How Would You Rank the Albums of Led Zeppelin, Worst to Best?

9. Coda. (1982). A real barrel scraper. Live cuts and cast off are thrown together to make an incoherent album although it does feature a couple of lost gems in Poor Tom and Wearing and tearing. Still, an album for completists only8. Presence. (1976). It's okay, but it's all a bit flat and there isn't too much variation here. It does feature the superb Nobody's fault but mine although it's the only top grade Zeppelin track in my opinion. A bit uninspired really7. In through the out door. (1979). The final Led Zeppelin album proper it has a contemporary feel, has an eclectic feel, goes places where no previous Zeppelin records have gone and it gives a glimpse of where the band might have gone in the eighties. Fool in the rain, South bound Suarez and All my love are all decent cuts and Hot dog is one of the silliest and fun songs Led Zep ever recorded6. Houses of the holy. (1973). Led Zeppelin finally start giving their album's a title. It's a good album, very diverse but it's not as strong overall as previous efforts. Robert Plant's voice on The song remains the same is incredibly annoying, still, the record does feature the superb No quarter, the fun reggae of D'yer Mak'er, and the excellent The Rain song. Dancing days is a bit average and The Crunge is just nonsense. A good but not great album5. Led Zeppelin 3. (1970). The band head into more acoustic and folk vibe on this underrated LP. Friends, Tangerine and Gallow's pole are all superb and Since i've been loving you is probably their finest blues moment. A fine record4. Led Zeppelin 2. (1969). The band's second album is definitely one of their best. The brilliant Whole lotta love gets proceedings of to a fine start and What is and what should never be, Heartbreaker and Ramble on are all excellent. The only dud is the boring drum solo of Moby Dick, a totally unnecessary track. The rest is great3. Led Zeppelin. (1969). The album that brought the mighty Led Zeppelin stomping into the world is a fantastic debut. It was obvious this was a special band. Babe i'm gonna leave you, How many more times and the magnificent Dazed and confused are all standouts as are the more simpler Good times, bad times and Your time is gonna come. A great start2. Led Zeppelin 4. (1970). Zep's most successful and probably most popular album. It's a fantastic record with one classic after another. The Battle of evermore, Black dog and of course Stairway to heaven are all here. The only disappointing track is the rather aimless Four sticks. The rest is great1. Physical graffiti. (1975). Led Zeppelin's only studio double album is their best in my opinion. It's loud, heavy and uncompromising. It also has playful feel to the some of the tracks. The record features the majestic blues of In my time of dying, the stunning Kashmir and the underrated Ten year's gone. It truly is a beast of an album

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Why did The Who carry on after the death of Keith Moon but Led Zeppelin broke up after the death of Jon Bonham?

Ah, yes the late 70s/early 80s stories, I like these stories, but I love the ones about Led Zeppelin even better same with The Who on that too.Keith died that fateful night on September 6, 1978, while wearing his Paul McCartney and Wings T-shirt, and after being cremated, Led Zeppelin stopped for a second to think about this, because this was the guy that gave them 2 things:Their name, Led Zeppelin.The idea to their debut album design, the Hindenburg Disaster, which at the time seemed like a funny pun, but much later it turned out to be a very dark pun.

Well, they went on business as usual, they recorded In Through The Out Door, it hit No. 1, John Bonham went on (what he thought was a normal interview, when it was his last) his last interview in July 1980, then on September 25, 1980, they were recording at Page's house, recording songs for their next tour, Bonham was anxious, he started drinking shots...OF VODKA!, oh but not just any short 2 shots...he felt man enough to try and drink 50. Needless to say, it went down like this: He started drinking and getting more drunk, he got to number 39 and wasn't feeling well, Plant said if he did 40, Plant would give $5, Bonham did it and puked instantly, he puked a few more times in the night, which at one point he choked on his puke and died, and none other the others knew. John Paul Jones was practicing his electric bass early the next morning, he went to go get some beer for the road from Jimmy Page's bar downstairs while heading downstairs, their road manager came over to check on Bonham after hearing he was super sick (they wanted Bonham not to be sick for the tour) when they went downstairs both John Paul Jones and Benje LeFevre found his body.As if John Paul Jones wasn't quiet enough already, he was TRAUMATIZED by that.Let's hand it to John Paul Jones for having to go through that hell and back, good job Jonesy.



