I Want to Install a Tankless Water Heater?

The moment you replace your gas water heater for an electric system, your electric prices will skyrocket and you will wonder why you spent sooo much money to replace the old cheaper gas water heater. Never fails!

1. What size water heater do I need?

a 50 isnt that much more,go with that and dont look back mack

2. What water heater tank should I get?

If it is not leaking, it gives you time to look around. Rust on the top does not mean that it is about to burn out. My brother in law just got a new one, it runs on a heat pump method. I do not know the price nor if it is saving him money or not

3. Do Dishwashers run off the hot water heater?

Yes if u look under your sink you can see the piping and MOST dishwashers are hooked up to the hot water piping, but dishwashers also have a heating element in the bottom that heats the water hotter than what you have coming out from the tap

4. Should I replace a water heater preemptively?

Water heaters use to last for a very long time. They do not anymore. If yours is over 12 yrs old you may want to go ahead and replace it. You could be saving yourself from having it leak and the damage that may cause.

5. If I close the valve on my hot water heater going up to my house will it hurt my hot water heater?

Yes. You got it. And opening and closing the valve should not hurt the heater in the least bit.

6. New water heater won't stay lit?

It sounds like you may have a defective thremo coupling and without getting into the mechanics of it,basically it allows the gas flow to the pilot and burner by means of a small electrical voltage called millivolts. Your gas company can test this with a voltmeter to be sure. As far as the air is concerned I think you would get a strong gas odor without it.

7. Having Camper Water Heater problems Help!!?

Yea i can. Replace the thermocouple

8. Does my hot water heater need replacing?

your pressure regulator outside the house maybe is bad .you have to much pressure on the pipes.. put a water gage on a hose beeb on a pipe after the regulator if the PSI is over 100 then change the regulator

9. What would cause overflow from a water heater?

Without knowing what sort of heater it is it's difficult to say. If it uses a header tank with a float valve then this might need adjusting, the float might be punctured or the valve could be leaking. Other types of heater are likely to use some sort of valve to shut off the water supply which could be leaking. (such as the pressure valve described in the first answer)

10. Is it bad if my kitten goes under the water heater?

If it's a gas heater, it should have a cover over the burner where the flames are, as long as the cover is in place the kittten should be fine, if it's electric there should be no problem. It's the heat the kitten is after, they love it.

11. Water heater not adequately heating water, hissing noises?

some water warmers have a circuit breaker interior on the better thermostat. you are able to eliminate the coolest element conceal. If the administration proper in front of you has a purple button on it, turn off the means on the breaker container interior the closet or the place ever it is and push the purple button on the water heater. If it clicks you it is going to come decrease back to life. If it does not you are able to could have a plumber are available in and replace the thermostats and the climate. 4 years previous for a water heater is not previous in any respect.

12. New Hot Water heater not working. (Gas)?

Sit by the water heater late at night and listen for drips sizzling as they hit the pilot light area cooling the thermo couple causing gas to shut off

13. Reasonable price for electric water heater installation?

Where I live, Lowe's will only charge 219 to install a water heater that you buy from them. A 40 gallon at Lowe's runs anywhere from about 250 to 350, depending on energy star and other options. Sears charges about the same and has appliance specials every now and then.

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