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Hydraulic lifting vacuum mixing tank

Material: Stainless steel 304 / 316L

Pump shaft position: side vertical

Model: Ordinary motor

Uses: heating stirring mixing

Conventional: open cover type

Application: food, dairy, pharmaceutical, beverage, chemical, etc.

If you have questions about mixing tank ordering, failure or maintenance, please contact us through the following methods.

If you are in a hurry, please call us.0086-13724810788 Nicole chen

Ford Plant in Wixom Michigan may be sold to Cedar Fairs Ltd?

Its very possible ford is trying to liquidate a lot of assets right now They really don,t know what to do they even closed Atlanta Assembly Plant which is or was the most efficient plant in north America So what ever they do won,t surprise me I hate that they are that way and If they would get Bill ford out of control and put someone in that knows the business they would get better, Hope this helps

We're getting a 2008 Jeep Liberty Ltd with 17" wheels so it is Trail Rated?

Unless you are going off road, and I do not mean a gravel road or parking lot, you do not need anything "trail rated". And with the Liberty I hope you do not go farther than a tow truck and make it to come and get it when it breaks down

What is your review of Sonata Software Ltd?

If you are a business owner and want to do business with them, I would recommend to read their ratings at Sonata Software Ltd | Reviews | Free Report | News but if you are a job seeker then Sonata Software Reviews could be the best option. In both cases you can trust on the ratings

lets say I start a company with 3 people...a Pty ( Ltd)?

I agree with Bull 8, go and get professional help, see an attorney that specializes in contracts. he will also help you with the registration etc of the company. company Law is extremely involved. spend R 2 000 to R 3 000 and get it right from the start. (this money will also be tax deductible)One of the draw packs of a Pty Ltd is that you can be held personally responsible as a director if the Company goes bankrupt. Perhaps a CC is better but once again make sure a professional person helps you draw up your association of agreement clauses

My 1983 kz550 ltd valve noise? how to adjust?

This Site Might Help You. RE: My 1983 kz550 ltd valve noise? how to adjust? I bought an 83 Kawasaki 550 LTD last year, and have been doing some routine maintenance on it. The bike only has 2500 original miles on it, and spent most of its life inside a bedroom of someone's house. The bike runs good, sometimes takes a little bit to warm up, but runs like a champ. ...

'98 Legacy Outback LTD EJ25 auto transmission fluid exchange?

every 30k fluid & filter,filter is a screw on filter on side of transmission looks just like a oil filter,most part stores dont list a tranny filter for these cars wixs filter # 18128(napa) and dextron 3 fluid about 4qts

what Pte in Pte Ltd stands for?

This Site Might Help You. RE: what Pte in Pte Ltd stands for? Many companies have Pte in the end of their names. Eg: Fujitsu Microelectronics Asia Pte. Ltd

would you recommend buying an ESP LTD guitar or not? be honest please?

i mean, i personally would not , because i've tried a number of esp's and just did not like them that much. that being said, my opinion has no basis on what you like in a guitar. just try it first. if you like it, buy it. if not, try a bunch of different ones. try a bunch of different ones anyways, b/c thats always fun.

Ford guys: is this LTD worth 4500?

I would pay $1500 max for that

How do you service a transmission for a 1988 Ford LTD crown victoria?

1988 Ford Crown Victoria

adjusting procedure for master cylinder pushrod 1967 Ford LTD with power brakes?

Once the entire brake pedal, master cylinder, push rod and booster units are all in place, check the pedal play. Loosen the nut in the adjustable rod a few turns. Twist the rod to make it longer or shorter to give somewhere between 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch pedal play. Then tighten the nut.

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