Is It Dangerous to Jump Start a Petrol Engine Car Having a (12v 40 Ah) Battery with a Battery of (12

The battery voltage must be the same (12v in this case) but the battery capacity is irrelevant. You can jump a car battery from a truck with 4 batteries in parallel (12v system).you can also jump start that same truck with a car so long as both systems are 12v (we do it all the time on farms etc with big batteries in headers, tractors and such). as another poster said, have the engine in the vehicle with the good battery running - preferable above idle as that will mean the flat battery and starter motor is seeing about 14v for a more reliable start.Is it dangerous to jump start a petrol engine car having a (12v 40 Ah) battery with a battery of (12v 64Ah) Diesel engine car ?

1. what is the life expectancy in miles of a vw golf petrol engine?

One of my VW petrol engines lasted 400,000 miles. Rolled the odomter over 3 times and was so close to the 4th, but the speedo was diconnected for a few weeks so it did not get there, but the miles were there. Do your maintenance and do not rev it to the upper range and no over revs and it should last for awhile. Engines can go for hundreds of thousands of miles. My 95 golf went over 250,000 without problems.

2. How to fix gas padel problem for petrol engine ?

Here is what I think could be the problem. In order to change over you shut off the petrol . I assume you do that by turning off the power supply to the injectors. The problem I see is the injectors use fuel to cool and clean then self and they can not do that when you run on CNG and they are clogging up with fuel that is turning into shellac. You can easily clean them by removing them and using a carb cleaner on the tips

3. How is a diesel or gasoline or petrol engine life measured? What is / are the unit of such measure?

Commercial Heavy Duty truck engines use a "B(x) life" which is a statistical measurement (Part of Weibul Analysis) of the reliability of a fleet of engine's produced. A B10 life of 1,000,000 miles means that 10% of the vehicles produced will need a complete overhaul at 1 Million miles. Yes, that means 90% of the engines in a fleet of 1 Million mile B10 engines will still be running at 1 Million miles without full overhaul. Diesel Engine B10 & B50 LifeLife Data Analysis (Weibull Analysis)All You Need to Know About 'B Numbers'

4. how many miles/km can a petrol engine on passenger car with automatic transmission last?

Changing the engine oil every 3000 miles, and the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles is the cheapest way to longer engine/transmission life. No matter how careful you are, there will eventually be a clutch replacement in your future with a manual transmission

5. What is the difference between 1.5 petrol and 1.4 turbocharged petrol engine of Kia Seltos?

If you are passionate about the power and thrill while driving a car then you should go for petrol 1.4 Ltr petrol which has Turbo changer which boosts the engine power when you need to throttle. But If, punchy engine is not your prime requirement then go for 1.5 Ltr petrol engine. Also pls note that the service cost of 1.4 ltr will be slightly more than 1.5 ltr engine due to turbo charger installed in it.

6. How can we find a 4-stroke petrol engine temperature while running by manual calculation?

You can theoretically estimate the approximate value of engine temperature. You can measure exhaust temperature. Now you can write down the combustion equation looking at the fuel-air ratio. Exhaust gas analysis will give you accurate combustion equation. Now equating enthalpies of product and reactant side you can calculate adiabatic flame temperature. You can go for numerical techniques to solve the equation to avoid simple assumptions and you can get more accurate result .How can we find a 4-stroke petrol engine temperature while running by manual calculation?.

7. Will more combustible fuels than petrol work in a petrol engine with no issue?

No, not really. An engine is designed around the type of fuel it's going to burn. There's many factor's like compression ratio, ignition timing, air/fuel mixture etc. etc. Also, Kerosene is probably the least combustible fuel there is. I would rate the most combustible fuel as Nitromethane or Alcohol or similar.

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