Knowledge About Notebooks,Work on the Petrie Collection of Notebooks

Work on the Petrie collection of Notebooks

When the Nazi Party seized power in Germany in 1933, Baumgartel (who was Jewish) lost her state funding. She was forced to flee to England the following year. For a number of years her family (three children from an earlier marriage to art historian Hubert Baumgartel) was dependent on refugee charities. The archaeological and Egyptological communities in England rallied to obtain monetary support for her work: Sir John L. Myres arranged a grant for her to compile a bibliography of prehistoric Italy and Malta, and she also taught evening classes on the Egyptian language for University College London (UCL). This however did not occupy much of her time, so in 1936 she approached Stephen Glanville, the head of UCL's Egyptology department, for permission to work with the department's collections (what would become the Petrie Museum). The department had recently obtained the substantial personal collection of Glanville's predecessor, Sir Flinders Petrie, which was uncatalogued and poorly labelled. Glanville therefore enthusiastically accepted Baumgartel's offer, and arranged for her work to be supported by the Petrie collection's patron Sir Robert Mond, and later by the department itself.

After organising and indexing the Petrie collection, Baumgartel intended to publish a full catalogue of the material. However, this work was interrupted by the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, when the collections had to be moved to storage. Baumgartel herself relocated to Somerville College, Oxford, where she was hosted by Dame Lucy Sutherland and joined a large community of refugee scholars. She modified her plans and, supported by a grant from the Griffith Institute, began working on a comprehensive overview of predynastic Egypt, published in 1947 as The Cultures of Prehistoric Egypt (I). When the Petrie collection became available again after the war, she added a second volume and revised the first. In this landmark monograph, Baumgartel maintained her conviction that the prehistory of Egypt must be understood in the context of the regional archaeology, not through the "backwards-projection" of later texts. In particular, she challenged her teacher Kurt Sethe's thesis that Egyptian civilization originated in the Nile Delta, instead stressing, based on archaeological evidence, the primacy of Upper Egypt.

Upon the completion of her two volume study, Baumgartel relocated to the United States, helping her family to set up a confectionary factory. Together with compensation from the German government for property lost during the war, this made her financially secure for the rest of her life.


Botanical and mycological work of Notebooks

Lister's interest in natural history was due to her father, who although a wine merchant, dedicated much of his time to the study of Mycetozoa. She acted as his field and laboratory assistant in his work. Lister helped her father in the compilation of his 1894 work Monograph of Mycetozoa, going on to revise and expand the work with two further editions in 1911 and 1925. These further additions featured coloured plates of Lister's watercolour illustrations. Lister also began working in the collections of British Museum (NH) with her father around this time, although she never held an official appointment, and was a contemporary of Annie Lorrain Smith and Ethel Barton. She catalogued and studied botanical collections in Kew Gardens, Natural History Museum, Paris, and the University of Strasbourg.

Lister was an active member of the British Mycological Society from 1903, being one of the first 100 founding members. She served as president in 1912 and 1932, and her dedication to the group was recognised in 1924 when she was made an honorary member. She also served as President of the Essex Field Club from 1916-1919, becoming the first woman to hold the position. After this she was the vice-president permanently. She was elected as one of the first women fellows of the Linnaean Society in December 1904, a council member (19151917, 19271931) and vice-President (19291931). From 1917 until her death, Lister was a trustee on the Botanical Research Fund, and was the chair of the School Nature Study Union for a number of years.

Lister corresponded with fellow mycologists from all over the world, including the Emperor of Japan, who sent her a pair of enamel vases to thank her for her help in his studies. To keep up to date with research Lister even learnt Polish so as to be able to read the work of Jsef Tomasz Rostafinski in the study of British and European Myxogastria. She contributed to the Royal Irish Academy's Clare Island Survey, and is credited by Robert Lloyd Praeger in aiding in the advancement of Mycetozoa study in Ireland. Lister also had an interest in other animals, including birds and coniferous trees. She provided the illustrations for Dallimore and Jackson's Handbook of Coniferae and F.J. Hanbury's Illustrated Monograph of the British Hieracia.

