Short Story in Book Collection About War Machines and Armies Out of Control

The story is "Autofac" by Philip K. Dick. Not in any Elwood anthology as far as the ISFDB knows; you may have read it in the Silverberg anthology Beyond Control. You can read it at the Internet Archive. Here is the Wikipedia page. Here is a quotation from the story:The cylinder had split. At first he could not tell if it had been the impact or deliberate internal mechanisms at work. From the rent, an ooze of metal bits was sliding. Squatting down, O'Neill examined them. The bits were in motion. Microscopic machinery, smaller than ants, smaller than pins, working energetically, purposefully-constructing something that looked like a tiny rectangle of steel. "They are building," O'Neill said, awed. He got up and prowled on. Off to the side, at the far edge of the gully, he came across a downed pellet far advanced on its construction. Apparently it had been released some time ago. This one had made great enough progress to be identified. Minute as it was, the structure was familiar. The machinery was building a miniature replica of the demolished factory. "Well," O'Neill said thoughtfully, "we are back where we started from. For better or worse . . . I do not know."

1. need help finding out what my comic book collection is worth?

Use Overstreet Price Guide or Wizard magazine Also see if you can get a comic book shop to value your collection, it may cost you but it is worth it like me for insurance purposes

2. how should i arrange my book collection?

We have tons of books. We have two large bookshelves that we have them mostly organized by subject matter and within the subject matters we organize them by height of the book. I have a friend that went to school for interior design and she helped me get the shelves organized this way. We love it. Where the two corners meet on our bedroom wall, the shelves meet as well. ..if that makes any sense. L. ...kinda like that. Anywho. ..good luck.

3. How many novels do you have in your book collection at your house?

well, am a neophyte so i have more or less 30 novels ( classics and contemporaries)

4. Is it common to reread books that you have read in your book collection?

Certainly for me it is.I enjoy rereading books. I do not always learn anything new by doing this, and it is not that I do not remember what I read. It is that I like revisiting the familiar worlds of those stories. They are a comfort to me

5. Should a family throw out an extensive book collection that grandfather left behind because the library didnu2019t want to go through the collection?

The previous answers have all given good suggestions. I have another one. After you've sold the most valuable ones, another place where you can donate at least some of them. Take them to your local VA clinic, and any other VA facilities. My late wife was a veteran, and we spent a lot of time in VA clinics. Those donated books were a real help during those long waits, plus we took a few home, since we were pretty broke at the time. Later, we would take back the books we would borrowed, along with a number of others from our collection.

6. If Thanos had a book collection, what books will he have or had read?

I believe that Thanos would anticipate an understanding of the universe that would require scientific, religious, and philosophical perspectives. Besides literature and topics outside the understanding of humans (i.e., Earth), he would likely engage in everything from Plato, Socrates, Nietzsche, Kant, Marx, Hegel, and others. In addition, he likely would have read "Mein Kampf", "The Metamorphosis", "The Human Stain", "Paradise Lost", "Tropic of Cancer", "For Whom the Bell Tolls", and other classics. Of course, the Bile, Torah, Sea Scrolls, and other religious text would be likely

7. Is a good place to sell my comic book collection?

QuakJak is acceptable. yet i will pass even extra. you could no longer get everywhere close to "industry" cost to your comics until eventually you have some severe golden/silver age stuff. eBay is saturated with human beings dumping comics at pennies on the greenback. you would be fortunate to get 25% of cost. comedian shops will basically supply you sort of 25% of cost for what they desire. the only thank you to get on the ingredient of industry cost is to stumble on some genuine stupid guy or woman who does not understand approximately eBay, or can no longer pass to a comedian save while they are having a loopy 50-75% off sale. Sorry, comics are basically a non-money maker. good success.

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