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The New Farm in Den Haag draait om innovatieve landbouwWelke kansen biedt stadslandbouw en wat gebeurt er op dit gebied in Den Haag? Dat kun je allemaal zien tijdens de rondleiding in The New Farm aan de Televisiestraat in Den Haag. Vandaag wordt de rondleiding voor de helft van de prijs aangeboden.De Urban Farmers verbouwen groenten in een kas op het dak van een flat. In hetzelfde gebouw staan grote bassins staan met tilapia. The New Farm wordt hét centrum in Den Haag voor voedselinnovatie, waar meer onderzoek zal zijn naar de toekomst van ons voedsel. Lees hier meer

how can i mix led zeppelin jimi hendrix the rolling stones pink floyd and nirvana into a single genre/sound?

smoke some weed first..then the answer will come to you

Why does media generally overlook scientists led to creationism due to their work?

Q: Why is very little emphasis put on the stories of the many scientists who became creationist because of the results of their work?Presumably for the same exact reason that very little emphasis is put on the stories of the many scientists who became Flat-Earthers because of the results of their work

If you like to read science fiction and fantasy, what works fed your interest and led you into this sort of fiction?

Memory can be a spotty thing sometimes. What got me started on science fiction, I think, was watching Flash Gordon serials and Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, when I was growing up (mid- to late '50s). Some years later, in high school, I picked up a copy of Asimov's Foundation, on the recommendation of a friend, and I was hooked. On the fantasy side, I first read The Lord of the Rings during the summer of 1967 (just before my senior year in high school). . . and that got me hooked.

What events led to the falling out between Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino?

Oh, god... who can tell? I think the most repeated story is a stunt she did in a car that freaked her out but you gotta remember that in the phrase "show business" the noun is "business" - "show is just an adjective. So if a story get enhanced or exaggerated and mates with any kind of publicity, a whole bunch little baby dollars bills are born and grow up to be named C. Kwell

Is ObamaCare dead, now that the Republican led congress has voted to repeal it?

If the bill to repeal passes both the House and the Senate, Obama said he will veto it.Which will bring up the whole issue of whether or not the Senate has the 60 votes for the override. They have the votes in the House, the Senate is the question mark.

Was there a vivid turning point or points in US and Europeu2019s recent histories that led to a much lower cigarette consumption by Americans?

The Calvinist Puritans left Europe and played a huge role in founding the society that was to become the United States. Americans have always been more "puritanical" in regards to tobacco, alcohol and even nudity. Prohibition and the War on Drugs are of US origin. And leading up to Prohibition, quite a few US states banned tobacco, or tried to

Is the current Indian Cricket Team led by Virat Kohli which is going to face Australia in the four match Test Series in 2018 is better than the Team led by Sourav Ganguly in the year 2003?

In my opinion was every player every captain have own unique ability and skills so pls do not compare virat and dada.but kohli have great protentical playerCurrent team India self believe is very high and Warner,smith absence was great opportunity for team India.If team India playing positive mind set-up that's going series favor of India.

In World War I, in 1916's Battle of Verdun, what led Germany to abandon its nine-month campaign to "bleed France white"?

There are some excellent answers here and the only comment that could be added is that initially the Germans had a massive artillery superiority. They had something like 1200 guns which fired 2million rounds in the first 24 hours. The French only had about 300 guns and they were only light and short range guns and they did not have a lot of ammunition. So as the battle developed there was plenty of bleeding white but on both sides. But towards middle of the battle around June of 2016 when the Germans had their deepest penetration the French started to mobilise and many more guns with heavy longer range guns as well and better supply routes for men and ammunition and then the bleeding white was more on the German side than the French side.A couple of guys here have made excellent comments about the French rotating their units in and out of Verdun and the Germans not. At the end of the battle something like 70% of the French Army had spent time in the Verdun sector or on the line. The German units fought until they were all killed or their unit was made ineffective and dissolved. As well too as the British launched their offensives to the pressure off Verdun the Germans also moved out their Figther planes and then the French ended up with Air supreriority. Which did not mean a lot given the planes of the time, but what it did mean is that the French could direct accurate counterbattery fire against many of the German heavy and long range guns. That further pushed the bleeding white to the German side. As an historical side note the first plane shot down by the Lafayette Escadrille was over Verdun. So as another commenter has said there was plenty of bleeding white but on a battle of two fronts against 4 countries plus the English Commonwealth. Germany could not afford to lose men at a 1 to 1 ratio

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