Loud Engine Noise in Old 454 Motor?

Two things come to mind; like Patriot says double check that the starter is disengaging, and also check the new flywheel is not rubbing, or even possibly cracked bolt holes from when you put it on

1. 454 big block from a 1989 gmc?

That stock 454 didnt make alot of power. 230 hp stock For a performance engine you would need at the very least a diff cam, intake, carb, etc. A better set of heads would really wake that engine up A set of headers, dual exhaust, etc To fit it in your camaro you will need big block engine mounts, rad hoses, fan, fan shroud, of course exhaust

2. what are cheap ways to add power. (350 and 454)?

A very cheap way to get a power upgrade is to start with the cam. Even a mild cam can give a boost to power and you do not have to worry about changing other components right away. The more power you are looking for then the more parts you will end up changing. If you install a more powerful cam, you need more air/fuel -- bigger carb/better intake manifold. If you increase the air and fuel, the spent gases have to flow out or back pressure will bog down the motor -- headers/dual exhaust. You can not ignore your ignition, you want all that gas to burn properly to get the power -- distributor/wires/plugs. So on and so on... It's not hard to squeeze power out of either engine, just figure out how much you want depending on what you want each engine to do. Get a catalog from Summit Racing (if you have not already) an you will find what you need. If you want more pulling power from your 454, you probably do not need much more than the cam/lifter set and whatever else is necessary for the cam swap (ignition and timing adjustments is what I mean - the GM guy could give you the list). It wo not take too much to make your Monte jump... She's a heavy girl but when she's moving she's poetry in motion. DON'T EVER GET RID OF IT, YOU'LL REGRET IT!!! If you are on the east coast, keep me in mind if you have to sell it. Good luck in your power search.

3. Would a double pump carb be too much for my basically stock 454? and if not, what size to get?

cid x maximum rpm / 3456 = cfm required at 100% efficiency. Since it's not supercharged you can multiply your final answer by 90% and that will be a plenty safe cfm recomendation. Any bigger than this will just dog the engine out and low and moderate rpm with no high rpm advantages. 454 x 5500 = 2497000 then 2497000 / 3456 = 722 cfm then 722 x .90 = 650 cfm The 750 Performer carb you have is plenty. Make sure it's tuned correctly. Check timing first and then do some plug chops OR use an A/F mixture gauge to get the mixture stoic.

4. Will a 454 w/th-400 from a 78 Chevy truck bolt on my 1973 Impala?

Yes it will fit, might need different motor mounts but they will bolt up to the engine and frame of the car. Both engines are pretty basic engines with the exception that the 78 will have the HEI and Electronic Ignition Module instead of points and condensor. Yes it can be done in a weekend. Question to you have plenty of tools and acess to a friend or two and a engine crane (aka cherry picker)? Have fun and enjoy the power house you have.

5. Can I put a 454 Chevy in a Geo Metro?

why a geo metro??? that thing will crumble

6. What all do I need to do to fit a 454 in a g body monte carlo?

Heddman headers are the ticket. The 454 and associated transmission should bolt right in. You might need larger front springs if small block was in there previously. Small block weighs about 500 lbs. I do not know what a big block wieghs.

7. I have chevy 454 in class A motorhome. Blew left head gasket. Rig only has 57,000 miles. Worth fixing ?

No question about it. A head gasket will cost about $1,000 to replace. A rebuilt engine perhaps $3,000. You have a motorhome that is probably worth $10,000 and possibly more than $20,000

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