P Bonzo.

He was buried with his first set of Paiste's, a cymbal with the ZoSo logo on it, and ALL of the sticks he ever used, the way it was that Led Zeppelin broke up, but The Who did not, is because, they were a 4-man-band, other than those 4 in Led Zeppelin, (and maybe Keith Moon but he died 2 years earlier), there's no one who could actually play in Bonham's spot, not Phil Collins when he improvised at live aid, not JASON BONHAM could do so, none of the guests they had were the same, because as much as I like Keith Moon more than Bonham, factually, Bonzo was the god of all drummers.Frankly looking at it, all the super good drummers are all dead. But The Who had relations with Small Faces before Moon's death so, Kenney Jones was called up and things were great for The Who, Led Zeppelin released CO|DA, and ended it, meanwhile, The Who, recorded It's Hard and were getting some big moola from that.

Here's their famous photo as the clash of titans, John Bonham and Keith Moon.Another cool picture at separate times, but here's the twist:Basically, The Who didn't, miss Keith as much as Zeppelin missed Bonham so, "Keith was replaceable", in some way, they produced Eminence Front with Kenney Jones on drums, and it sounded somewhat cool without drums getting pounded every second. It was a good thing Led Zeppelin did not replace Bonham.


Is it possible to become a (successful) guitar based rock player today? People still listen to Prince, Queen, Jimi, Led Zeppelin, and many others. What stops a person of today from doing what they did?

I would just point out one thing about that music.It was made in the past.Its fine music, but if a guitarist steps up there and starts playing Queen, Hendrix and Led Zep songs, the audience is liable to think Thats all very well, but what have you got to say? Make me some bespoke, contemporary rock music! Very good, you can play Purple Haze note-for-note! Well done you! I want new music, dammit!Classic rock is now, whatfifty years old? Older? Fifty-five? Loads of us can play that music by now.You know whats a bit harder than playing Whole Lotta Love?Coming up with something as striking and unprecedented as Whole Lotta Love in the first place.

What do you think rock bands have been doing, for the last fifty years?Very simply, theyve been trying to come up with new rock music.And depending on your taste in music, they have sometimes failed, and sometimes succeeded brilliantly. I can think of loads of great bands from the past five decades.

Most of the music I like thats being made nowadays is, by and large, not rock music, because my perception of the form is that there are fewer and fewer good musicians interested in trying to make it. I think the last actual rock album I bought (cause I buy albums, yknow) was Throwing Muses Purgatory / Paradise, from 2013, and that has a least a couple of my favourite songs ever on it.But I feel like this question seems to think that all a musician need do is get onstage and play that music, meaning music like Queen, Hendrix, Led Zep, etc.

, and success will follow, or at least should follow.But really, the question needs to be rephrased like this:People still listen to great music. What stops a person from making great music today?I think we need to read that question back and think about it for a moment.

Might it not be the case thatits actually pretty hard to make great, fresh, new music?Its not hard to make new music, in the sense of whacking any old ditty down onto a recorder and then working up an arrangement and calling it a song.Its harder to do it in such a way that people find it fresh and interesting.Its even harder to do it in such a way that people go Whooooooooo! YEAAAHHHH!You see, the thing that stops most people from making great music, is quite simple.

Most people arent great musicians.

People who think that, say, Hendrix wasnt an amazing musician, often base this on the fact that they find it relatively easy to learn to play Hendrixs songs note-for-note. (Or at least, they think they can play them. Mostly, when you hear them play, theyre just playing the notes: theyre not playing the music.

)But in a sense, theyre half-right; Hendrixs music is technically within reach of a decent guitarist, because his music has been part of the guitar vocabulary for decades now.Hendrixs real achievement was to have figured out how to play like that in the first place, because nobody else had played like that before him.Queens achievement was to figure out how to write and play songs like that in the first place.

Likewise, Led Zeppelin. Prince. And so on.

Thats the hard part.

Thats what rock bands find it harder and harder to do. Come up with music that is both new, and still rocks.So yes, it is theoretically possible to be a successful rock guitarist, in this day and age.

Just dont kid yourself that youre going to do it by playing like Queen, Led Zeppelin, Prince or Jimi Hendrix.Youre going to have to play like yourself, instead.And whether or not people want to hear that is entirely up to them.

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