(PDF) Finite Element Analysis of Coil Spring of a Motorcycle Suspension System Using Different Fibre

Department of Mechanical Engineering, PACE Institute of Technology and Sciences, Ongole 523272, Andhra Pradesh, India

This research work emphasis on analyzing and evaluating the performance of coil spring suspension sys-

tem of a motorcycle made of different fibre materials. Design of suspension system carried out through

Autodesk Inventor for an existing suspension system of a motorcycle. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) car-

ried out through Ansys 16.0 software. Applying different loads with respect to payload of the motorcycle,

comparative structural analysis have been carried out to determine the total deformation, stress and

strain of the suspension at static conditions. Analysis results concludes that E-Glass Fibre is an optimal

fibre material for coil springs that was less deformed, less stressed and is safer than other materials on

Selection and Peer-review under responsibility of the scientific committee of the International Confer-

A coil spring is classified under elastic bodies that have the pri-

mary task of deflecting or distorting them under load and revert

back to their original form when the unloaded. They are made of

an elastic material, shaped in form of helix. The material (wire)

of a coil spring is subjected to torsion under stress or compression.

The properties of the springs thus depend on the shear modulus.

The coil springs can also be used as torsion springs, where in this

case, the entire spring is subjected to torsion about its helical axis.

In this case, bending moment is caused around, that either

increases or reduces the helical radius, where now Young's modu-

lus comes into the act to determine characteristics of the springs

. When such properties are considered on designing springs,

material characters plays a major role in it. Conventionally used

materials for the springs are leads to failures when springs are sub-

erties over conventional materials that overcome the failure of

springs . Titanium alloys and steels are conventionally used

materials for coil spring suspension, having better material proper-

ties, though they are not stronger than fibre materials and also heav-

ier in weight []. As automobile industries nowadays are highly

also leads to failure of springs . Hence this paper aims in

investigating deformation, stress and strain for the light weight

fibre materials for the springs at different loading conditions with

reference to their material properties to evaluate the optimal

material for the application of coil springs.

Steel alloys and Titanium alloys are conventionally used mate-

researchers conclude that these conventional materials do not

have adequate resistance to cope with high loads and intolerable

towards high stresses . This concludes these materials have less

on the use of lightweight materials for every part of the vehicle and

without risking the strength and safety. Based on number of

researches, the automobile industries concludes themselves to

switch over towards fiber materials. That is attributed to the fact

that fibres have stronger properties than traditional materials.

Likewise fibre materials are often just half that of conventional

Selection and Peer-review under responsibility of the scientific committee of the International Conference on Future Generation Functional Materials and Research 2020.

Please cite this article as: M. Sreenivasan, M. Dinesh Kumar, R. Krishna et al., Finite element analysis of coil spring of a motorcycle suspension system using

How can I check if my motorcycle's suspension is working correctly?

It depends on the bike. Some like mine have one fork for damping and one for rebound. You could tie a tiewrap round the fork so that its pushed up/down depending on your forks to see how much travel you get on each. You can do the same on the rear. Something like this:

When should you change your motorcycle suspension?

17k miles is nothing for the suspension. People may say that the suspension is "bad" but the bike is built to a budget. It will not handle like a Ducati so people say "it's crap". It is perfectly fine for the bike it was designed for and will last the life of the bike. If the bike is in good condition at a fair price, then buy it. You do not need to change suspension and any money you spend on such changes will just be a waste

suspension on tt-r 125 wrecked...help please?

$272 new from Yamaha Aprox $110 rebuild - search the web for "motorcycle suspension rebuild" and call 'em.There are plenty out there (the shock has to be removed from your bike and mailed, shipping extra). Call your local Yamaha dealer for their price to rebuild. Do not let idiots hiding behind their key boards and monitors get you riled.

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