Looking for Old Johnson Outboard Motor Parts?

Do a Google search on, JOHNSON/EVINRUDE SALVAGE PARTS. There are many salvage sites listed there, many with search features for specific used parts. You may be able to find new old stock parts as well. Hope this helps.

1. How much to sell a bad outboard motor?

First of all it's a 20 year old motor. It's 2 stroke, it has enough hours on it for a piston to go away. Only person who is in the market has no money or would be buying another newer motor. That said- unless you are in the boat business and happen to have one in your inventory- finding a buyer will be tough. If you get $100. for it Good.

2. Can you use 90s model force outboard control cabels for newer model mercery outboards looking at 2010 models?

if there is nothing wrong with the cables you can use them. it is a hassle to change most of those cables

3. wich is better a two or fourstroke outboard boat motor and why?

4- strokes use up less gas.. i have a 4- stroke jetski

4. Does anyone know if Johnson makes a good outboard motor for a pontoon boat?

Johnson is one of the first outboard companies ever formed and they are still in business 50 years later. That alone should answer your question, but yes Johnson would be a good motor for the job. Johnson/Evinrude, same company

5. I have a 2002 Merc 90 outboard. When I run at a high rpm and then slow down the motor dies or is slugish. Why?

dirty carburetors... try pushing your choke when you think it is gonna die out on you... if it keeps it going or corrects it ( though temporarily ) then you have dirty carbs

6. 25HP Yamaha outboard starter problem?

Check the brown wire at the starter solenoid with a test light.It should have power with the key(or push button) in the start position.No power indicates a bad neutral safety switch,start switch,or wiring issue. If you have power on the brown wire,check the two larger wires(usually red) on the solenoid.One should have power at all times,the other(the one that runs to the starter)should have power with the key in the start position.If you have no power on the wire that does not run to the starter,trace it back to the battery. If you have power on that wire but none on the one that runs to the starter(key in start position),you have a bad solenoid.If you have power on the wire that runs to the starter then you have a bad starter.Usually Yamaha starter problems can be traced to the brushes/springs. Although not recommended by Yamaha,you might try tapping on the starter housing LIGHTLY with a small hammer to see if it frees the brushes up.If so,replace or service the starter

7. I have a 2006 8hp yamaha outboard motor that runs at full throttle but the boat moves slowly? any ideas?

Pull up the anchor. Is there something dragging off the motor or the bottom of the boat? I am assuming it stays in the water. Also be sure you are using the right fuel. 2-stroke engines require a mixture of oil and gasoline.

8. Where is the air intake on my 1997 Mercury 200 EFI Outboard boat engine?

Also,EFI engines,do not have carbs

9. Boat Fuel Issue with Outboard Engine?

You were on the wrong track since you decided to keep the old fuel. You should have drained the tank, flushed everything out and replaced the filter

10. What activates the rear outboard lightbulbs in a 2000 VW Jetta bulb assembly?

Fog lights. Turn the light switch on and pull it out gently

11. What would cause an outboard motor not to accellerate?

Fuel filter>Carb need cleaning> Coil bad>Many thing could be the problem>Pluged vent fuel tank>Pump the primer blub while going>>

12. What is the difference between an inboard motor and an outboard motor? Do inboard motors move up and down?

An inboard motor does not move, its propeller is under the boat. An outboard motor is mounted on the stern of the boat. The stern is the back of the boat. The motor can tilt up and down. Another type of inboard motor is called a stern drive or an I. O. That motor is inside the boat located in the stern. The drive part of that motor is located outside of the stern. It does move up and down.Bass boats use outboards so that you can fish all around the boat without getting tangled up with the drive unit that you would have with an I. O. Inboards are generally much faster, so they are used on ski boats. Hope I have helped you

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