Lister's botanical and mycological collections can be found in the Natural History Museum, London, Stratford museum and Kew Gardens. She bequeathed 74 research notebooks to the British Mycological Society, which later were accessioned to the Natural History Museum, London, which documented the work Lister and her father had conducted on historical collections as well as their own.


Managing and coaching career of Notebooks

McMillon joined the Boston organization as batting coach of the Single-A Greenville Drive of the South Atlantic League in 200809, then was promoted to manager of the Drive in 2010. In two seasons, he led Greenville to a 155124 (.556) record and one playoff appearance. Then, on January 20, 2012, he was promoted to manager of the Salem Red Sox of the Class A Carolina League. After finishing one game under .500 in 2012, he was rehired as Salem's manager for the 2013 season and led his team to the Carolina League championship. Salem won the second half Southern Division title, and then bested the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and the Potomac Nationals in the playoffs. The Salem Red Sox won their final 11 games during the regular season and playoffs.

On December 18, 2013, McMillon was promoted to manager of the Portland Sea Dogs, the Red Sox' affiliate in the Double-A Eastern League, for 2014. McMillon returned to Portland as a manager 19 years after starring for the 1995 Sea Dogs, then affiliated with the Marlins. That season, the 23-year-old McMillon batted .313 for Portland, with 14 home runs and 93 runs batted in. He led the Eastern League in hits (with 162) and was named an outfielder on the EL All-Star team as well as the Marlins' minor-league player of the year.

His managerial debut with the 2014 Sea Dogs produced a first-place finish in the Eastern League's Northern Division with an 8854 (.620) record. McMillon was named the league's manager of the year.

During the season, his club included top prospects such as Mookie Betts, Blake Swihart, Henry Owens, Deven Marrero, Brian Johnson, Eduardo Rodrguez and Travis Shaw; all but Rodrguez were promoted to higher levels (Betts making his MLB debut in July with Boston) by the time of the EL playoffs, when Portland fell to the Binghamton Mets in the first round. McMillon was rehired by the Sea Dogs as their 2015 manager on January 8.

McMillon spent 201618 as the roving minor league outfield and base running coordinator in the Red Sox' farm system. In returning to managing in 2019, his 12th year in the organization, McMillon becomes the 18th manager in the PawSox' Triple-A history and 21st overall since the team was established as a Double-A franchise in 1970.

Through 2015, McMillon's six-year, regular season won-lost record as a manager is 440400 (.524).

In 2019, the International League announced that McMillon would be inducted into its hall of fame.


List of Philadelphia Phillies seasons of Notebooks

The Philadelphia Phillies have completed 131 seasons in Major League Baseball since their inception in 1883. Through 2013, they have played 19,052 regular season games, winning 9,035 and losing 10,162, for a winning percentage of .471. The Phillies have also a combined record of 4955 (.471) in post-season play. This list documents the season-by-season records of the Phillies franchise including their year as the Quakers and the years where they shared the names Quakers and Phillies. The team was formed in the National League after the dissolution of the Worcester baseball franchise at the end of 1882, though there is no additional connection between the teams.

At times, the Phillies search for success has been seen as an exercise in futility, because of their long stretches of losing seasons, including sixteen consecutive from 1933 through 1948. However, the Phillies do own seven National League pennants, won in 1915, 1950, 1980, 1983, 1993, 2008, and 2009, as well as championships in the 1980 and 2008 World Series. Compared to the team's early days, the Phillies have recently been more successful than not, with two periods of extended success: the first from 1975 to 1983, when they won five East Division championships as well as the first-half championship in the strike-shortened 1981 season, and the second starting in 2001, with a winning percentage of .540 over those nine seasons, finishing above .500 in all but one, and making the playoffs from 2007 to 2011.

