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Utilities of farm & garden

Unlike other settlements that must rely on non-renewable energy, in September 2003 work was completed at Umuwa for a solar power station which was expected to save 140,000 litres of diesel and 510 tonnes of Greenhouse emissions each year. In 2004 the facility was described as a field of 10 solar concentrators, each fourteen metres in diameter and each generating 20 kilowatts of electricity. Its total generating capacity was 200 kilowatts and the facility was expected to have a life of 30 years. The solar concentrators were parabolic dishes designed and constructed by Solar Systems (which was acquired by Silex Systems circa 2010).

The farm was taken offline in 2005.

On 20 August 2008, the facility was reactivated after a substantial upgrade. The field of refurbished concentrators was now capable of generating 715 megawatt hours of electricity annually, more than double its previous capacity (335 megawatt hours).

As of 4 February 2011, the solar farm had reportedly not been working for more than a year. On 30 June 2011, the South Australian Government confirmed that the sun farm was "currently not operational" and that it would be "mothballed".


Detroit Tigers' player and executive of farm & garden

McHale was born in the city of Detroit, Michigan, and attended Detroit Catholic Central High School (Class of 1938) and the University of Notre Dame. He batted left-handed and threw right-handed, stood 6 feet (1.8m) tall, and his weight was 200 pounds (91kg). He signed with his hometown Tigers in 1941 and two years later made his first MLB appearance. In five seasons and 64 games with the Tigers (194345, 194748), McHale compiled a batting average of .193 with 22 hits. He was hitless in three at bats in the 1945 World Series, in which Detroit defeated the Chicago Cubs. Defensively, he recorded a .995 fielding percentage as a first baseman with only one error in 214 total chances.

After the 1948 season, McHale retired from the field for a job in the Tiger front office as assistant farm system director. In 1953, he became director of minor league operations for the Tigers and was named general manager early in the 1957 season at the young age of 35. But after less than two full seasons, he soon was recruited by the defending NL champion Braves, where he succeeded John J. Quinn as general manager in January 1959.


Agricultural Field Day of farm & garden

Rutgers Agricultural Field Day is a farm-oriented event held at Rutgers University's Cook Campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States, on the last Saturday of April. The event includes 4-H animal fairs, farm tours, plant sales, and department-specific exhibits such as the entomology department's cockroach races. The event is also known for BBQs and student parties, at which attendance peaked well over 20,000 people. Itand the New Jersey Folk Festival on the adjoining Douglass campusstill attract over 10,000 people annually.

Started in 1906, "Ag Field Day" began as a way for farmers to learn about the NJ Agricultural Experiment Station's studies. It expanded to lectures, demonstrations and tours in 1917, and was later embraced by students as a party focal-point. By the mid-90s, university administration scaled back the evening party atmosphere to decrease attendance by non-students and curb underage drinking. The event's daytime activities continue unabated, and are open to all.

Since 2009, Ag Field Day has been coincident with the university-wide Rutgers Day.


List of generating stations in Prince Edward Island of farm & garden

This is a list of power stations in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Prince Edward Island has eight power stations, and is the only Canadian province without an active hydroelectric power station (the last one ended commercial operation in the 1950s). The province is largely dependent on imported power from NB Power generation facilities in New Brunswick. Two submarine power lines provide more than 80% of the provincial load. Since the early 2000, the Island has promoted the province as an ideal location for developing wind farms.

Maritime Electric, a subsidiary of St. John's-based Fortis Inc., operates the integrated public utility serving most of the province, with the exception of the City of Summerside which has had a municipal electric utility in operation since 1920; the City of Summerside Electric Utility purchases power from sources such as NB Power that is transmitted to the city through Maritime Electric's network. Both utilities own and operate generating stations (mostly diesel but the largest operated by Maritime Electric uses heavy fuel oil); these plants are used as peakers or during emergencies.


Burge Plantation of farm & garden

The Burge Plantation, also known as the Burge Farm, is a historic farm estate in Newborn, Georgia. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 11, 2000. It is generally bounded by GA 142, Cook Road, Morehouse Road and Sewell Road.

Wiley Burge purchased the property in 1809 and farmed it with enslaved Africans. His son Thomas took over and his wife, Dolly Sumner (Lunt) Burge (a native of Maine and from an abolitionist family) kept a journal from 1848 through 1879. Four sisters who were enslaved married and raised their children, also slaves, at Burge. Those who were enslaved at Burge were members of three intact families (one sister died and her husband married the fourth sister). The journal, including information about these families, has been published and included in the series Southern Voices from the Past: Womens Letters, Diaries, and Writings. It has also been depicted in Sherman's March (2007 film) for its depictions of the arrival of General Tecumseh Sherman's army on the property during the American Civil War. The site is now a private club and part of the Covington Historic Homes Tour.


North sterdalen Museums of farm & garden

North sterdalen Museums (Norwegian: Musea i Nord-sterdalen) is a museum in the northern part of Norway's sterdalen district.

The museum was established in 1976. It changed its name to Nordsterdalsmuseet 'North sterdalen Museum' in 2004, but the name Musea i Nord-sterdalen was restored in 2015. It is an open-air museum with units throughout sterdalen. North sterdalen Museums is a department of the Anno Museum.

