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An overview of stepper motor

Carl-Peter Edmund Moriz Forster (born 9 May 1954, in London), is an English-born German businessman. Forster was the group Chief Executive of Tata Motors between January 2010 and 9 September 2011.

Born in London, Forster was raised in London, Bonn and Athens. His father was a German diplomat. Forster holds degrees in Economics from Bonn University, and in Aviation and Space Technology from Technical University of Munich.

Extruder stepper motor problem, what can be wrong?

Your controller board probably requires calibration.It sounds like, maybe, the extruder's stepper motor is not receiving sufficient current, to make it turn. Or, somewhat confusingly, maybe the stepper is receiving too much current, and overheating.

You don't say which controller board you are using, but regardless, there should be an adjustable potentiometer on the board, next to each of the stepper drivers, or on the stepper driver daughter boards. Like so,This potentiomenter adjusts the reference voltage used to control the stepper motor. From this reference voltage, and the resistance of the stepper coils, one can determine the current, which is used to drive the stepper motor.

For the stepper driver of the extruder, you could try turning this adjustable potentiometer slightly, in order to provide more current to the stepper, in turn to provide sufficient torque such that the motor is able to turn. Or, less current to stop the stepper from overheating.The adjustments can be made whilst the power is on, but a non-ferrous (i.


plastic) screw driver should be used, so as to avoid short circuits. Also care needs to be taken, when turning the potentiometer, as they have been known to just fall apart whilst being turned. If you are paranoid, then make micro adjustments with the power turned off, and then turn back on to check the behaviour.

Note: it should go without saying that one should never disconnect a stepper whilst the power is on, as both the driver and the stepper motor may be irrevocably damaged.The photo above is taken from POTs Calibration - RAMPS 1.4.andIn addition to the possibility of the stepper motor over heating, it could be possible that the stepper driver is overheating, although the symptoms may be different, to those that you are experiencing.

Regardless, you may still find it advantageous to cooler the controller/driver board with a fan that is always on (not temperature controlled)

Features of stepper motor

DesignThere are two standard color options-Midnight Black  , a glossy black; and Twilight Silver   , a glossy silver-blue gradient. They both have micro-textured patterns in the glass.

The flip-camera module is unique to the ZenFone6, with the only similar implementation being the Samsung GalaxyA80, which has a combination sliding-rotating main camera. A micro stepper motor and a magnetically-linked reduction gearbox power the automatic flip mechanism resulting in 2-degree microsteps. The magnetically linked gearbox prevents direct external actuation of the stepper motor, thus reducing the risk of damage to the stepper motor and internal mechanisms. The camera module casing is constructed of liquid metal, an amorphous metallic alloy similar to Liquidmetal, for its toughness, weight, high yield strength, and anti-wearing characteristics needed in a mechanical component subject to repeated stress. The flip camera is actuated by a geared micro-stepper motor.

The 6.4-inch IPS LCD display is marketed as a "NanoEdge display" for the reduced bezel size. The Corning Gorilla Glass6 used on the display is curved using Nano Molding Technology. The back panel is formed from Gorilla Glass3, and features a capacitive fingerprint sensor.

On one edge, the ZenFone6 features a function-customisable "Smart Key" with tactile indents, a volume rocker, and a power button-outlined in blue on the black models.

HardwareThe ZenFone 6 is powered by Qualcomm's 2019 flagship Snapdragon 855 system on a chip at stock clock speeds. Configurations start with 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64GB of UFS 2.1 storage, up to 12GB and 512GB respectively for the 30th Anniversary Edition.

The device utilises a double-layer stacked motherboard design, which has also notably been used in Apple's iPhone lineup since the 2017 iPhone X. The PCB also makes use of Anylayer interconnect technology to increase PCB density. Asus claims the space saved is what enabled fitting a large 5000mAh battery in the chassis.

SoftwareThe ZenFone 6 was debuted alongside ZenUI 6, a new version of Asus' customisations on the Android operating system, initially based on Android 10. The ZenFone 6 has software features specific to the flip camera, including an object-tracking video mode, and an auto-panorama mode, as well as manual camera angle controls. ZenUI 6 featured increased focus on single-handed operability, an overhauled notifications menu, dark mode, and reduced stock applications among other changes. Reviewers also noted that ZenUI 6 provided an experience closer to that of stock Android. Reviewers have also praised the relatively frequent software updates.

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