Motorcycle Or Bicycle?

welllllllllllllll im an environmental person so i choose bicycle because it gives you an excercise and you wo not contribute to global warming

1. What is the principal factor for a bicycle stability?

Wheelbase, the slackness of the head tube (technically known as Rake), stem length, and handlebar width. (MTB bike), and above all- a rider understanding their bike.Wheelbase- longer- more stable, but slower to turn/react. Shorter, quicker to turn, but less stable. Think sports car and a semi.The rake of a head tube allows for the frame to absorb more of the force generated by trail features- say about 66 degrees for a trail/enduro bike, but it is slower to turn- but Richie Rude can hammer down technical features in the World Cup Enduro with total confidence (insane raw talent helps). In a x-country race bike like the Cannondale Scapel, the head tube is set at 70 degrees- turns are much quicker, but the frame cannot absorb as much of the trail features so it is less stable on an enduro course, but is much quicker steering/ reacting at low speed while climbing- which counts quite a bit to another of the greats- Nino Schurter when on a cross country course. Handlebar width and stem length- one of the elegant solutions to some of the issues mentioned in 2: if you shorten your stem length (the connector thingy that attaches your fork to your handlebars) and have longer handlebars, this combo provides stability in steeper raked bikes (70 degrees). Any trail input is mellowed since you have a long handle bar that is essentially a simple machine/lever. The longer the lever, the easier it is to counter any jarring trail impacts. In enduro, this same concept of a simple machine in the form of a lever makes the more slack rake of 66 degrees easier to turn, more precise and faster to turn even though geometrically the fork is slower reacting. Instead of mellowing the effects of the steering, the longer lever generates more force with less effort (which would you rather dig a hole with- a short or long shovel?). A short stem amplifies this lever effect. Modern handle bars run about 80 cm. That's about 31 inches. Rider ability: If you want to become safer to yourself and others- understand the basic physical forces involved in riding a bike. How Mountain Biking Works

2. Why do you do just one pant leg, why can't you do a second?

Feels like your dog is full of energy. Have you ever tried to take bicycle with her so she can get the energy out? Then after that you can tackle her from the conduct considering that she will probably be to worn out to battle back

3. Recommend a durable, fast bicycle?

A Gary Fisher 'Mamba' I saw on ( San Diego---Oceanside) with front suspension is a cool choice

4. Bicycle innovations in the pipeline?

I think current trends in simpler bikes with cleaner lines might help popularize (thus bringing the price down) wide-range internal gear hubs like the Rohloff hub.On my wish list would be more focus on comfort (consider the timelessness of the Brooks saddle combined with newer materials/design) and reliability (could we get puncture-resistant tires that do not have so much rolling resistance please?). Too much focus is currently on weight and aerodynamics -- which makes sense given that pro racing typically drives innovation, but does not help the average cyclist much.

5. Basic toolkit for bicycle maintenance

My kit includes:

6. Is there a difference in bicycle helmets?

In recent years I've had helmets ranging in price from $25 to $100. They all meet the same CPSC standard for protection. My observation is the $100 helmet felt more comfortable on my head and the airflow was better. However, my observation is not a scientific one. Perhaps I am feeling that because I need to justify to myself having spent so much money on my most recently purchased helmet. I've always bought helmets by going to a well-stocked store and trying on all the ones they had in stock. I bought the most comfortable one I could afford. HTH

7. What is a good road bicycle to start with?

I bougt the Cannondale synapse 5 alloy for my first road bike this year, because it was smoother then some of the more expensive carbon frames I rode and had a more comferable geometry. Coming from a mountain bike backround i really enjoyed my *** not hurting aster every crack in the road. I also wanted a minimun of the 105 derailers and shifters. I liked the Scott Speedster also but just went with the smoother of the two. my budget was 1000$ with after my 30% discount

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