During their record-setting streak of sixteen consecutive losing seasons, the Phillies posted their franchise record for losses in a season in 1941 with 111, falling shy of the modern (post-dead-ball era) Major League record of 120 losses in a season. During the 2007 season, the franchise also became the first professional sports team in American history to reach 10,000 losses. The Phillies have thrice surpassed the century mark for wins in a season: in 1976 with 101 wins, when they made their first playoff appearance in twenty-six seasons; again the next season when they matched that mark; and in 2011, when they set the franchise single-season record for wins with 102 victories and clinched a playoff position at the earliest point in team history. Philadelphia finished the 2010 season with a record of 9765, marking the first time that the team completed a season with Major League Baseballs best record; they duplicated this accomplishment in 2011 as the majors' only 100-win team. Since 2011, the Phillies have declined again and in 2015 they suffered the worst record in MLB and the franchises worst since an equally-poor record in 1969, with their worst before then from 1961.


Published in English or translated into English of Notebooks

Hinde Bergner (1870-1942): On Long Winter Nights: Memoirs of a Jewish Family in a Galician Township, 18701900

Hlne Berr (19211945): The Journal of Hlne Berr

Miriam Chaszczewacki (19241942): Diary

Abraham Cytryn (1927-1944): Youth Writing Behind the Walls: Notebooks From the Lodz Ghetto

Adam Czerniakw (18801942): The Warsaw Diary of Adam Czerniakow: Prelude to Doom

Julius Feldman (19231943): The Krakow Diary of Julius Feldman

Sarah Fishkin (19241942?): Heaven and Earth: the Diary of Sarah Fishkin

Moshe Flinker (19261944): Young Moshes Diary: The Spiritual Torment of a Jewish Boy in Nazi Europe

Anne Frank (19291945): The Diary of a Young Girl

Petr Ginz (19281944): The Diary of Petr Ginz

va Heyman (19311944): The Diary of va Heyman

Etty Hillesum (19141943): An Interrupted Life: the Diaries of Etty Hillesum, 1941-1943

Chaim Aron Kaplan (18801942): Scroll of Agony: The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan

Elsa Katz (d.1944): A Theresienstadt Diary: Letters to Veruska

Aryeh Klonicki (19061943): The Diary of Adam's Father

Vra Kohnov (19291942): The Diary

Janusz Korczak (18781942): Ghetto Diary

Herman Kruk (18971944): The Last Days of the Jerusalem of Lithuania: Chronicles from the Vilna Ghetto and the Camps 1939-1944

Rutka Laskier (19291943): Rutka's Notebook

Abraham Lewin (18931943): A Cup of Tears: A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto

Ruthka Lieblich (19261942?): Ruthka: a Diary of War

Rywka Lipszyc (19291945): The Diary of Rywka Lipszyc

Ruth Maier (19201942): Ruth Maier's Diary: A Young Girl's Life Under Nazism

Philip Mechanicus (18891944): Year of Fear: a Jewish Prisoner Waits for Auschwitz (also titled In Dpt and Waiting for Death).

Irne Nmirovsky (19031942): Suite Franaise; Fire in the Blood; All Our Worldly Goods; The Wine of Solitude

Egon Redlich (19161944): The Terezin Diary of Gonda Redlich

Oskar Rosenfeld (18841944): In the Beginning Was the Ghetto: Notebooks from Lodz

Dawid Rubinowicz (19271942): The Diary of Dawid Rubinowicz

Yitskhok Rudashevski (19271943): Diary of the Vilna Ghetto

Dawid Sierakowiak (19241943): The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak: Five Notebooks from the Lodz Ghetto

Philip Slier (19231943): Hidden Letters

Renia Spiegel (1923-1942) Renia's Diary: A Holocaust Journal

Jerzy Feliks Urman (19321943): I'm Not Even a Grownup: The Diary of Jerzy Feliks Urman

Hilde Verdoner-Sluizer (19091944): Signs of Life: The Letters of Hilde Verdoner-Sluizer from Nazi Transit Camp Westerbork, 1942-1944

Bla Weichherz (1892-1942): In Her Father's Eyes: A Childhood Extinguished by the Holocaust

Gertrude Zeisler (1889-1942): I Did Not Survive: Letters from the Kielce Ghetto

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