilterToCollection()?

You can try this.Or you can try thisNot sure 100%

Need help decorating with photographs? I have a family collection of old photo's dating back to the 1800's?

Yes. I love old photos. I am saving my photos onto disks now I've finally got a digital camera and I've worked out how to do it. But I love looking back at relatives who are no longer with us or the way things were at a particular time. It's good because I can show my children things from my childhood like record players and the fact that videos did not exist etc. It's hard for them to believe such things

change authentication for one site collection

as you said, it is authentication configuration issue. Looks like in one farm you have classic authentication configured and other farm you have claims based authentication.You cannot change the authentication on site level as it is Web application level configuration. I think you have to configured your dev/Uat with the same configuration as your production

Help me expand my book collection?

Here's some more. I tried to keep them fairly recent (except for the classics). In the case of series, I just listed the first Exceptions: Disk World as there are so many, and Paladin of Souls, (2nd book in a series) as it won both the Hugo and the Nebula awards. Go ahead and buy the whole series if the books are cheap enough. Regular Fiction Andrea Barrett Servants of the Map: Stories Comedy Terry Pratchett The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Making Money: A Discworld Novel Jingo: A Discworld Novel Monstrous Regiment: A Discworld Novel Historical Fiction Marge Piercy Gone To Soldiers Classics Hermann Hesse Siddhartha Suspense / Horror Sarah Monette The Bone Key Fantasy Lois McMaster Bujold The Curse of Chalion Paladin of Souls -- winner of both Hugo & Nebula awards Sean Stewart Perfect Circle (could be “light“ horror instead of Fantasy) Kim Harrison Dead Witch Walking (Rachel Morgan/The Hollows, Book 1) Naomi Novik His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire, Book 1) Susanna Clarke Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell Tad Williams The War Of The Flowers China Miéville Un Lun Dun

What's the album that EVERY Death Metal fan should have in their collection?

I agree with Shred, otherwise for me it's Yattering - Genocide, it's the most perfect blend of catchy hooky riffs, brutality, and technical wizardry ever made

How to properly structure a collection of immutable constants

Even though the question is a little bit fuzzy, I can try to propose a solution.As already mentioned by Neil, tree-like data structure can be useful here. I guess, if changing values is not needed (those are constants?), then it's just a matter of not exposing them to the end user. The lightweight solution could be binary serialization of hashes (objects, dictionaries, associative arrays - terminology depends on your language/framework/platform). If you need to keep them apart from the program, there are simple and efficient key-value storages (like Berkeley DB). It's possible to use SQL-based approach even with sqlite - if I am not mistaken, even Firefox browser uses one under the hood: No database server needed. With sqlite, even full text search is possible. Sqlite works well even with in-memory backend, in case this is what is needed.What is even better, user preferences can be also stored in the sqlite, in a different file. Nowhere there is a mention that those constants need to be shared over the network, but even then serialization approach can be used

I am currently getting several calls a day from a debt collection service about a debt not owed by me. Help?

You are Absolutely RIGHT! Debt Collectors are NOT allowed to harass anyone! AND if you were paying 10 dollars a month, then they are also NOT allowed to even Call you! You could have paid them ONE dollar a month in Penny's and they would have to take it! The Laws have changed for the better in recent years. Years ago, I was late on a payment for my microwave, the came everyday with THEM screaming at me about the damn payment, then said he was gonna come to my home and GET the microwave....I said, please do, my two Pit Bulls will answer the door. He never came.

How much money is it nessesary to put in the collection plate?

for most churches, its ten percent, I do not agree with your pastor

What do you think of my wwe dvd collection???

Armageddon 2002 & 2007 are the best. the worst : WM 23. IT WAS HORRIBLE

sound collection dinnerware with a cat & pawprint. Made in Japan?

Sound Collection Made In Japan

How could a imperial dynasty keep a loose collection of pirates, raiders, etc unified?

Might makes rightLike all empires do. The leaders have power over others, be it firepower, numerical superiority, wealth, information, influence, resources, a super weapon or pure charisma.Perhaps the leaders have control of the only starship building facilities. Maybe the only fuel refinery capable of producing starship fuel. A vast network of spies so the factions are played off against each other leaving the leaders as the strongest. Perhaps the offspring of the different faction leaders are expected to serve the king before they can inherit their house. The factions send them to act as spies and the king accepts them so they double as hostages. Whatever the reason, the leaders have power over the others. The others might do things on the sly to try and shift power their way but know they cannot challenge the leader directly and win

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