Is an Interface with Two Collection Properties, Where the Second Filters the First Collection, Idiom

To me IEnumerable GetPublishedPosts(); no more infers a filter than IEnumerable PublishedPosts get; By definition an interface does not define or restrict an implementation There is nothing stopping the following implementation

1. A collection company will not send me a requested letter. Can I get this collection off my credit then?

1. your beef is not with verizon, it's with CBE. they sold your debt to them. verizon no longer has anything to do with this. 2. as the above poster said, you should have negotiated a "pay for delete", and you should not have sent any payment until you had a written agreement about what would happen. you paid before you had anything in writing. therefore CBE was not obligated to do anything about the negative on your credit report. 3. the collection and "paid in full" is still better on your report than an open collection. if there is any silver lining here, look to that. 4. your calls to Verizon wo not matter as anyone there will have no idea what you are talking about. you would have to call CBE, and from what you have written here, if you attempted to sue in small claims, you would be laughed out of court, as you have basically no documentation of anything and there was never any kind of agreement to remove the negative. the only agreement was to satisfy the account. next time, make sure that you get everything in writing, do not accept the first offer from a collection agency, and speak to a credit expert before agreeing to any deals in writing.

2. How much is this collection worth?

It depends upon the condition of these items and if you have a certificate of authenticity for them. It's a nice collection any baseball fan would like to have.

3. How powerful is the Lupin Collection?

We don't know yet. So far we've only seen individual collection pieces that enable entirely typical monster-of-the-week powers and equally typical ranger equipment.Supposedly the completed collection can grant wishes, which would essentially make the collection as a whole infinitely powerful - BUT (assuming I'm reasonably caught up on the show) we only have one individual's assertion for that, and the individual in question is shady as hell.I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the collection is no more than it appears, but most of the series is yet to come so we'll see.

4. How to Start a Doll Collection

Doll collections are fun to begin, especially when you share the experience with a loved one. To help potential doll collectors make the right choices for them, Paradise Galleries has assembled five simple steps on how to begin your collection. Know why you want to collect. As with any doll collection, there should be a purpose behind the collector's passion. Whether it's just for fun, heirloom purposes or as investments, every collector should have a reason to collect. Think about what you will do with the dolls once you start collecting, where you will display them and even how you will care for them. Decide what kinds of dolls you want to collect. This can be based on a time period, the brand, an artist, the material the doll is made from or a specific doll that is special to you. For example, many doll collections are based around a theme or variation like Kewpie dolls, multi-cultural dolls or Kathy Smith-Fitzpatrick dolls. Finding a focus for your collection not only adds to the personal value and purpose of your collection, but it gives you a guide for what kinds of dolls to look for. Your doll collection can be whatever you want it to be! Do not collect alone. There is a huge community of doll collectors, both online and in local areas, that share your passion for collecting dolls. Get plugged into that community! Share your new doll discoveries with others, hear about their collections and participate in events where you can grow your collection. Making friends who share your love for dolls is a great way to make your doll collecting fun and enjoyable. Find a group, forum or friend who will support you in your doll endeavors before you begin. You can join our Facebook Fan Page to get started! Learn how to care for your dolls. This is a very important step in starting your collection. Many times collectors begin collecting before they know how to preserve the beauty of their doll collection. Part of caring for your dolls is having a place to store them (shelf, case, cabinet, etc.) and knowing how to clean and groom them. Not everyone wants to keep their dolls in perfect condition, but for those that are more concerned with maintaining the doll's original state, visit our General Doll Care, Porcelain Doll Care and Vinyl Doll Care pages for more information. Start collecting! This is the fun part. Now you can start purchasing dolls for your collection. You will learn more about your doll collection with every purchase. Savor the satisfaction of making smart, strategic doll purchases. Remember that dolls were made to be played with, so do not feel like you have to leave them in their boxes forever. Part of successful collecting is having a personal investment in each doll, and you can create that connection by enjoying your dolls outside their boxes, they are great for decorating you home. Just because you've begun your collection does not mean you stop learning about your passion. Continue to learn about your dolls, the rare and unusual dolls that might fit into your collection and what makes them rare and unusual.

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