Motorcycle License Necessary?

In Kalifornia a true moped requires a M2 motorcycle driver's license. You know, moped, motorized pedal bicycle, has pedals you can pedal when the motor breaks, not capable of over 30 mph. A 49cc scooter, such as a Honda Metro, is legally a motorcycle and requires a M1 motorcycle driver's license. Or a 175cc motorcycle. Or even a 502 cubic inch Boss Hoss motorcycle. **IF** it has two wheels. If it is a Trike or a Sidecar, you only need a Class-C automobile driver's license.

1. Is there a safer version of a motorcycle?

No you are subject to the same the laws of physics no matter what your ride. Riding skills are you best defense

2. Name a place for a romantic date?

Are we talking a first date here? If so, cheesy romance is overated. Hiking somewhere beautiful, ice-skating, motorcycle ride to a nice spot, etc. are fun and romantic for a first date if you go to the right places... Oh, edit... I do not know what type of people you guys are or where you live, but take her to a play and out for dinner at a nice restaurant, and try something new- do not get something you would always order. And surprise her- do not tell her you have anything planned. Other than that, I've always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. That would be amazing. And your do not have to take a woman somewhere to be romantic- little things are romantic- like surprising her with something you bought because it "reminded you of her," and not jewelry or flowers...

3. My motorcycle will not start?

mileage would be nice to know. how did you check your battery with a voltmeter? was the battery in a charge state when you checked it? did you check it with the charger just disconnected? did you check it with the charger disconnected overnight? did you check it while starting the bike to put a load on it? just putting a voltmeter on a battery without loading it down is only part of how to check it. your problem could also be the starter. even remove the starter and put 12 volts on it, that's still no proper way to test a starter. the starter must be under load in order to test it. if the bike wo not turn over and you know everything else is good, the sounds like the starter is shot. edit: the solenoid will have nothing to do with putting your battery on a charger. Aparantly you do not know what a solenoid is.

4. what type of motorcycle is this?

Its not a RACING bike. I do know what it is just from looking, but I have know what it is from spending 3 seconds on Google. Do the work yourself, you will be more happy with the result. P.S Its a pure junk P.O.S Also, it does not go as fast as the film makes out.

5. Is this ok for my motorcycle?

Both the oil and the fuel will be fine, do not worry. Neither need to be changed. One thing, is your journey essential in the current circumstances?

6. Motorcycle to buy at 16???

are you able to purchase? you will in all probability pick a co-signer. provide up by potential of your community bike broking to make certain greater info. while you are procuring from somebody out authentic you will possibly the two might desire to have the money up front or get a small very own loan, wherein youll pick a co-signer maximum probable. it rather is totally a threat. i understand various sixteen 3 hundred and sixty 5 days olds that have a bike. be certain you have your bike license and insurance on your bike. i do no longer understand if Texas has a helmet regulation, yet be constructive to continually positioned on a helmet! reliable success.

7. Best motorcycle for me?

you may have to go try a few on for size and comfort after youget your liscense. do some test drives to see what fits you best

8. Moped or Motorcycle?

I would go with the motorcycle cause they are better on gas. Especially seeing how gas prices are bloody high. And when it's winter time if it's possible either take a bus or have a friend/family member drive you to and from work. Hopefully you can save up extra money for your car later

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