Strangeways Rooftop Protest Enters Its Third Day As Officials Monitor Murderer Stuart Horner Using a

A rooftop protest by a prisoner who murdered his uncle has sparked bizarre street parties with locals setting off fireworks and taking selfies.

Stuart Horner managed to clamber up a wall and onto the roof at HMP Manchester on Sunday afternoon before stripping to his Manchester United underpants.

The protest moved into its third day this morning after locals turned out to drink beer and play music in the streets surrounding the jail last night.

Horner has spent the last two nights on the roof, clambering over the ridges of the wings of the Victorian jail, known as Strangeways.

The 35-year-old, jailed for life in 2012, has also caused thousands of pounds of damage by pulling up metal roof trusses and using them to smash a series of large skylight windows and attack CCTV security cameras.

Horner has shouted down to a steady stream of curious bystanders and media gathered outside that he is protesting about prison conditions.

Crowds below have occasionally shouted encouragement and cheered when Horner has waved to them.

Inside the jail the yells of support from fellow inmates and the barking of police dogs could be heard reverberating around the huge prison walls.

Today Horner again stripped off some clothing and revealed a messages scrawled on his shirt.

The first said: 'It's not me, tell the government we've all had enough. Sort the whole system.' A second message on his shirt said simply: 'Innocent.' He was given a life sentence, with a minimum of 27 years before parole, for blasting dead his uncle Ian Taylor, 44, with a shotgun in June 2011 after a family feud.

The Ministry of Justice confirmed today that 93 inmates were being moved due to concerns that they could be injured as convicted killer Horner had smashed glass panels on the roof where he has been perched.

E Wing where about 30 category A prisoners are accommodated is being closed and inmates moved, plus others from other parts of Strangeways. The transfer is likely to be an expensive operation as police escorts and armed units may be required.

Prison officials have used a fire brigade cherry picker crane to reach the roof and try to talk Horner down since the protest began around 3.30pm on Sunday.

Dozens of other fire service staff and police are also on standby outside, though the prison is operating normally according to officials.

A spokesman for the Prison Service said negotiators were at the scene and a surrender plan in position, meanwhile inside prison and court visits were continuing as normal.

Horner will face punishment for breaking the prison rules and probable further prosecution for criminal damage when he eventually ends his protest.

Latest Ministry of Justice figures shows it costs around £40,000 a year to keep a lifer such as Horner in HMP Manchester.

Built in 1868, with a central rotunda and radial wings, it houses around 1,200 inmates.

It is understood to be too dangerous for prison or police to attempt to snatch Horner from the roof and the situation will be resolved when he chooses to come down.

As officers in full riot gear stood by, Horner shouted: 'I'm doing this on behalf of everyone here. Sort the jail out. I'm sick of it here. I want to change prison history.' It is believed that Horner had only recently been moved to Strangeways from the Category B HMP Garth, in Leyland, Lancashire, after he was caught trying to escape.

It is understood prison bosses stepped in after discovering 'damage' in his cell.

Horner's mother, Susan, 58, told the Daily Mirror : 'He did say a few weeks ago there was going to be a riot because of how things were inside.

'I know he's done wrong but surely he shouldn't be locked up 23 hours a day.'

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