I Have a 2003 Nissan Altima, My Heater Only Works Whenever I Have My Foot on the Gas Pedal, Whats th

thermostat may be stuck open

1. my car randomly started acting up?

Thermostat not making the fan go on. Or maybe the water pump went out

2. Why is the bottom of my side by side freezer having a sheet of ice on it?

Water from the self defrost cycle is suppose to drain out to collect under the fridge. The drain might be clogged causing the ice to form. Defrosting and checking the drain hole will tell if it is. The control or thermostat might be set too high.

3. Is it safe to drive my 98' Audi A6 overheating?

it is very bad on any engine to drive while it is over heated. you could blow the engine. check your radiator and thermostat

4. Changed the coolant and thermostat checked clutch fan all seems well but still engine is running to hot>?

Please re-visit your question and enter the year, make model of the car plus the mileage on the odometer. How did you check your clutch fan? What specific brand of antifreeze have you been using? When was the last time that the cooling system was *drained, *flushed and *cleaned with a one part acid cleaner? Have you ever had an inexpensive cooling system pressure test to see if there are any external or internal coolant leaks? What specific brand of thermostat and cooling system pressure cap do you have. If you answer these questions we will be short and specific in reference what to do next.

5. What Are Some Ways To Lower My Power Bill?

wash clothes in cold water turn the water tank down to 120 put plastic on the inside of your windows turn thermostat down to 65 or lower. Unplug TV and anything that draws on electricity while not being used turn lights off when not in the room Call your local Electric company for more ways to save. Cook in the microwave instead of heating up the oven shower with a friend

6. 96 Saturn heater never blows out hot air?

Get radiator flush done, also have them replace thermostat and Radiator Cap

7. Why is the coolant reservoir bubbling and hot?

Either a bad head gasket, or bad radiator cap. It could also be just from general overheating such as a bad radiator fan, the drive belt fell off, air pocket, stuck thermostat or commonly in be and Audi vehicles the water pump impeller has fallen off

8. my park avenue is leaking from the hose that goes from the raditor to the thermostat.?

Replace the hose and refill with coolant. Your car is overheating due to low coolant, not the water pump or thermostat

9. Low coolant light is ON ?

Air pocket? Thermostat stuck?

10. Car Dies when reaching Normal Operating Temp?

Thermostat is shot!

11. hunter 40170 thermostat wont turn on heater?

Is this a new thermostat? Have you checked your breakers? What type of heat do you have? Way to many variables here and only info you gave us was a thermostat model. More info after you check out your furnace would help

12. My Car Is Overheating Need Help?

Thermostat, maximum probable. in the journey that your hose is warm different than on the radiator then that must be the placement to start. the cooling structures are incredibly easy on maximum autos. i regulate my fluid and thermostat as quickly as a 365 days. in case you have a good mechanic do your artwork they might desire to replace the thermostat whilst they flush the coolant. maximum rapid lube places do no longer. if the thermostat is not establishing the water will no longer be able to get cool

13. where is the thermostat located on a 2005 Honda civic ex?

This Site Might Help You. RE: where is the thermostat located on a 2005 Honda civic ex? I need to know where the darn thermostat is on my 2005 Honda civic EX. There are two hoses coming from the radiator to the left side of my engine. I am almost positive it is where the lower hose meets the engine but a honda customer service rep said no its not there. Is he full of it or is it...

14. What is the best thermostat setting for max electric bill savings during summer time?

During the energy crisis of the 1970s, the government suggested that you set your AC thermostat to 80 and your furnace to 68. I do not know if anyone has ever really proven which is more cost/energy efficient, leaving your AC set to some higher temperature during the day when you are not home and turning it to the desired setting when you do get home, or turning it off completely when you are not home and just turning it on to the desired temperature when you get home. I would think that it's the latter (turning it off completely when not home and turning it on to the desired temperature when you get home). One of the reasons an on-demand water heater is so much more efficient that a tank water heater is that the tank heater stores an amount of hot water all the time, even when you are not using it. The on-demand heater just heats the water when you use it. Thinking in terms of your house and AC, when it's on during the day, it will still be using a lot of energy keeping the house at some higher setting (like keeping a tank full of water at a higher temperature). As opposed to turning it off completely, where it uses absolutely no energy. I would think it would take less energy to bring the temperature down to the desired temperature with the AC being off all day than it would to keep the house at some temperature all day and then bring it down a bit more to get to the desired temperature.

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