Monobi Has Just Launched a New Technology for This Spring-summer Collection: the Ultrasonic Bonding

Monobi is using ultrasonic bonding for three layers of membrane. Very similar to technical wear, they just happen to bring it to fashion. As for a fashion coat, I do not believe anyone has real eased a complete line surrounding this sort of fabric. It looks wind and rain repellant, but I do not know if the fabric is soft or stiff without touching it. It be an interesting product to buy.Monobi has just launched a new technology for this spring-summer collection: The Ultrasonic Bonding (check Innovative technologies). What is a similar technology or other brands using it?.

1. do you think abusing and testing animal..?

Of course beating the crap out of animals, not giving them the things they need or testing unecessary cosmetics on them is wrong, because we happen to be a dominant species right now and it's not fair for us to take advantage of that. However, you do have to remember that some animal testing is for veterinary drugs. You know how they do human drug trials? Well, they do that with animals for their medicines too. In that case, they need to do the tests in order to help lots more animals. In the UK (where I live) animal testing for cosmetics is illegal. All you can do it for is behavioural studies, medicine and veterinary research, and it has to be approved by the government as being useful and necessary. If you do not look after the animals properly you can even go to prison. I think that although it is not as simple as animal testing being right or wrong, we should all try to encourage new technology that will replace animals where possible. I hope those of you who do not agree with animal testing support stem cell research :)

2. does anyone want to know about the new technology in fluorescent lighting and the energy savings?

CFL,s Compact Flourescent Lights They are everywhere you buy lightbulbs 13 WattsCFL is same light as 60 watt incandescent, but uses 25% of the power 23 watt CFL is same light as 100 Watt Bulb

3. Why do you think some of the elderly let's say age 70 are so opposed to new technology?

Privacy issues and spelling

4. A good way to share knowledge of a new technology with team members when time is short?

Spend the two days working with the new graphic library. Then work with one or at most two of the senior team members to port their algorithms to the new graphic library. After two weeks present a formal seminar of what you have learned from the porting effort to the entire team. Make a wiki. Here is the rationale:You need at least two days to figure out what the library is all about and write "Hello World".You need to start doing some "real" work after two days in order to satisfy your team lead that you are not wasting time. He probably needs to report this up the chain of command so be sympathetic. You need to start the integration work with senior members of the team so that if you run into problems these credible people can explain to the team leader why you are stuck.You need to at least two weeks with the senior engineers and their algorithms in order to complete some meaningful programming, but any more than two weeks will make management nervous.After two days and two weeks you need to hold a seminar for the other team members so that they can get started and management will see that knowledge is being diffused to the entire team, and so that the team does not get too far down the road with code that might require a lot of changes to fit the new graphic API. The team can then use the examples on the wiki that you have developed with the two senior members to start their own work.Do not start by doing brainstorming - things will just get out of control and it will generate a lot of noise. Do not leave the programmers to figure it out on their own after a short presentation - some will get stuck and then complain, and there will be a lot of duplicated learning going on.

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