Is There a Certain Point Where It Is so Cold It Is Unsafe to Ride a Motorcycle?

It all depends on the road condition and your tire compound. When the thermometer dips to freezing I usually switch bikes and ride a modified 78 XL350 with Carlyle ice racing tires without studs

1. Why did the gear system change in new bikes?

It never . If you have driven old CBZ or even Ambition the gear system in them were 1 down and 4 up from the beginning. I guess you are driving one of the Bajaj bikes in which the gear system is all down. In Hero and Honda bikes it is all 4 up. Only when the gears in the bike are more than 4 then the gear system changes.

2. Dirt Bikes vs. Motocycles (like street bikes)?

The big difference like everyone said is weight and the handling. But the one thing no one else mentioned is how to steer the bike. On a dirt bike you steer the bars in the direction you want to go, street bikes are the opposite. On a street bike you push the bar in the opposite direction you want to turn (keep in mind this is moving at speed, slow speed maneuvering is similar to a dirt bike) so if you are going down the highway and you want to make a right hand turn you push on the right handlebar, left hand turn push on the left handlebar. Do not worry about smoking the tire when you get on the throttle, be more worried about going over backwards. Ride easy at first, let your tires warm up before you do any serious riding. Cold tires are very slick. My advise is to take a motorcycle course you will be that much more ahead when you do take one. And I do not know about where you live, but here in Maine it's required to take the MSF course to get your permit. Once you get out there and know the basics the rest will come with a little practice. You should be fine. GOOD LUCK . Do not forget your helmet, gloves, and a good riding jacket. ROAD RASH SUCKS believe me I know from experience

3. Walmart bikes? are they fake?

No, the companies themselves manufacture the bikes to a certain price point and sell them to Walmart and other department stores. Mongoose, and Schwinn both still make great bikes but they are sold in bike shops and are much better quality. Raleigh does the same thing in the UK but you wont see those bikes in the U. S. People are looking for the name brand.

4. Would a scorpion exhaust possibly cause me to lose power on my gsxr?

You did loose some torque, I would say. I do not know much about GSXR's or bikes in general, but when you get rid of back pressure, you loose torque. Your bike now has some more top end engine power, at the cost of midrange torque. Thats how it worked with my exhaust on my Honda Prelude, and generally is how it works. I highly doubt you lost any horsepower.

5. what is the best mountain bike under $300?

I would check your local I have found many $1000.00 bikes for the price range you are in. You really need to do some research on your needs though. Saying mountain bike really is like saying I want a vehicle!!! Go to some of the popular maker websites like Trek, Gary Fischer, Santa Cruz. Read up on the different types and look at the specifics and why those attributes are on those styles of bikes. ex.(suspension styles, brake styles, frame dimensions) There is no reason buying a full suspension bike when you are just going to riding around on the streets and parks. If you are looking for a new bike, talk to several bike shops and ask them about older models still unsold in their shops. Hope this helps.

6. Looking for a Mountain Bike... any suggestions?

anything around $150-250 is not going to be a mountain bike. It will look like a mountain bike, but will fall apart very soon after you actually try to mountain bike. This is where you get what you pay for. A bike around that price is cheap garabage. The kind of bikes they sell at Walmart. Heavy frames bikes with wobbly wheels and gear systems that never work properly. Add the impact of a trail and the parts will start flying off and your rims will likely bend. You want to stay clear of department store bikes. The 2 best affordable brands in my opinion are Trek and Giant. Specialized is good but WAY expensive. The cheapest mountain bike Trek has is an 820 at around $359.00. Now I would suggest something a little better like a Trek 4-series ($789), but the 820 will blow any $250 bike out of the water. Keep in mind this is an investment if you love to bike. Wasting money on a cheap bike will come back to haunt you. I ride a Trek 930. It was $600 when I bought it. Its light, the rims are strait after 20 years of riding. The handle grips are quality, the seat is high quality. The gears change very smoothly and easily.

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