Stretch Mark and Breast Milk Question?

I gained almost 40 lbs when I was pregnant. I got REALLY dark stretch marks on my belly that were a deep red/purple color. Now, 8 months later, all of them are faded to a slightly lighter color than my skin color except for a few that are a light brown color. Not near as bad as what I thought it was going to be. Also, I breastfed my daughter, but had trouble with my milk coming in. It came in the 4th day after I had her. But, after I got my milk, I had PLENTY for her, so I was able to breastfeed. I have one piece of advice with breastfeeding.. BE PATIENT!!

1. Pros and cons of bamboo clothing compared to cotton?

From a wearing standpoint:In the future, I will certainly purchase bamboo as a base layer. It should be noted that an item with lots of seams may not be as good with stretch. I noticed that my leggings (ankle length) are great, but my boy shorts (underwear) have some issues at the leg (cuff), but appear to be able to fit a large range of butt sizes.I think the fabric is great for some clothing items, but perhaps not the most suitable for others. I am looking forward to purchasing long sleeve undershirts for winter wear in the future, but do not expect to be buying a bamboo bra for support.

2. Stretch marks on my boobs? why?

it just means your breasts are growing. its not that big of a deal honestly. I know when your getting them its awful and you feel hideous but after a while they will fade and you will forget about them. whatever you do, DO NOT SCRATCH THEM. if they itch resist like hell because thats what made mine on my stomach really bad. while your stretch marks are still new and pink etc put some type of stretch mark oil on them. it really does work. my stretch marks were like a year old and i put my friends stretch mark oil on one side of my stomach and not the other and they are incredibly smaller on the side i put it on

3. polkit rules not recognized raspbian stretch

it seems it's due to the fact that debian does not yet use the JavaScript style rules files. You have to place a *.pkla file like this in :/etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/53-udisk.pklacontents for a single user called "user":This way it is working for me now on raspbian stretch or jessie!Best Hias

4. Pregnancy stretch marks on stomach/Britney Spears?

Those pictures are airbrushed, and she has recently had a bunch of plastic surgery, and so the could of gotten rid of them that way. ALSO, some women just do not get stretch marks, or if they do, they are at the very bottom of their bellies. I have a 4 year old son, and I am 32 weeks preg now, and the only ones I have are on my boobs, and a few at the very bottom of my belly. You just never know :-).

5. How to get rid of stretch marks?

i don,t think so. at least not without some form of surgery

6. how to stretch your foreskin?

Why would you want to stretch your foreskin?

7. How to stretch leather soccer/football boots?

There are several ways to break in soccer cleats depending on their material. If they are made out of Kangaroo Leather, an expensive but durable material, then I would wear them around the house for a couple hours and then shower with them on. To dry them, remove all of the excess water and then stuff them with newspaper. This will make the leather more flexible and allow them to begin forming to your feet. For most other materials, I would wear them around the house for while. Try not to do any heavy activity with the cleats right out of the box; you will more than likely develop blisters. Hope this helps! :)

8. When I stretch my legs spazam?

Go talk to your doctor. My spasms started at night, in bed also. It was a disk in my back that was causing the problem. I thought it was my foot or leg. My advice is keep an eye on your back when you are stretching your leg....just a guess here but I bet you are moving your back a certain way that's making your leg spasm. Mine have almost stopped because i am aware of what i am doing now. You should really see a doctor.

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