I Need Some Help with a Water Heater?

If it's using a flame sensor to prove ignition, it may need cleaned. It will look like a metal rod less than 1/8" diameter, protruding from a porcelain base. Easy enough to do if you can remove, simply clean with a scotch brite pad, or steel wool. Avoid using sandcloth. If it has no separate flame sensor, but rather just the hot surface ignitor doing double duty, you may want to remove it and check for cracks, usually outlined by a white oxidation. If cracks are found, you will have to replace it, but BE CAREFUL, they are very fragile. Lastly, if neither of these things work, you may need to replace the module again. My first suspicion would be an oxidized flame sensor.

1. Water heater vs. tankless system?

honestly, I have heard some horror stories about the tankless heaters. a lot of reliability issues and they are rated in gallons per minute. if your home supplies more gpm than the heater can take your having a luke warm shower and then you would have to install a regulator to keep water flow down so the heater can keep up. they basically are trying to fit 10 pounds of crap in a 1 pound box, and it does not work so good. if I were you I would look into the high efficiency hot water tanks similar to what you have now. now the next guy might tell u how great they are, this is my opinion and experience with them.

2. What should i do about this plumbing problem?

if you could not hear the leak somewhere it would seem to say the leak is so big you cant hear the air coming out. if it was a smaller leak which you would expect then some pressure should build up even if if drops off. if it is a major leak you should see it(water stains). did you check everything, water heater, open faucets, cracked pipes, since there was ice in the line maybe the main cracked in the yard. put the air to it, the leak has to be somewhere. until you find it its iffy. and yes, air can leak past faucets that dont leak when the water is on.

3. excel vent free gas tankless water heater?

Electrician and plumbers are about $65 per hour. Most have a minimum charge. This one takes 110V so electrical should not be difficult. Plumbing should be standard also. My estimate is that installation would run no more than $150 total. Call around andget estimates. Estimates by phone are free. Or you can do part or all of it yourself

4. Do Dishwashers run off the hot water heater?

Yes they do. You have to have Hot water to wash your dishes in

5. Which Hot Water Heater is good for us?

50 Gal. would be small for that many people living in one house

6. Hot water heater hissing and discharging water constantly?

where is it coming out, sounds like that pressure valve thing is releasing excess pressure

7. Hot Water Heater Broken! Help please?

the thing near or on the top with a small lever is the pressure release valve. there should be a shut off valve on the cold water feed line shut that off, turn off the power or gas, if its elec you need to shut off the circuit breaker, you then can replaced the bad valve

8. How Do Self Cleaning Water Filters Work And What Are The Benefits Of Using Them

What makes the Serus water filter different than other filters that are sold in the market? 1. All of our filters are made out of high quality metal such as bronze and medical stainless steel. 2. This filter does not require changing a one time filter cartride, the filter cartridge warranty is for 10 years. 3. Our filters are all patented technology and we are the only company in the World that makes them. Fine mechanical cleaning with string membrane filter element serus provides filtering of microparticles up to 1 micron. The filter is able to retain hardness salts, dissolved iron salts of organic heavy metals; coax sand of dusty fractions of manganese and other impurities; this significantly improves the organoleptic properties of water (turbidity, color, smell, taste). Bactericidal cleaning - in the serus filters galvanic silver coating technology is used. Water saturated with silver ions inhibits pathogenic bacteria and pathogens of infectious diseases. The bactericidal properties of silver are several times stronger than those of bleach and carbolic acid. More than 400 types of dangerous microflora are inhibited and die under the influence of silver ions. Bactericidal treatment of drinking water using silver effectively destroys bacteria and protects the body from pathogenic microflora. Biomagnetic treatment using a magnetic converter built into the filter intended for softening water, preventing the appearance of yellowness and scale on household appliances. The magnetic converter ensures the safety of the boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, shower, kitchen, bathroom fixtures and cleanses the previously formed calcium, magnesium and iron deposits. Changing the structure of water will make it softer and more harmless to household appliances, kettle, washing machine or water heater. Thus, water becomes useful because elements of rust or calcium salts do not enter the human body or the internal walls of household equipment.

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