I'f You Mount an Electric Motor to a Paddle Boat and Let the Motor Do the Work How Can You Make Turn

Electric Paddle Boat

1. Which electric motor should i use for rc rock crawling?

If you are not limited by rules and regs of competition, try changing the timing on whatever motor you choose. Closing the timing will give you more torque. As for gear ratios, go for the highest ratio possible to get more torque.

2. Anyone interested in or own a car with an electric motor?

Suggest he go for a hybrid, with a small diesel to power a generator, to help and charge the batteries. If the diesel can run on bio-diesel, then you will have a vehicle that gets great fuel economy, is environmentally good, and does not have the range limit a straight electric vehicle has. The diesel can even run overnight to recharge the batteries, if you do not have anywhere to plug in, or if your electric bill gets too high. Since this is a pickup, you can make a deal to get used oil from restaurants and make you own bio-diesel. Restaurant have to pay to get rid of waste oil (in most places) so, If you give then a 55 gal. drum where they can dump the oil, it can be picked up and filtered and put right in your fuel tank.

3. How long could the electric motor on an electric vehicle last?

Engineers are required to follow some standard rules while designing and manufacturing any electrical equipment.Electric motors used in EVs are either BLDC motor for light vehicles such as scooters and motorcycles OR AC asynchronous motor for heavy (>500 Kg) vehicles like a car, electric bus or battery powered EMU such as the British Rail Class 230 (or the D-train) etc.The motor is built to standard IP 65 or IP 67 water in-gress protection and a minimum life of 10-15 years. In most cases, Indian manufacturers have added a 2 year warranty on the motor, and its controller

4. I have a electric motor wiring question?

L1 & L2 are the leads

5. How can i increase the eficency of a Dc electric motor?

Improving the power output is possible, improving the efficiency is probably not. A capacitor wo not help except that it will store a small amount of energy to keep the motor running when the sun goes out. You choices are more solar panels, more mirrors, a motor better matched to the voltage and current you have available, or a set of gears to better match the motors speed to the car speed.

6. What happens if an electric motor is put under too heavy a load? What exactly is happening to make it get hot?

Any inductor will set up a magnetic field when a voltage is applied to the ends of the coil. The current running into an inductor depends on a number of things. The wire size, number of turns, core material. the applied voltage. Now consider that coil with a meter measuring across its ends and to which we approach with a bar magnet. A voltage results which depends in some measure on the speed of approach. As we remove the magnet the voltage falls quicky to zero and reverses its polarity. This the basis of a generator or dynamo. A motor is very similar to a dynamo and will once running also develop opposition voltages which are called BEMF. (Back-Electro-Motive-Force). Named so as it opposes the applied voltage.When the motor is still and a voltage is applied there is an unopposed "inrush" of current which pumps up the magnetic field that will attract the magets and cause the armature to turn. Soon the speed of approach is such that the dynamo BEMF effect is at a maximum.However if you load it so tat it sows down that BEMF falls and there is more current driven in to compensate. Thia will heat it up. A heavy load will do this and if sufficiently heavy the motor will stall. At this point we will be back to the inrush current levels and if sustained it will severely over-heat.I hope that helpsBjGWhat happens if an electric motor is put under too heavy a load? What exactly is happening to make it get hot?

7. Can Ford Fusion Hybrid travel 5 miles on electric motor?

No the Fusion is not an electric vehicle, it is a gas vehicle assisted by an electric system. The new GM Volt has a different design that is why they call it an electric car. It will run solely on electric motor and only use the gas engine as a backup.

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