My Friend Found a Rock While Doing Some Excavating Around His Old Farm House(over 100 Yrs Old)?

Both answers are good. I will just add that any time you are digging around an existing structure anything unusual you find is likely the result of construction (debris, etc.). Just take the sample to your local college or university. The first grad student you find should be able to identify it for you. Just ask for the labs or where the grad students are. They should have offices and regular hours.

1. i moved into a farm house and the people that used to live here left their horses with no food or water. help?

Call animal welfare asap. Get hay and water to them immediately. You can also call area horse rescues for help

2. Is it possible to own a farm house only during the summer month?

If you can afford it, you can own SEVERAL houses and live in them just part of the year. My goal is to live in North Idaho during the summer months and in Florida in the winter

3. Moving into grandparents farm house while they are nursing home?

No, no, no. You cannot "temporarily change the title" without causing massive legal issues with gift tax laws. You *can* rent the house for FMV from your grandparents. Your grandparents can pay for the structural insurance and you get renter's insurance for the contents. It is possible to rent at less than FMV, but this can cause tax issues, gift tax issues and ill will between you and the other family members. If you barter your labor for rent, the issue is how much, if any, of this is taxable income to you. The rental income gets added to their tax return. This is legitimate, but may not be what you were expecting to pay and could cause issues if they are not paying for their own nursing home bills. The repairs to the property are an issue. Your grandparents can apply for an equity line of credit and certainly pay for materials and labor paid to contractors that come in to do the work. Minor repairs can be deducted as a rental expense by your grandparents on their tax return. Major renovations get added to the cost basis of the property. The headache I have is if you expect to inherit part of it when they die.

4. I would like to replace my stainless steel double sinks with a farm house sink. Is this doable?

You can do anything if you are prepared to pay the price. Granite is very hard to cut and polish in the factory setting so in the home I would hate to think how much it could cost. Just get a quotation from a company that specialises in granite. But do not be shocked if it should cost a few months salary.

5. Replacing a main beam in a 1935 farm house?

HAW, Good luck wit dat, buy a newer house

6. (FUN!) What's your dream farm and/or house?

High above the mountains and sometimes beneath the sea too ...

7. Which design do you prefer, mid century modern or modern farm house?

Pretty quick answer. Which do you prefer? Apples to Apples, oranges to oranges. I like MCM , someone else feels more comfortable in a farmhouse

8. Will you try the BK farm house ?

Sure. I've had similar burgers. I call it a breakfast burger that I can eat anytime. Although I like my egg sunny side up. Like the yolk oozing

9. My friend found a rock while doing some excavating around his old farm house(over 100 yrs old)?

Very, very doubtful that it is platinum. If it is very heavy for it's size, lead would be a good guess. Get an ohm's meter (most people who work on cars, houses, appliances, etc have one) and check it for continuity. That will help tell you if what you have is even a metal. Most of Ohio is limestone, shale, sandstone, or rock brought in by the glaciers, so most likely it is something from an old peice of farm equipment or a building. (Old sewer pipe was made from lead, then more recently they used iron, only for the past several decades have they used plastic) I also can not rule out a meteorite, which would be about as valuable as platinum.

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