LCD Or LED - Which One Do You Have to Replace the Bulb?

if you are refering to types of tvs. then lcd rearprojection and dlp which are also rear projection have the lamps that blow and need to be replaced. they are not incandescent bulbs, they are h.i.d. or high intensity discharge lamps. similiar to like street lamps, they average 6000 to 10000 hours lamp life. thats about 4-7 years of average use give or take. . the lcd flat panel tvs. thats the lcd tvs that are flat dont have leds to light them up, they use florecent lighting. although l.e.d.s or light emitting diodes. are currently being tested to be used in lcd flat panels as well as rearprojection lcds and dlps. for a light source. new models using these leds should becoming out soon. the leds last much much longer and dont use nearly as much electricity. but again its the lcd and dlp rear projection tvs that use the lamp. that has to be replaced. the tvs them self depending on manufacturer have excellent pictures and are relatively inexpensive compared to lcd and plasma flat panel tvsbut you do have the lamp replacement issue. good luck

1. Bought my first flat-panel TV! Now what? Only one RF input...?

You can upgrade your cable (basic) to HD which will cost you another $10 a months to get the best quality picture for your tv. External antenna, there are only a handful of stations left that broadcast over the airwaves after the conversion to digital. Connect your dvd to the receiver using HDMI cable and the receiver to the tv using HDMI cable. When you up grade you can use the HDMI cable from the cable box to the receiver, or directly to the tv and an optical cable from the box to the receiver. Hopefully you also purchased an extended warranty for your tv, it is not a very reliable tv. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on tvs, along with the pro and con of Plasma and LCD. You will notice that Panasonic has a tv recommended in each price category from entry level to the high end while Sony, Samsung and Toshiba does not (December issue) Other brands like LG, Sharp, Sanyo and Vizio did not even get mentioned. Hope this will help you out

2. Which is better LED LCD or LCD HDTVs?

Led is the newest technology and is probably how all tvs will be made in the future. You could literally lift them with one finger an so will do away with the need for heavy duty mounting brackets. They are also the slimmest, use less power and have the best picture quality in my opinion.

3. LCD or LED pc monitor for gaming?

Go for a Dell Ultrasharp. IPS is awesome. I have two 23" and they are beautiful. they do not have HDMI though. They use display port and DVI

4. Why is my tv flickering like crazy?

You did not specify if you had an old school tube tv, dlp, lcd or plasma. Here's my most common observations for each Old school tube tv: Throw that dinosaur in the trash and get a new one DLP: Your bulb could be going out, or most likely (as with Mitsubishi) there's a short in the power supply which regulates the brightness of the lamp. LCD/LED/Plasma: Sometimes it's as simple as your signal source, very dark or very bright can piss it off and make it look all snowy.

5. Best 32 inch HDTV LCD for gaming?

Optimally, for an xbox360 (since the max output is 720p and i doubt you could even tell the difference between a 720p and 1080p picture on a television that size) i would recommend anything with a refresh rate higher than 60hz. 120hz is smoother for fast-moving objects and pixelates less... Also, if you do not like the "shadows" or contrast, then choose the highest contrast ratio in your price range. SAMSUNG leads the market in LCDs along with SONY being a next excellent choice, although neither are probably in your price range. I would suggest perhaps an LG, Toshiba or Phillips with the above features. I am not a big fan of Vizio, but hey, if that's all the money you have to spend, then just make sure it has preferably higher than 60hz refresh rate and the highest contrast ratio you can find. happy hunting

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