I Have 2 Fish Called Gourmi's. They Are the Ugly Grey Color. They Are Supposed 2 Be Blue. How Can I

YOU NEED A FILTER AND HEATER! The grey is probably their stress color, because you got them from a friend and they are not used to their environment. Give them a few days time, and they should be their pretty blue again. But in the meantime, get a filter and heater ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!

1. propane heater pilot will not stay lit?

This sounds like the thermocouple is very dirty or defective and needs to be replaced. Have you tried brushing off the scale and dirt.

2. Car heater not blowing warm air?

There are two hoses running to the heater core, one feed line with hot water and one return line. Under normal operating conditions the hot water is fed through the core and cooled as the blower motor sends the hot air into the cabin. The slightly cooler water then flows out through the return line. So, first of all, with the heat on check to see if one line is cooler than the other (check to make sure water level is okay first). If both lines are hot you have a plugged heater core. Second, check to see if there is a heater control valve in the feed line to the heater core, if there is it might not be working properly, it controls the flow of hot water to the core. Check the hose on both sides of the valve, if one side is cool and one side is hot the valve is not opening. If both sides are hot the valve is fine. It is also possible your thermostat is stuck OPEN, if it were stuck closed your car would overheat.

3. 2007 chrysler sebring no heater?

is the inside passenger side floor board wet or damp? if so, you have to replace your heater core. it is located under your dash

4. Fish tank - heater or thermometer problem?

I find the thermostats on heaters to be very inaccurate, keep changing your heaters temp. until you get the correct reading you need on your thermometer. Good luck!

5. Convection or Radiant space heater question?

Look at space heater and electric heater in the green search box above. I prefer radiant with fan,as they distribute the heat. They all cost the same to operate.

6. Is a heater core necessary for the the operation of a car?

The heater middle is basically needed for the heater. In years previous, the heater replaced into an option, and maximum farmers did no longer have heaters of their autos. Nascar does not use heaters the two. in case you reside in a heat section, or do no longer strategies the chilly interior the wintry climate bypass forward and bypass it. the sole different reason it would are available in reachable is in the experience that your engine replaced into over heating. you need to turn on the heater to assist cool the engine long sufficient to locate a place to tug in. So I say bypass it. Ya, it fairly is an enduring restoration in case you like with none issues.

7. How old is this water heater?

the 3513th one built in 1965 according to the serial ze must be the place where it was assembled

8. 1988 Ford heater core replacement?

Have you bought your heater core yet?? Those plastic clips come with the core, Check when you buy it , I had an aerostar van had to do the same thing , Did not , have a tool the clips came with core Hope this helps

9. What is the best pool heater?

I have an in-ground pool and i have solar and i love it. My water in my pool right now is 88 degrees. It feels amazing. Solar has no operating costs but coil does. If it was me i would get solar because of the cost to heat with a coil heater. You could get a solar blanket also. Well thats my 2 cents on solar vs coiled

10. How to shop for hot water heater?

Another option is going tank-less. These units are an on-demand system. You may also get an energy tax credit by installing them. They are pricey but the offset is the gas you save, by not making and storing hot water when you do not need it. Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement, I have one in our detached garage bathroom.

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