The head office is the Ramsmoen Museum Center in Tynset. The museum has 11 operating buildings and 151 museum buildings, of which 60 have been moved and the rest stand in their original place. Among those in their original locations are is the Alvdal farm settlement; with its 18 houses, it is one of the Norway's best-preserved old farm settlements. The museum's most frequently visited unit is the Aukrust Center. Among the other units are Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson's birthplace at Bjrgan parsonage in Kvikne, the Rendalen Village Museum (a.k.a. the Bull Museum, Jacob Breda Bull's childhood home), the Os Museum, the Tylldalen Farm Village, the Tynset Village Museum, the Folldal Farm Village, and the Dlmo Farm Museum in Tolga.


Swedish Tourist Association of farm & garden

The Swedish Tourist Association (Swedish: Svenska Turistfreningen, pronouncedsvnska trstfrenn; abbreviated STF), founded in 1885, aims at promoting outdoor life and knowledge among the Swedes about their country.

The Association maintains a variety of trails, huts and hostels in different parts of Sweden. It became known for the creation of Kungsleden, a 440 kilometer long hiking trail in Lapland, through one of Europe's largest remaining wilderness areas.

The association has approximately 300,000 members, employing about 500 people of which 400 for seasonal work, for instance as landlords for 45 fell huts and 10 larger fell hostels.

Dag Hammarskjld belongs to the association's most prominent leaders. As Secretary-General of the United Nations the only remaining duties Hammarskjld kept in Sweden were those associated with his vice-chairmanship of Svenska Turistfreningen and his membership of the Swedish Academy. The farm Backkra, acquired by Hammarskjld in 1957, is in accordance to his will maintained by STF. A part of the farm serves as a retreat for the members of the Academy.


Folly Farm, Somerset of farm & garden

Folly Farm is a traditionally managed working farm and nature reserve run by the Avon Wildlife Trust. It is located between Stowey and Clutton, in the civil parish of Stowey in the English county of Somerset.

The farm house is 18th century and the surrounding land includes neutral grassland, wildflower meadows and woodlands with splendid views. Much of Folly Farm is designated as a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest. Some of the land has never been ploughed. The SSSI comprises two adjacent areas, the meadows (19.36 hectares) and Dowlings Wood (9 hectares). It is also a Local Nature Reserve.

It can be found near Bishop Sutton in the Chew Valley, just off the A368. The site is situated on a curved ridge of land on neutral soils derived from the underlying Keuper Marl. The soil is of the Icknield Association with dark brown, moist but moderately well-drained clay.

The 250 acres (100ha) nature reserve includes the Folly Oak which is over 400 years old.


Golden West Farms of farm & garden

Golden West Farms was a Canadian Thoroughbred horse racing stable and breeding farm at Okotoks, Alberta owned by Frank McMahon and Max Bell.

Both partners were successful businessmen who invested in Thoroughbred racehorses. Frank McMahon most notably owned U.S. Racing Hall of Fame colt Majestic Prince, winner of the 1969 Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. Max Bell owned successful horses including the colt Meadow Court in a partnership with friend, Bing Crosby. Meadow Court raced in Europe where he won the 1965 Irish Derby and the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

According to the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame, Golden West Farms was "by far the most elaborate thoroughbred breeding farm between Ontario and British Columbia". The operation campaigned at race tracks across Canada. In 1967 their horse Gilmore won the Canadian Derby at Edmonton's Northlands Park. Trainer Roy Johnson campaigned horses for Golden West Farms at Woodbine Racetrack during the 1960s where they won numerous stakes races including the Coronation Futurity Stakes and the 1968 Plate Trial Stakes then Canada's most prestigious horse race, the Queen's Plate.

The partnership was dissolved on the death of Max Bell in 1972.


Golf course of farm & garden

Saint Nom is known internationally for its golf course in the Tuilerie area.

HistoryIn 1954, Mr. Ortet, owner of the "Ferme de le Tuilerie", asked a real estate agent, Daniel Feau, to find a potential buyer for his property. Feau wanted to build a large golf course in the Paris area.

On May 2, 1957, Mr. Entem, mayor of the village, officially revealed the project of a golf course to the town council.

1959 saw the opening of a 36-hole golf course.

Origin of the Trophe LancmeSaint Nom resident, Gatan Mourgue D'Algue, wanted to popularize the then little-known sport of Golf in France. With Dominique Motte, he suggested the creation of a new "champion-trophy" to Pierre Menet, the chairman of the Lancme Company, whose goal would be to bring together eight of the best players in the world.

The Canada Cup, took place in Saint-Nom-La-Bretche in 1963, which enhanced the village's international reputation.

The first 54-hole competition took place in 1970 and was won by Tony Jacklin.

Renamed "Trophe Lancme" it was played by Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Seve Ballesteros.


Building and grounds of farm & garden

BuildingThe building itself was originally three stories high, and later expanded with a mansard roof and dormers.

WallThe property was known as much for its unusual stone boundary wall as for the building itself. The specifications of the wall were detailed in Dexter's will, which required that the city build "a good, permanent stone wall of at least 3 feet thick at the bottom and at least 8 feet high and to be placed on a foundation of small stones as thick as the bottom wall and sunk 2 feet into the ground." It took eight years and $12,700 to complete the wall, which was over a mile long. It is unclear whether the purpose of the wall was to protect the privacy of asylum residents, or to protect the neighbors from seeing the downtrodden residents within.

Over time, the wall grew into local legend. Boastful locals would claim to have picnicked on the wall or to have walked or even bicycled the entire perimeter. Wealthy neighbors sometimes viewed the wall as an eyesore; portions still stand today.

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