The Function of Brushes and Rotating Coil in an Electric Motor?

The stationary brushes pass the electric current on to the rotating coil The rotating coil generates a magnetic field that alternates N and S depending on which brushes are connected to it. There has to be an external magnetic field for the rotating coil to act against.

1. How do you change a coil in a boat motor?

It depends on the year of the Johnson, Newer engines do not have coils they have stators and power packs. Go to your local Johnson dealer with serial number in hand and ask for advice, Most will be happy to help you.

2. The rate with which the coil intercepts the magnetic field

The coil will contain the greatest flux when the normal to the plane of the plane of the coil is at right angles to the magnetic field. The useful area of the coil will vary with the cosine of the angle between the field and the normal to the coil face. Take the derivative of the cosine and find the maximum rate of change of that useful, or projected, area. It is how fast you cut field lines that counts

3. What is coil steel? - , Steel Manufacturer

Steel coil is also named as coil steel. The steel is shaped into coil by hot-pressing and cold-pressing. It is very convenient to be reserved, transported and processed. For example, the steel coil is easy to be made into steel plate and steel belt. Hot rolled steel coil and cold rolled steel coil are two types of steel coil. Hot rolled steel coil is a processed product before the recrystallization and cold rolled steel coil is a reprocessing product of the hot rolled steel coil. Generally, it weights 15t to 30t. Hot rolled steel involves rolling the steel at high temperatures, where cold rolled steel is processed further in cold reduction mills where the material is cooled followed by annealing and/or tempers rolling.

4. Is there a difference between a fan coil unit and fan coil system?

The second was named by someone, probably in marketing, who is attempting to make the unit they sell sound more "technologically advanced" than it actually is. It's getting ridiculous, everything is now a "system" - tupperware clones, kitchen cleaning soaps, trash cans - it bugs an old fart like me in the same way that people are now talking about past events in the present tense, even newscasters, in an attempt to make their boring-azz story sound more dramatic - " I am hearing someone behind me say, 'Give me the money', and I am turning around and seeing that he has his finger pointed to my chest like it was a gun! So acting quickly, I am then grabbing his finger and he's yelling 'NO, NO', but he's farting, using up his ammo, and then I am able to wrestling him to the ground and hold him till the police come and haul him away..." Jeez....

5. Help with my 1992 Honda Prelude Coil/Ignition?

Unless your Prelude is radically different than Civics and Accords, there is an ignitor module inside the distributor. That is the usual cause of ignition failure and the age of the car makes sense too. See the source for the whole story

6. Simulating a moving coil meter with Simulink

EDIT: Had some typos in my transfer function and now I get the same results from my transfer function model! Thank you for your answer! I tried to compare the two forms, but I think something must've gone wrong. For , I get $fracc_phi c_i2R theta omega_0=0.3873$ For K, I get $fracc_phiR theta omega_0^2=0.0667$. For $omega_0 =9.6825$When I plug these into a transfer function and compare the resulting scope output with the one from my Simulink model, I get two very different results. The first image is from my integrator model and just intuitively speaking, this seems to make sense; the meter's pointer overshoots, goes back a little, but eventually stays stationary at a certain angle $alpha$

7. anybody hear of coil packs over spark plugs?

There are coil packs nowadays on most if not all newer cars. These along with the computer deletes the distributor previously used in older cars. I am not sure why the dealership wants you to replace all the packs,they either work or they do not so if it is running on all 8 cylinders, he may have misdiagnosed it. Ford sets the price on all their parts and it has a lot to do with what it costs them to manufacture the part. Did you check with after market places like autozone or something like that? Parts from these places are a lot cheaper and repair shops will MARK UP the price 25% or more from list. I would suggest shopping around, buying them outright and giving them to your technician to install. Changing coil packs is not hard and is fairly straight forward. Hope this helps

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