Need Help to Vibrate a Motor for an Original Musical Instrument

I am not quite sure what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to make the motor speed represent the frequency from your oscillator?RPM is Rotations Per Minute. 1750 - 7000 RPM would correspond to about 29 Hz through about 117 Hz. If you want motor speed to be proportional to the incoming frequency, you can use a circuit block called a "Frequency To Voltage" converter

1. Which musical instrument should I learn?

Violin,or Piano i play both . llol, i am 12 but out did my teacher in Piano (: ive played for 8 years and i do not like it but.. iits pretty simple .. and Violin seems to be popular , so try maybe a difffernt instremnt (: GOod lUck !

2. What musical instrument do you know how to play?

I played the bass clarinet in middle school. I was terrible at it so I never picked it back up. If you handed me one now I am not sure if I would even know which end was up :o).

3. POLL: Can you play a musical instrument?

yes i can play clarinet, alto saxophone and piano

4. I can't remember the name of this musical instrument! What is it?

a recorder

5. What musical instrument do you play?(Do you even play one)?

I played BBb Sousaphone in high school and the Army, have not played since mid-'80s, but have not forgot how. Low brass is easy to play compared to, say, a clarinet. Your shoulder gets used to the 28 lbs, and the big mouthpiece makes hitting those low notes easy. I love it!.

6. What musical instrument do you consider most annoying?

didgeridoo. or however you spell it

7. Do you know how to play any musical instrument?

Yup ^^ guitar and piano, I am self taught so the process is slow but I manage alright performing

8. Do you play a musical instrument?

guitar, saxophone, steel drums and piano. LOL in elementary school they made us learn how to play bongos, ukulele, and recorders. So gangster.

9. What song are you currently learning to play on your musical instrument?

It's a Hindi song with Spanish tune.. SENORITA from the movie Zindgi Na Milegi Dubara.. I tell you, Spanish tunes are damn tough on guitar.

10. What do you think the worst (musical) instrument is?

The Bagpipe

11. Do you know this kind of musical instrument?

Its a kazoo :)

12. What word or phrase describes this musical instrument?

That would be called a barrel organ. The person who plays it is called an organ grinder. I've only seen them on TV and in movies, and I've never seen the fortune card part of it. Just the musical instrument.(Barrel organ -

13. How do I connect my musical instrument to a computer?

Acoustic instruments, of course, do not have any kind of electrical audio output. For these you need a microphone. For the purposes of this answer, a microphone is just another instrument.Electric instruments have a socket in them through which an audio signal is output. There are various kinds of connector:3. 5mm phone - the same form as an iPod headphone plug:1/4" phone - a guitar plug, or its stereo equivalent:phono - as used to connect hi-fi components to each other:XLR - the standard for professional microphones, and for carrying analogue audio over long cable runs:Line level can be thought of as a "standard loudness" that audio devices are designed to send and receive. If you plugged a pair of headphones directly into a line-level signal, you would hear music - probably louder than you would normally play it.Instruments such as keyboards output a line level signal, as do devices such as hi-fi components. Some guitar multi-fx pedals output line level. You can generally use a headphone output, with the volume turned up, as a line level substitute.Instrument level and microphone level are the signal levels coming out of instrument pickups and microphones. These are much, much lower signals than line level. If you plugged a pair of headphones directly into an instrument level signal, you would not hear anything.In order to make use of an instrument level signal, you must plug it into an input designed to accept that quiet signal. Sometimes you will have such an input. If not, you can use a pre-amplifier ("pre-amp") to bring the signal up to line level.Illustrated is a reasonable expensive pre-amp designed for taking microphone signals to line level. Pre-amps vary from kits you can buy for a few dollars from electronic hobbyist shops, to outrageously expensive devices for superstitious audiophiles/musos. Most computers have a built in audio interface. The illustration shows the layout you would typically see on the back of a desktop PC - but Macs and laptops usually have something similar.Microphone and instrument-level sources should be plugged into the microphone socket. Line level sources should be plugged into the line-in socket.Built-in sound cards usually use 3.5mm stereo phone connectors. Whatever shape your instrument's output socket is, it will be possible to get adapters or converter cables to connect them to this input.Some computers have a line-in input and no microphone socket. This can be overcome using a pre-amp. Some computers have a mic socket and no line in. This can be overcome by turning the output volume down, but audio quality can suffer badly.Some computers have settings in the audio driver configuration, to switch the socket from line-in mode to microphone mode. Built in audio inputs are usually of adequate quality for music playback, games and telephony. Some audiophiles and musicians find them inadequate. As well as subjectively poor sound quality, latency becomes a problem to the musician. Desktop users can install higher quality sound cards.If your computer does not have mic/line-in sockets, or if you are not satisfied with the quality of your built-in sound interface, or if you require more than one input, then you can add an external audio interface.External audio interfaces are usually connected by USB. Firewire was also used in the past. External devices range from cheap and simple devices such as the Rocksmith guitar interface and the Griffin iMic, to studio devices with multiple inputs, high-end electronics, control knobs and indicators.See How necessary is an USB Audio Interface? for a discussion about the necessity for one of these.Now that your instrument is plugged into your computer, what can you do with it?.

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