I Despise the Machinery in Washington DC Signed We the People. Who's with Me on This?

I can surely see your point there. So many of our famous quotes means nothing these days. Say those words Tough guy

1. Besides the obvious, what is the difference between distilled water & distilled drinking water? ?

This one, I truly had to google it ! I had no freaking clue ! LOL ! Distilled water. Distillation is a process by which water is boiled until vapor is produced. This vapor is collected and cooled until it returns to a liquid state. Because minerals are too heavy to be carried by the vapor, the resulting water is completely free of additives. A desalination plant is a perfect example of distillation- salt water is boiled, the vapor is cooled and collected, and the salt and minerals are left behind. However, distilled water is also very unpalatable in its natural state. Desalination plants must also add some minerals in order to make the water usable for general consumers. Distilled water is perfect for applications where minerals and contaminants would cause problems. Distilled water can be used in irons for steam settings or as coolant for car engines. Because there are no minerals that can stain or build up, distilled water is mostly recommended for use in machinery and cleaning products. It is not particular good to drink distilled water, because it has a tendency to pull minerals out of the bloodstream and other areas. Distilled water is perhaps the cleanest version of bottled water available, but it is not good for human consumption.

2. What common household item is made of iron?

Iron is the world's most commonly used metal - steel, of which iron ore is the key ingredient, representing almost 95% of all metal used per year. It is used primarily in structural engineering applications and in maritime purposes, automobiles, and general industrial applications (machinery)

3. How do I fill tenders of IOCL and HPCL for making machinery?

Since you are looking to fill the tenders of public sector units like IOCL & HPCL for making machineries, you are basically interested in government tenders for machineries. The first step should be to keep a tab on government tenders from these organizations. It's important to know when is the tender submission end date, tender value, EMD amount etc. , before you bid a particular tender. Once, you have found the right type of tender which fits well with your company's capacity to deliver, then you must start the work of creating the tender bid for the same. You should make a checklist of all the papers, supporting documents required to be attached along with and vet them properly before attaching along with your response. There are many tender aggregation websites, who also offer to guide the SMEs with the tender filling process. But there are very few companies who guide and mentor in tender filling process. Most of them do offer a good search platform to look for the most relevant tenders across regions, organizations, sector etc.. out of the few, who do guide with the tender filling process, one is Bidassist. com. They also have mobile application on iOS and android, that helps you actually keep a track of tender info on the go.How do I fill tenders of IOCL and HPCL for making machinery?

4. how is it that food prices in the US go up if the farmers and machinery didn't get a raise?

Less food was produced, if you did not notice the heartland had quite the drought this summer

5. Mexican Packaging Machinery Market Remains Strong

November 22, 2013 - After a slow recovery period, Mexico's packaging machinery marketplace is coming back strong, according to PMMI's 2013 "Mexico Packaging Machinery Market Study.". The study reviews current market data and interviews with companies to analyze packaging machinery demand and supply trends in the Mexican market. "Current conditions in Mexico are favorable for capital investment projects," notes Enrique Guzman, director, PMMI Latin America office, "Our researchers confirmed this through the interviews they conducted for the study, ambitious investment projects were identified, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries." Firms in Mexico spent $535 million on packaging machinery imports in 2012 - about 85 percent of their total packaging machinery expenditure - making their nation the world's seventh-largest importer of packaging machinery. "Industry experts predict 6 percent to 8 percent overall growth in Mexico's packaging machinery market this year. But the specific companies interviewed for PMMI's study anticipate spending an average 17 percent more on packaging machinery investments this year," Guzman says. The majority of the packaging equipment imports in Mexico are purchased for the food market (29 percent), beverage (24 percent), personal care (20 percent) and pharmaceutical (11 percent). Food is also the largest sector of Mexican manufacturing, generating 22 percent of the manufacturing gross domestic product. The largest packaging machinery importers within this industry include a mix of large international food manufacturers and large Mexican food companies that are investing in new technology and expanding their product offerings to meet increasing demand and serve the growing Hispanic market in the United States. The U.S. Hispanic market has greater purchasing power than any other Hispanic market in the world, and manufacturers are expanding their reach further by reaching out to non-Hispanic American consumers as well. The pharmaceutical market is also a key player in the packaging machinery market. Mexico and Brazil are the largest pharmaceutical producers in Latin America, and the Mexican pharmaceutical industry is growing significantly, averaging annual growth rates above 6 percent growth over the past three years. The demand for packaging machinery is clear, and the companies who took part in the survey made it clear their first source for the machines is to go to a trade show. EXPO PACK Mxico came up first as a source for learning about packaging trends and meeting new potential suppliers for machinery or materials. After EXPO PACK Mxico, they turn to trade publications and direct visits by suppliers make decisions for sourcing new technology and material, Guzman says. "The interviews we conducted for the PMMI Mexico Packaging Machinery Market Study underscored the importance of EXPO PACK Mxico," Guzman adds. "Latin American companies are investing in machinery, equipment, components and materials to compete in the global marketplace, and to find what they need, they come to EXPO PACK Mxico." EXPO PACK Mxico 2013 reflected the market demand: More than 29,000 buyers attended the four-day show last June. The next edition of EXPO PACK Mxico, June 17-20, 2014, will feature more than 1,000 packaging and processing industry suppliers at Centro Banamex in Mexico City. About PMMI PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, is a trade association representing over 600 packaging and processing supply chain companies that provide a full range of packaging and processing machinery, materials, components and containers. PMMI actively brings buyers and sellers together through programs and events such as The PACK EXPO family of trade shows, packexpo.com, PMT Magazine, PACK EXPO Show Daily, networking events and educational programs. PMMI organizes the PACK EXPO trade shows: PACK EXPO International, Pharma EXPO, co-located with PACK EXPO International and presented jointly with the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE); PACK EXPO Las Vegas, PACK EXPO East, EXPO PACK Mxico and EXPO PACK Guadalajara, connecting participants in the packaging and processing supply chain with their customers around the world. Coming Up: EXPO PACK Mxico 2014, June 17-20 (Mexico City, Mexico); PACK EXPO International 2014, Nov. 2-5 (McCormick Place, Chicago); Pharma EXPO, co-located with PACK EXPO International 2014; PACK EXPO East, debuting Feb. 2-4, 2015 (Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia); EXPO PACK Guadalajara 2015, March 18-20, 2015 (Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico).

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